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					Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana is a role model for young children. She is my two
daughter's favorite person in the world and does indeed treat her as a
role model. Her name changed from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Cyrus
because she always had smiles on her face.
Miley Cyrus first debuted in her father's tv series "Doc". Later on, in
2006 she was interviewed by Disney for one of the support roles in Hannah
Montana, which was to be a future Disney television series. She got
turned down for this role because the interviewers thought she would be
better fit for the main role, that of Hannah Montana!
The interviewers were all very pleased after talking to her so she
finally got the role - from this point on she was heading towards a
millionaire's life, and only at the age of 13.
Her other hobbies and interests at here age were riding horses, shopping
(in the mall), dancing, cheer leading and playing guitar. She was also
writing music with her dad's help.
In the television show Hannah Montana, she lives a double life. During
the day she is just a normal kid, while at night she stars in the most
spectacular concerts in USA, as Hannah Montana. Only her family and
closest friends know her secrets. She doesn't want to share her secrets
with everyone because Miley thinks people at school would treat her
In the episode "A New Kid In School" where a famous actor joins, her
worries seem to be true; he gets all the attention and is never left
alone. At this point, Miley does get a bit jealous on him and decides to
share her secret with the world too, but later on disregards this thought
at the advice of her father.
When the first soundtrack for the television series was released, in
2006, it became popular overnight rising to the top of the billboard
charts. The following week it decreased to #3, however it was still a
spectacular achievement. Hannah Montana's tickets for her latest tour
were all sold out within one hour!
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his fan site at which contains the
latest news, latest videos, music, lyrics and concert photos, as well as
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