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									Scope of Offshore Banking For Expatriates
An expatriate is a person who resides temporarily or permanently in a
different country and culture other than his/her own legal residence and
place of upbringing. When it comes to offshore banking, this class of
people is the privileged class. 'Why so?' is a question that we need to
answer. This is because they are free to choose the best option from the
global financial market.
Depending on the tax structure of the home country, certain facilities
may however be limited. During the entire period when they stay abroad,
they can use the facilities of an offshore bank along with the tax and
investment benefits! They do not have to seek the permission of the
offshore jurisdiction to enjoy the advantages of the offshore banking
system. It is so because, there are certain countries which allow tax
breaks, investment opportunities and several other banking advantages
which are not available to the regular citizens of the country.
Offshore banks provide the following advantages to the expatriates
irrespective of the financial well being of an expat:

Tax efficiency
Flexibility and High accessibility
It is not that you need to hold an account for saving or depositing only.
The offshore banks give an added advantage to the expats. If you want an
account only for receiving money then also, you can have an offshore bank
account. On top of that, any interest accrued on the received money will
be free of tax liabilities even though it is an income! These banks offe r
you to choose among a wide range of accounts. If you go for a current
account, you can have instant access account or a cash/debit/credit card
access account. If you are looking for a savings account then, you can
have one with notice account and term deposit. You can also choose to
have an account with various interest rates that you need to pay. The
interest rates, however, depend on the restrictions imposed on the
accounts. Remember, you should be an expatriate!
When the question comes to accessibility, you can have internet access,
telephone access, direct debit and even standing order. Amazingly, the
choice of currency for the account lies with you. The offshore banks also
provide secured and unsecured credit cards. You can also have an offshore
debit card which acts in an identical fashion to that of a regular debit
Among these numerous facilities, you still have a small glitch. You just
have to choose an offshore jurisdiction with proper regulation and avoid
unethical activities. 'Happy Banking'!
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