Jello Wrestling by primusboy


									Jello Wrestling
What is Jello Wrestling? Basically it is a container like a wading pool
filled with jelly and two or more people wrestle in it.
It's fun, it's fast, and it's exciting and a great fundraiser event.
Jello wrestling has been a favorite fund raiser for college students and
also to get students to join in with campus activities.
The only downside of jello wrestling events can be the noise and many
attract the attention of the local constabulary. So be warned - make sure
you choose a suitable location if you want to see the full program of
Also it is messy. Not just for the location and the wrestlers but as the
jelly flies most of the spectators end up nearly as messy. So wear some
old clothes.
So how do you make up the jelly? The normal type jello needs to be
chilled so that the jelly sets. But there is an easier way. A product
called No Chill Jello is ideal for a wrestling event, because if you use
regular jello you have to refrigerate the product down to 40 degrees and
after about 20 minutes of wrestling from body heat and indoor/outdoor
temperature it breaks down to liquid again. No-Chill Jello sets up at
temperatures as high as 85 to 90 degrees. For this reason No-Chill Jello
does not break down like refrigerated jello.
No Chill Jello is made from a gum and not from an animal gelatin and will
not melt during the event which makes it much better. It is also sold in
bulk throughout the food service industry. Directions for mixing the
jello can be found at You can also find
some suggestions for equipment needed.
Jello Wrestling is a very fun thing to watch but girls think twice before
volunteering to hold an event as you get to clean up the mess. Another
quick tip - girls unless you want to bare all, wear a tight fitting T
shirt or top as it is sooo slippery.
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