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Roulette Systems Vs Roulette Software


									Roulette Systems Vs Roulette Software
"Why Roulette Systems Don't Work"
In a follow up to my last article on the Roulette Killer, I want to
clarify between Roulette Systems and Roulette Software and show you why
Roulette Systems do not work.
First lets clarify the differences between the two and get a better
understanding of them. A Roulette System is a guide or set of rules to go
by when making your bets with the idea that you should be able to come
out on top if you follow these simple rules. Roulette Software on the
other hand, is a downloadable program that will tell you how to make your
next bets with probabilities and different algorithms taken into account
for you so that you will get the highest probability of winning on your
next bet. In a nutshell, you should see the differences very plainly now.
"Don't Use Roulette Systems, Let Roulette Software Do The Work For You"
The major downfall in Roulette Systems, is that they leave too much room
for error. First, you have to read your guide on how one guy made so many
thousands within 24 hrs and remember all of the tips, strategies, and
betting rules he used in order to duplicate his success. Next, you have
to take the systems and apply all of it yourself in real life situations
with your hard earned cash. I don't know about you, but trying to
duplicate one persons success by remembering all of their great advice
and strategies, doesn't seem too promising. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure
with some systems there are great tips and strategies but there are too
many variables that can effect different situations, and this is where
the major downfall of the Roulette Systems come into play.
For our scenario here, we will use one of the more Popular Roulette
Systems on the internet, called Fast Roulette Systems. In the summary of
this ebook that is on the home page, the seller reveals the tips and
strategies that will be revealed and there are two that stick out the
most to me; "how to use the statistical advances strategy to win the
roulette game", and "apply the secret of roulette probability analysis".
Another example of why systems leave too much to chance and why most fail
when used by the average joe. Do you think an average joe can do
probability analysis and use statistical advanced strategies on the fly
when playing roulette? I think I can safely assume this to be "No". As
stated before, too many variables can come into play and this is why
Roulette Systems "Do Not Work".
So lets take a look at Roulette Software on the other hand. The Roulette
Software I did my original review on was The Roulette Killer, so we will
use this software for our scenario. The software here is a downloadable
program first of all, no 100 page ebook you have to read :) so hours of
reading tips, strategies, rules, statistics, analysis and other things
you have to remember are immediately out the window here.
Next, with the software, such as the Roulette Killer, you simply have to
play a few hands in order to get some historical data to insert into the
program. Once you have done this, the Roulette Software will take care of
the rest. What I mean by this, is the program will actually tell you how
to bet. Yes, you heard me correctly. You keep inserting the results of
every spin and the software will actually go through probabilites,
algorithms, historical data and then tell you how to bet. You can
actually watch a video of this software in action to get an idea of how
you just follow directions. This is why Roulette Software works and
Roulette Systems do not. The software does not allow room for the average
joe to have to calculate, strategize, or remember anything, the software
will take care of it all.
In stopping short of an ebook in itself, I hope I have provided a high
level, but useful analysis of why Roulette Systems do not work. Roulette
Software on the other hand, provides a solid platform that leaves far
less room for user error.
Find out the results of 6 month intensive research on Roulette Software
that is available across the internet today. Learn the pros and cons of
each and find out which one ranks #1 as The Best Roulette Software.

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