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									Do you ever find yourself reflecting back to your childhood when your
children are reaching different milestones in their maturity? I know that
I do. I find myself reminiscing about different school events that I took
part in. I think this helps me be a better parent because during these
times of reminiscing it is easy to get back in touch with the feelings
that I was experiencing at the time. Remembering these feelings helps me
related easier to what my children are experiencing. It is so easy to
dismiss these feelings when we are an adult, but to a teenager they can
be overwhelming.

I had a difficult time doing this when my daughter reached the age of
learning to drive. I am not sure why this new phase in her life has been
such a challenge for me to accept. I just did not feel that she was
responsible enough to drive. We had a huge argument about this one
morning. As I was driving to work that morning I was still seething about
the things we had said to each other. I looked in the rear view mirror to
make sure that the lane behind me was safe to turn into. The act of
looking into the rear view mirror brought back memories of my driver’s
education classes. I immediately remember the feelings I experienced when
I was my daughter’s age. I was a very mature and responsible sixteen year
old. I took school seriously and had been working part time babysitting
jobs since I was twelve years old. I was furious that my parents were
holding me back from driving when some of my irresponsible classmates
were being given vehicles. My anger at my daughter turned to instant
remorse. She was as responsible as I had been and I was treating her like
I had been treated. Looking in the rear view mirror reminded me of my
mother constantly reminding me to do this when I first started driving.

I again looked in the review mirror to insure that the turning lane was
opened. I then pulled over to the side of the road and called my office
to tell them I was not going to be in that day. I then went to my
daughter’s school and had the office locate her and ask her to come to
the office. When she walked in she was very surprised to see me. I gave
her a big hug and I asked her if she had anything important in classes’
that day. When she indicated she did not I signed her out and we went
shopping, out to lunch and a matinee. I asked her forgiveness for
treating her like she was irresponsible. It was a turning point in our
relationship and the beginning of her driving lessons.

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