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Were you the type of kid that would anxiously stand in the local grocery
store just so you could spend your allowance on the newest comic book?
Many people make the mistake that comic books are just for males. Females
all over the world enjoy reading and collecting a comic book series just
the same as males. If you were one of the lucky kids with foresight, you
probably knew that your comic book would have great value one day in the
future. You probably took great care of the books and gra dually built up
your collection into something incredible. It does not matter if it was
the Superman series, the Spider-man series or a smaller known series.
Those books from years ago now have some significant punch behind them.
Comic book collecting is a huge hobby. Even if you just enjoy reading the
comics, it is a great way to reconnect to your childhood. If you are
unfamiliar with comics, this article will help you out.

How have comic books changed over the years?

Comics have long been a way to measure society's attitude at the time. In
the early days of comic books, the stories were simpler and reflected a
"feel good" attitude rather than addressing any specific social
situations. Later during the Depression new types of comics were
introduced. Three of the most famous were about adventures. These comics
were Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy and Tarzan. It is interesting to note that
Chester Gould's Dick Tracy was based on the gang wars that were occurring
in Chicago at this time. This time in comics also marked a very important
milestone: the costumed character was invented. The first costumed
character was written and developed by Lee Falk and was the Phantom. This
initial foray into a masked person gave birth to the typical Americanized
comic where there was a superhero.

What is the longest running series or character in a comic book?

Probably the longest running series or character in a comic book would be
evenly split between Popeye, Mutt and Jeff, and Little Nemo in
Slumberland. Following these comics then it would be Dick Tracy, Flash
Gordon, Tarzan and the Phantom. It is surprising that comics have been
around for more than a hundred years. They have undergone many changes as
society has changed. You can find them in just about any language and are
adored worldwide. But two of the biggest selling countries in the comic
book world are the United States and Japan.

How do you determine the value of comic books?

The value of comic books depends on several factors. The first is the
year it was produced. The second is the storyline or main character. If
it is a popular character like Superman, Batman, the Fantastic Four or
Spiderman, it will be worth more money because there are more collectors
of these popular story arcs. Another factor in the value of a comic book
is how many were printed at the time. If the market was flooded, the
value comes down. The final factor is the condition of a comic book. If
it has been stored properly and has no marks, smudges or tears, it will
be worth more than a copy that has been well read and thumbed through. It
is why comic book collectors take their comic books so seriously. For
them it is an investment and a love of the story.

Where are some great places to find rare comic books?

Some of the best places to find rare comics are estate sales or flea-
markets. There have been many discoveries made in the least likely
places. Often people collect comics and then when they pass away, the
comic books are not evaluated for their value and just sold. Most people
who put them in a flea-market or a garage sale have no idea what the
comic is worth. They just want to get it out of their way.