An Example Wedding Reception Running Sheet Or Event Plan

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					An Example Wedding Reception Running Sheet Or Event Plan
Here's a sample of what you'll need to include on your running sheet or
event plan for your wedding reception or wedding dinner.
Pre-Dinner drinks
A lunch or dinner function always starts with pre-dinner drinks and hor
d'oeuvres. This will start at the time you have elected for your
reception to start. For example 6.00pm. The Bridal party will usually be
served their drinks and hor d'oeuvres in a private room. Pre-dinner
drinks are for a duration of approximately 30 - 45 minutes, after which
your guests are seated in the main dining room. The MC will advise the
Bridal party when it's time to be presented and will then announce your
party into the reception.
You should list the order in which you would like the bridal party to be
introduced. Bridesmaids and groomsmen usually are introduced pair by
pair, with the bride and groom introduced last. You should write down
precisely how you would like yourselves (bride and groom) to be
introduced.. eg; Anne & John; Anne & John Smith; Mr and Mrs Smith; Anne
Jones and John Smith.)
After the bridal party is seated is the best time for a welcome speech
and / or Grace. If you want either or both, who will do this? The MC or a
family member.
Entree is then served. After entree, the Bride and Groom will usually
have time to circulate among their guests. The MC will let you know when
main course is about to be served. After main course is cleared and the
champagne is poured, the speeches will commence.
A typical speech program usually includes the following:

Initial toast to the Bride & Groom, made by a family member or friend;
Response by Groom / Bride, including a toast to the Bridal Party;
Speech by Best Man, or other Bridal Party members;
Telegrams, if any.
You should list the speeches / toasts that you would like to incorporate
into your program IN ORDER. Add any speeches that fire not including the
list above, or delete any. It is important that you are comfortable with
the program which can be as traditional or as informal you like.
After the telegrams, the MC will invite you to cut your wedding cake, and
invite you onto the dance floor for your Bridal dance, if you are having
one. This will open the first bracket of dancing. Dessert will be served
after this bracket.
To close the evening a circle can be organised approximately 15 minutes
before the end of the function. The Bride can throw the bouquet and the
Groom can throw the garter (if you choose to have these ) from the centre
of the circle and then make their way around the circle to farewell the
How will you be leaving? Taxi? Hire car! Friends/own car? Make sure you
organise all details regarding this.
-Cutting the cake just after the Bridal party enter at the start of the
-Bridal dance after entree followed by a dance bracket
-Speeches in between entree and main course
-Speeches during main course.
(These are usually to save time for dancing)
Remember, directly after the speeches it is wise to organise a dance
bracket as this is a logical transformation from the formalities to the
festivities, with the bride and groom leading the first dance. Even if
you have already had your bridal dance, you can use a dedication to the
bride and groom. It's your day. Your guests want your personal] contact
and attention. If you and your bride party are on the dance floor,
chances are about 90% of your guests will be too.
Jeremy LaBrooy is Managing Director of Entertainment Agency - Vogue
Entertainment in Melbourne, Australia.

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