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									Sri Lankan Cabbage Curry Recipe
Sri Lankans are lovers of curry and there are a lot of curry recipes not
only with chicken, mutton, fish, etc. as the major ingredient. Fruits are
even curried and of course vegetables are too. One of the most famous
curried meals in the island is the Cabbage Curry. A lot of people who
have tried Lankan meals want to learn how to make a Cabbage Curry, and
that is what you will find below:
The ingredients to be used in a Cabbage Curry called by its native name:
Gova Mallum is fairly easy to find. They are the following, of course the
main ingredient: the cabbage which should be shredded into fine pieces,
followed by 2 spoons of salt, curry leaves, green chillies (sliced),
onion, Turmeric and Fernugreek. Leave the coconut mil k (2 spoons) on
stand by as well as the Maldives fish.
The procedure in making a Cabbage Curry is:
Mix the ingredients above well/thoroughly. Heat oil in a pan and then fry
onions. Add the mixed ingredients and then mix in some hot oil. Add ¼ cup
of water. Cover the pot and let it simmer for around ten minutes or just
make sure that the concoction is boiled well. Add the coconut milk
(dissolved in hot water) as soon as the water evaporates. Add the
Maldives fish.
Making a Cabbage Curry is as easy as ABC. Good thing there are now copies
of it over the Internet for Sinhala curry fans to use as a reference. Now
your favorite Sri Lankan recipes are just a click away.
Treat your taste buds with these delicious, easy and healthy sri lankan
curries. All Sri lankan recipe secrets revealed here at Sri Lankan
Recipes and Sri Lankan Cabbage Curry Recipe

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