Summer Glau the Irresistable Psychopathic Killer Robot From the Future by primusboy


									Summer Glau the Irresistable Psychopathic Killer Robot From the Future
Summer Glau is the hottest psychopathic killer robot from the future I've
ever seen. Her cold persona and lack of emotions when she's killing or
thinking about killing people is somehow completely lovable. The
producers of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' have achieved
something great in Cameron, John Connors terminatrix protector and
companion and part time malfunctioning assassin, played by the
irresistible Summer Glau.
Summers ability to play the part of a confused killer terminatrix is
unrivalled. In this weeks episode Glau pays a visit to a social worker in
a halfway house and convinces her she's a runaway and a victim. This is
where we discover Cameron is modelled after a real girl from Palmdale
named Allison, hence the title of the episode 'Allison From Palmdale'.
During Summer Glaus second visit to the social worker she tells the
truth, and the truth is she's a robot from the future with the objective
of killing John Connor, the future leader of the human resistance and
saviour of mankind. The social worker gets freaked out and calls the cops
on her but by the time they arrive she's already gone.
John Connor spends the entire episode trying to track down Cameron. When
he eventually locates her at the homeless shelter her malfunctioning chip
keeps her from recognizing Connor and they throw him out believing he's
only a stalker. I bet in real life Summer Glau has been stalked by many a
man at many a time. In the end Cameron recovers her true memories and
returns back home with Connor. Prior to this Summer is on the verge of
killing a new found girlfriend because she turns out to be a pathological
liar and a thief and Glau is not very happy with this. Glau does not kill
her but leaves the audience wishing she had. The new girlfriend is
definitely scandless.
Rumors are beginning to abound that fox may decide to cancel the show due
to very poor ratings and they believe the show is also interfering with
their show 'Prison Break' which airs directly after 'Terminator: The
Sarah Connor Chronicles'. Let's all pray they don't cancel our show. My
opinion is that this is currently one of the three best shows airing
right now. The other two are 'Heroes' season 3 and 'Dexter' season 3. If
you have yet to see either of these two programs you're missing out,
don't let them slip by you. 'Fringe' seems to be pretty good but it's not
in the same class.
Be sure not to miss future episodes of 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor
Chronicles' if for no other reason than to see the irresistibly desirable
Summer Glau in her best role yet. Summer Glau is money. She also appears
and has credit in 'The 4400', 'The Unit', 'The Initiation of Sarah',
'Mammoth', 'Serenity', 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation', 'Sleepover',
'Cold Case', 'Firefly', and 'Angel'.
Joseph Schaffer is a student of computer scientist, likes to always try
new things, and is currently writing articles for two websites Online
Credit Card Applications and Credit Nebula.

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