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									50th Birthday Party Ideas
So you've hit the Big 5-0 and it's time to celebrate that huge milestone
that is half a century. Half a century! Can you believe it? Time has
simply flown by but then again, if you think about it, a lot has happened
in the last 50 years. You may just want to go back and be a child again,
irresponsible, energetic and full of fun; or you may quite like where you
are at and the more mature, serious tastes in life. Whatever your ideas
we believe that we have some great 50th birthday party ideas for you that
you will really enjoy. Here are a few you can consider:
Theme Parties for 50th Birthday's
The Way You Were Although you are happy with where you are now, there is
still a part of you that is nostalgic. You think about the music, the
food, the games and the pleasant memories over the years that have helped
to make you the person you are today and just for one day you want to go
back in time and enjoy those things again - so why not? Use your 50th
birthday party as a time to play all those old songs (maybe have a
competition to see who can determine what decade the song was from),
serve your favorite foods you have enjoyed over the years and decorate
the venue with all your old photographs. Play those games you played at
different stages of your life and, most importantly, have a blast!
Pumping Pajama Party
When last did you have a pumping pajama party? If you are looking to
recapture the fun and excitement of youth then this is one sure way to do
it. Get guests to come in their pajamas, set out sleeping places for your
guests so they can stay all night, and watch your favorite movies while
digging into your favorite foods and beverages.
Party Ideas for the Conservative
Wine and Cheese and a Little Breeze The days of childish pursuits are
behind you and you want to act and celebrate the age you are now - not
what you were twenty, thirty, forty years ago so set out the wine,
cheese, and use your best linen outside for a party that you are going to
love. Play classical music softly in the background and encourage guests
to mingle and get to know one another through stimulating adult
conversation. For foods think along the lines of crackers, salads, fresh
fruit and after this a nice, rich dessert.
Roast and ToastSimilar to the Wine and Cheese and a Little Breeze party
idea, this 50th birthday party idea serves champagne instead of wine and
then has time to toast the birthday person and have a polite "roast" of
the birthday person. Make the birthday person feel special and tell them
how important and inspirational they are.
Create Party Invitations
Whether you are going for the young, funky ideas or the more mature,
conservative approach you will need to let people know about this
exciting event. Writing out dozens of invitations, addressing and posting
them all can be time-consuming, expensive and, quite frankly, boring.
Today you have another option that you did not have fifty years ago (or
even ten years ago) and that you will love and that is putting your
invitation online with social networking.
A new social networking website has been created at Events Listed 50th
Birthday Party Ideas that allows you to register for free and then put up
a web page to advertise your party (and share your photos and experiences
afterwards). If the thought of the internet and all this new technology
has already got you panicking, relax. You do not need any special
technical knowledge to create a fantastic page that reflects you. There
are many different modules that make it easy to add audio, video, photos,
music, and much more to your web page and you can also put up the details
of your party and encourage friends to start mingling online even before
the event.
So now is the time to pick your 50th birthday party ideas and go and sign
up for a free account to put your birthday invitations online. Have a
great Big 5-0 party!
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