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					        The Retreat for Ministers and Mates 2006.
                                                                 Volume 2, Issue 7
F rh at s o y us b t o ’ ( ho ie 01
        e               s      cs
“o teB t in t o r, u G d ”2C rn l 2 :5NIV)                       M arch 1, 2006

Ministry is a battle. Paul celebrates the benefits of wearing
                                                                    Inside this
  o ’ u amo (p e i s :0
     s l                   a
G d fl r rE h s n 61 -17). Every battle is best                       issue:
fought with the best armament. Our M&M Retreat is de-
signed to strengthen the battle-scarred, to encourage the               Special
battle-weary, and to celebrate battle victories. The enemy of          Points of
our soul loves to discourage ministers and their families               Interest
with the challenges of the battle, however, we need not be       
                                                                  Hope Summit
discouraged. His greatest tool is to make us believe that the    
                                                                  NMI Workshop
battle is our own, and that we are alone in the battle. Such a   
                                                                  Page 5
 i s o nee y h r h f o ’ r, h h e n
 e                        u
l ic u trdb tet t o G d Wod w i rmi ss            c       d        Upcoming
 s h t at s o o r t i t h at s h od !
            le                 g
u ta b t in t us of h.T eb t iteL r’        le            s

On that note, it gives Cheryl and me great joy to welcome            Send in your
you to the retreat in Williamsburg. We love you. We believe        monthly report
in you. We pray for you. We are thankful to have three days        for February to
to spend with you. You are not alone. You are part of a great         the District
partnership. Our prayer for this week is for your renewal in           Resource
mind, in spirit, and in body. Our prayer is for each person to        Center by
experience God through rest, recreation, and worship. We               email. An
  l ry o p rp cv ,o G d bi t o n y e n
  s                     i
a opa fr es e te fr o ’a iy ol i lrmi
                                    s l   t       vg         d         electronic
us that the battles we face, and the challenges ahead are          (Word) copy is
not so much ours as they are His, and that His grace is               included in
more than enough in every circumstance.                             this UPDATE.

With Joy for the Journey,

                                                                 DRC Office Hours
See Page 5 for a listing of upcoming events.                          8:00-2:00 pm
                                                                     8:00-12:00 pm
 Page 2
                        Virginia Team Update

                         THE HOPE SUMMIT
                                    March 30, 2006
                                   10:00 a.m. to noon

Join with pastors and laity across Virginia for a dedicated time of prayer for specific
missional needs. The Hope Summit will take place at the following churches:
        A i dn C ao evl ot i e D ni a a
           n              lt l
       •b go •hr tsi N r r g •avlC l r •a i nug it
                                   e hd                    e
                                                          l v y H rs br F s  ro         r
        L cbr M nsa R aoe it Rc od et n
       • nhug •aass •onk F s •i m n W sE d       r        h
        T e a r et l Wn et
         i     e      r
       •dw t C n a • i hs r      c e
Everyone is welcome. Mark your calendar and make plans to be a part of a Hope Summit
in your area.
Send your missional prayer requests to the DRC at Requests will be
collected and compiled in a notebook to be used at the Hope Summit.

            May 6 at Stuarts Draft Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene

     Let your President and Council members know about this upcoming event
 sponsored by District NMI to provide education, training, inspiration, and fellowship.
                    Lunch is provided. Registration is required.
  Questions? Contact Sue Brown, NMI President at 804.737.7171 or

  2 0 Vrii Dsr t me ’
   0 6 i na itc Wo ns
        g          i                           Upcoming conferences and events—
                                                LeaderSHOP, March 20-22, 2006 in St. Louis,
       Ministries Retreat                     

           May 19-21                           
                                                Nazarene Centennial Urban Renaissance,
                                                        April 3-5, 2006 in Philadelphia.
 Ramada Plaza Resort Oceanfront,              
         Virginia Beach
                                                o t te t
                                                C meo h Wae:Wo ns l g C neec
                                                            r       r      r
                                                              me’Ce y o f ne
                                                        April 20-23, 2006. To register or for more
                                                        information, go to or
  Information packets and posters                       call 800.306.7651.
 have been mailed to every church.
Information is also available on the           
                                                Ministerial Credentials/Studies Board Meetings
       web at                            May 1-3 at West End Church of the Nazarene
Volume 2, Issue 7                                                                                      Page 3

NEWS FROM ACROSS                                               Salem Fields Community Church in Fredericksburg will host its 3rd
                                                                n u lDG D e e In r rwh We k Mac 5
                                                               a n a “ I ( e p rn e G o t) e ” rh2 -29, 2006.
THE DISTRICT                                                   DIG Week promotes spiritual growth by providing the opportunity
                                                               for attendees to deepen their knowledge and understanding of
On February 22, 2006, Dr. Phil Fuller                          God through the insights of guest teachers.
met with the Church Board and Pastor          Dr. Samuel Chand will provide teaching for DIG Week 2006. Dr. Chand is a leader-
of Eastern Shore Church of the Naza-
                                              ship consultant for businesses and large churches. He also conducts leadership
rene and Tasley Church of the Naza-
                                              conferences throughout the United States, as well as all over the world.    Dr.
rene in executive session for the pur-
pose of the Regular Church/ Pastoral
                                              Chand holds key leadership positions in several ministries, and he has also au-
Review. The meeting resulted in a             thored five books, including FUTURING: Leading Your Church into Tomorrow and
unanimous affirmation of the ministry of           s dg                       ei
                                                  o o i o r a d rS l t g o r e d r – e d rh ’Mo t ri l
                                              Wh ’H ln Y u L d e: e cn Y u L a es L a es is s C i a            p          tc
Pastor Joe Strock. The next Regular                                 s      o
                                                           rC a d a s n s me tr g d v l i n n i g e es o
                                              Decision.D . h n ’p si i“ noi , e e p ga di p i l d r t
                                                                                                 on           sr  n a
Church/ Pastoral Review is scheduled                                  ir
                                                                n n t adh                 a
                                                                                     rep c . o moe n r t n b u D .
                                              break all limits—i mis y n temak tl e”F r r i omai a o t r     f     o
for February, 2010.                           Samuel Chand, visit
                                                rC a d is e k t a m id ’ e e k n ev e o
                                                            l            e       l h
                                              D . h n wl p a a S l Fe strew e e ds ri s nMac 2 &2     c         rh 5 6
On February 5, 2006, Dr. Phil Fuller met      (Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 9 & 11 AM). He will provide teaching sessions
with the Church Board and Pastor of           on the evenings of March 27-29, beginning at 7 PM. Dinner and childcare will be
All Nations Church of the Nazarene in         available each night, beginning at 6:30 PM.
executive session for the purpose of the
Regular Church/ Pastoral Review. The          For more information about DIG Week, contact Libby Myers at 540-786-6212 or
meeting resulted in a unanimous affir-
mation of the ministry of Pastor Sam
Neth. The next Regular Church/ Pas-
toral Review is scheduled for February,
2010.                                                                                   ’
                                                                                       t Tx i !
                                                                                       Is a Tme
                                                                     Pensions & Benefits USA has provided a copy of
Prayer Requests                                                      i r R H m a’
                                                                       h               s
                                                                    Rcad . a m r Church and Clergy Tax Guide
Pray for the local congregations of New-                            to the DRC. If you would like to borrow it, contact
port News, Marion, and Loudoun Val-
ley as they continue the process of find-                             the DRC at 804.271.6684 or
ing new pastoral leadership.
                                            Ministerial Credentials and Education Board Meetings
Pray for Pastor Becky Ayers (Floyd)
as she faces continuing health issues.      If you need an application for a district license, contact Earl
                                            Robertson at 540.342.4003 or for an
                                            application packet.
Mike Brown needs someone who knows
how to repair or replace panic hardware
on the doors of the Family Life Center.                            District Training Center
If you can help, contact Mike at                                   Course Offerings for Spring
804.737.7171 or
                                            CENTRAL      Communicating with Spoken/Written Language (Richmond)
                                            EAST         Examining Our Christian Heritage I (Tidewater)
To Pastors and Sunday School Superin-       WEST         Investigating Christian Theology II (Roanoke)
tendents—The Virginia District was          WEST         Declaring the Gospel of God (Charlottesville)
listed as #1 for Top 10 Percentage
SSM Attendance Gainers and #6 in            NORTH         h p e dn     ds e p e(Manassas)
                                                         S e h r i g Go ’ P o l
Top 10 Sunday School Ministries
Attendance in the January, 2006 is-         Students have two options:
sue of PACESETTERS. A special
thanks to churches and pastors that         
                                             Ordination credit (for persons seeking to fulfill the educational require-
report on time.                                 ments for ordination) - $125 per class
                                             Audit - $25 per class
                                                            Classes will begin the week of April 2nd.
                                                     To register or for more information, call 804.271.6684
                                                           or visit to register online.
                                                            Please register prior to March 20, 2006.
 Page 4
                                  ADULTS                       KIDS               ANNIVERSARIES
                                  1                        1 Hunter Fitzwater     1 Alex & Betty Tejada
                                  2                        2 Jacob Jackson        2
                                  3                        3 Newman Migner        3 Bill & Lori Willis
                                  4                        4 Jonathan Tillman     4
                                  7 Clay Marsh             7                      7 Marvin & Dianna Rankin
                                     Sonny Layman                                   Charles & Georgia Tillman
                                     Mary Ann Asberry
                                  8 Barbara Chaney         8                      8 Sonny & Juanita Layman
                                  9 Galen Lemmon           9 Matthew Watson       9
                                  10 James Huggins         10                     10
                                     A. T. Underwood
                                  11 Peter Migner          11                     11
                                  12 Rae Compton           12 Matthew             12
                                  12 Corliss Blakely          Wiseman
                                  13                       13 Sarah Elizabeth     13
     Are you missing?             15                       15 Katie Reed          15 Bruce & June Clark
We would like to update our                                  Charles Tillman II
  Br d y a d n i rai ”
“ih a s n A n esr s   v    e      19   Dan White           19                     19
list. If you or someone from      20   Loren Million       20 Amanda Martin       20
your church is missing from our   22                       22 Amanda Arnold       22
list, please contact the DRC to   25   Eilene Lockhart     25                     25
let us know. You can reach us     26                       26                     26 Loren & Pauline Million
at or              27   Verna Ketcherside   27                     27
804.271.6684.                     28   Marie Uhrig         28 Chrisi Roberts      28 Buddy & Gaye Marston
                                  29   Evelyn Masencup     29                     29
Thanks for your help.
                                  31 Chris Arnold          31 Ryan Meek           31
      Page 5                  Virginia Team Update

Upcoming Events:

Easter Sunday Attendance Goal –we are compiling Easter Sunday worship attendance goals. It
would be helpful to have your goal as soon as possible, but no later than March 31.

Camp Meeting Sunday Afternoon –NEW! By recommendation of the DS and by action of the Dis-
trict Advisory Board we have added a service to the Sunday afternoon of Camp Meeting - Sunday,
August 13, 2006 at 3:15. According to our plan, evangelist Jim Spruill will be speaking. Talks have
begun to implement a biker Sunday for that afternoon service.

NDR Rapid Response –The Virginia District has been selected to participate in Nazarene Disaster
Response specifically for the purpose of creating a Rapid Response Team that would be prepared
to enter into disaster situations as soon as 24 hours after the disaster. Training will be provided and
some resources (such as a kitchen trailer) may be provided by special grants. More information will
be available on the web site and at a table at M & M Retreat.

   me ’ nsr s er t h n u l me ’ n te er t ib e n i n
                  i        e
Wo nsMiite R t a –T ea n a Wo n Mis i R t a wl eh l i Vria
                                                    s ir s         e     l      d      gi
Beach, May 19-21, 2006. Information has been mailed to every church. Information is also being
posted on the district website. Last year more than 350 persons attended this

DNMI Training Event –NEW. Sue Brown and the District NMI Council are providing a first of its
kind training event for local church Nazarene Missions International leaders. The date is May 6 at
the Stuarts Draft Good Shepherd Church of the Nazarene. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. The
event begins at 9:30 and will end around 2:00 p.m.

The Teaching Church –Three sessions of the teaching church will be held in the spring in coopera-
tion with Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene. March 23, April 22, and May25. The April
teaching church is being held at the Virginia District Nazarene Camp. Lunch will be provided.

Camp Work Days –Specific projects are being identified for a weekend of work at the Virginia Dis-
trict Nazarene Camp, April 22-25. Meals and a place to stay are provided.

Leadership Training Event at SFCC (typically in May, dates TBA) –A leadership training event
at Salem Fields Community Church will be taking place in May, however, specific dates for the train-
ing have not been established. More information on this event will follow.

Summer Camps –information on summer camps for children and teens will be available to you

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