A Guide to Sightseeing in Murcia Spain by primusboy


									A Guide to Sightseeing in Murcia Spain
There’s a ton of things to see when sightseeing in Murcia Spain. The
city, which shares the same name as the province, is also the capital.
Your trip will likely begin as you fly into Alicante Airport or even San
Javier, of which both are located right outside of the city. Though
Alicante is the furthest away of the two, it’s actually a larger and
busier airport. This may help you get a better price on your flight.
You’re definitely best of getting around the city with a rental car. You
can do this right outside of the Alicante airport, and just outside of
the terminal in which you’ll exit your flight.
Both airports have will let you reserve a car, however it’s cheaper, and
a much more simple process if you do this at Alicante. You’ll want to
compare the prices with the car service companies in the actual city if
you’re flying into San Javier since you’ll likely find a much better
deal. Reserving your car ahead of time will help you have a much smoother
process and allow you to just go and pick up your car after your flight
When you’re sightseeing in Murcia, there are a number of museums for you
to enjoy if that’s your thing. If you are traveling with children then
the Museum of Science and Water will be interesting and is actually a
nice interactive place to keep you kids busy. The museum hosts a
planetarium, puts on tremendous educational shows, and has a great
The other great museum, which is actually famous as the city museum is
the popular Museo de la Cuidad. This was actually the home of a highly
known family back in the sixteenth century. Experiencing this history of
the city will be one of the great experiences of your trip. You’ll enjoy
both art and culture in the area and have a tremendous time doing so.
As well as the aforementioned museums, The Archaeological Museum is a
great place to go to learn all about the history of the area. You’ll see
a number of prehistoric artifacts, as well as beautiful displays from
both the Islamic and Roman time periods in the country.
Some other great things to do and see in Murchia are no doubt the areas
beaches. These beaches are beautiful, the weather is usually near
perfect, and will give you a wonderful chance to actually rest and relax
on your vacation. If you would like to rest near a wonderful lagoon, then
head over to the Mar Menor, which translates to “small sea”, and relax on
the tiny strip of sand that separates the lagoon from the Mediterranean
Depending on when you are traveling you may just catch one of the large
festivals that go on in the area, including the festivals during Easter
week, as well as the great Sea of Music Festival during July.
There are several festivals in Murcia throughout the year. There are
processions and festivals during Easter week and a procession on Easter.
Either way, there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy your trip to the area.
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