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									What Every E-Book Author Should Know

Have you written an e-book or are you seriously considering doing so in the near future?
If you are planning on writing an e-book anytime soon, there are some things you need to
ask yourself. Do you have what it takes to commit to writing such a piece? If so, why
haven’t you begun already? If you are reluctant to start writing your e-book, here are
some things that every e-book author should know.

Examine Yourself

First, take a look at your overall attitude, skill, and knowledge. Authoring an e-book isn’t
too different than writing a traditional book (often called “p-books” in the Internet
publishing world) in the sense that you will need to be ready with the basics –
knowledge, preparedness, dedication, and drive. Of course, this article will not provide
you with every little thing you need to know about yourself and the e-book writing
process, but it will give you a good start and an idea of where you stand so far.

When writing an e-book, your knowledge of the subject area, experience with the issues
presented in your work, and familiarity with the targeted audience must be assumed. This
non-conventional, reflective look will help you maximize your existing abilities. When
writing an e-book you need to keep in mind that the overall project will ultimately be a
culmination of some major aspects of writing traditionally as well as for electronic media
with one very big difference – your e-book is meant to be read on a computer screen, not
the paper page. That means writing is just one aspect of the entire process.

The Presentation

Because an e-book is a digital product, potential readers will not be able to pick up the
book in the store or library and hold it. Many customers will pick up a book and read the
dust jacket description to get an idea of what the book is about. Here’s where the digital
book cover comes in. It must still be visually appealing with good photography or
graphics and include enough information to give a customer an idea of the “big picture”.

The Target Market

Think about the technological expertise of your target audience. Though reading an e-
book doesn’t require any special technical skills, it does assume that the reader has access
to a computer and knows how to download information from the Internet. If readers are
not familiar with at least the basic principles of using the web, your e-book may not be

Overall your e-book whether fiction or non-fiction must be an interesting read. Will
readers want to read what you have to say? Is your story attention-grabbing? Do you
know what you’re talking about? While appealing the audience is integral, you still have
the upper-hand over new or first-time traditional book authors. Why is that? It is much
easier to sell an e-book online than it is to get a book published. This means you have
more control and can even market yourself a little more effectively. Once you’ve
completed your e-book you will need to consider marketing and advertising plans.
Do the Research

All e-book authors are required to do an incredible amount of research, just like any other
author. If you are planning on writing an e-book, chances are you’ve already conducted
quite a bit of research and preparation. But remember, there is always room for
improvement. Personal experience, previous articles you’ve written, book and website
resources, videos, seminars, training sessions, and workshops are all good sources.
However, in order to excel in writing e-books you must have excellent research skills. It
is imperative when writing non-fiction that your information be relevant, current, and

Put On Your Entrepreneur Cap

Writing an e-book isn’t just about your love of writing, good research, and having
something to say. It also comes down to the entrepreneurial spirit. Do you have it? When
you write an e-book you will need to promote it, just like any other digital good. As an e-
book author, you essentially launch yourself into the world of business – the business of
YOU. An active involvement in every aspect of your e-book production and promotion is
essential. You will also need to be involved in selling the e-book too. If you don’t do
anything other than write it, the chances are you will be the only reader of your e-book.

Writing an e-book can be rewarding, both personally and professionally. You can share
your knowledge while making a living. But every e-book author needs to know that
nothing comes for free. Time will be your biggest investment – research, writing,
marketing, and selling ebooks all are processes that take time – but you will also spend
some money. You can make a pdf format and protect it with pdf password; this will help
you to protect your book from free download. As the old business owner adage goes, “it
takes money to make money”. You will need to invest money in the publication and
marketing of your e-book, but when done right, you will gain many returns for both your
time and money in the long run.

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