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Inkjet Recording Head And Image Forming Apparatus Comprising Inkjet Recording Head - Patent 7559632


1. Field of the InventionThe present invention relates to an inkjet recording head and an image forming apparatus comprising an inkjet recording head, and in particular, to maintenance technology for an inkjet recording apparatus which prevents the viscosity of liquid ata meniscus surface from increasing and enables stable ejection.2. Description of the Related ArtAs an image forming apparatus in the related art, an inkjet printer (inkjet recording apparatus) is known, which comprises an ink ejection head (inkjet recording head) having an arrangement of a plurality of nozzles and forms images on arecording medium by ejecting ink liquid droplets from the nozzles in the ink ejection head toward the recording medium while relatively moving the ink ejection head and the recording medium to each other.Various methods are known in the related art as ink ejection methods for an inkjet recording apparatus of this kind. For example, a piezoelectric method, a thermal inkjet method, and the like, are known. According to the piezoelectric method,the volume of a pressure chamber (ink chamber) is changed by deforming a vibration plate which forms a portion of the pressure chamber because of deformation of a piezoelectric element (piezoelectric actuator), thereby supplying ink into the pressurechamber from an ink supply channel when the volume is increased and ejecting the ink inside the pressure chamber from a nozzle when the volume of the pressure chamber is reduced. Moreover, according to the thermal inkjet method, ink is heated togenerate a bubble, thereby ejecting the ink on the basis of the energy of the bubble expansion.In such an image forming apparatus including an ink ejection head as an inkjet recording apparatus, ink is supplied to the ink ejection head from an ink tank which stores the ink, via the ink supply channel, and the ink can be ejected by any oneof the various ejection methods described above. It is preferable that the ink used in such an image forming

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