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					Offsite Backup Software
With increasing risks that the data on the computers face, backing up
data is not just an option, but also a necessity which should be given
utmost priority. Earlier it was considered adequate if data was backed up
and stored at a safe place at the same location close to the original
data. This was known as onsite backup. Though this took care of most
issues relating to loss of data, there were still a few things to contend
with. In an increasingly volatile world, what if the data that is kept on
site, gets damaged somehow? It was from these thoughts that offsite
backing up of data emerged.
There are mainly two ways of offsite backing up of data. First is the
conventional means, where the data is written either every day or every
week, and physically carried to the offsite storage location, and
preserved there. The software used for such backup depends on the method
of backup. CD or DVD drives come with their own backup software that is
installed on the computer to allow it to burn CDs and DVDs. The setup for
tape drives includes the software as well.
However of late, there is a new type of offsite backup system that is
gaining prominence, because it does away with a lot of the discrepancy of
the traditional backup system. For example, by keeping a tape or a CD/DVD
offsite, the data stored is not current. It's either a week old or a day
old, depending upon the data storage cycle. Thus in case of loss of data,
the data that is retrieved, is a week or a day old.
There are many companies today who will keep data backed up and securely
stored in a data center away from the office. The backup offsite software
programs are installed into the computer network of the company. Thus
whenever a user saves any file, these programs make a file which is then
sent to a secure, and predetermined, offsite backup location. Being fully
automatic, such software causes minimum interference to the work.
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