Survivor Party Theme Needs Exotic Menus and Recipes by primusboy


									Survivor Party Theme Needs Exotic Menus and Recipes
You'll be a true Survivor fan when you put together a Survivor party with
plenty of vittles to welcome the new or final episodes of the next series
to television. Whether you put this party together for a season finale or
a birthday, your guests won't have to feel like their starving with your
excellent buffet choices.
Most Survivor series end up in tropical or exotic locales. You'll do well
with an exotic meal plan. Start off with a seafood salad that's totally
delish for the guests. Shrimp Scampi is quite tasty and oysters on the
half shell can be thrilling for the more adventurous at your party. Of
course you might have some guests at the party that aren't big seafood
fans. You can serve up roast pork for them in reference to that
'incident' in Survivor: The Australian Outback a few years ago. You know
the one. Maybe you shouldn't mention the reference and just serve the
pork in order to keep a big debate from starting up. Finish off the
buffet with a Coconut Pie for dessert.
Survivor Seafood Salad
For this quick and refreshing Survivor party dish you'll need: 1 medium
head lettuce, chopped, 8 pieces cooked jumbo shrimp or lobster, 1/4 cup
green onions, chopped, 1 cup celery, sliced, 1 cup Mozzarella cheese,
shredded, and 2 cups frozen peas.
To make the Survivor Seafood Salad place chopped lettuce in a large bowl.
On top place the shrimp or lobster (cleaned, cooked and with shells
removed), then cover with peas, green onions, celery, and Mozzarella
You can also make a dressing for this Survivor dish by mixing two parts
mayonnaise or plain salad dressing and one part Dijon mustard.
The guests will absolutely devour your Seafood Salad at the Survivor
party. Make sure you have plenty of paper goods in the Survivor party
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