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					Children learn so much more from us, than they do in a classroom. Have
you ever thought about this? I have, and I totally believe it's true.
There's no doubt that an array of academics are presented to our children
as they progress through grade school, middle school and high school.
However, imagine all the things you've learned in your very own home,
from your parents. You can't even ponder them all. How to eat, use the
bathroom, bathe, groom yourself, be polite, steer clear of danger, and
the list goes on and on. Now, I'm not saying that school and academics
are unnecessary, because they are imperative. I just wanted to point out
that school is not the only place we can learn. Now days home learning
has reached a whole new level. With products such as the interactive
globe, Leap Pads and various other interactive learning tools, our
children can excel to new heights of knowledge.

I first spotted an interactive globe in a luggage store of all places. At
first, I wasn't sure what I was looking at. My dau ghter was just a baby
at the time and could have cared less about the electronic learning aid.
My wife and I on the other hand were intrigued. Like most of the high-
tech interactive globes, this one had a pen attached to it. You simply
turn the interactive globe on and use the pen to touch any spot you
please. When the pen makes contact, you're told the name of the state or
country, and its population. How awesome is that. The electronic
interactive globe is an ideal tool for learning geography. I don't kno w
about you, but my geography skills are fairly limited. Even adults can
learn plenty from this fine innovation. Personally I know much more than
I ever did prior to purchasing one.

You can benefit your child's learning process greatly with a contempor ary
interactive globe. These devices have come a long way since they were
originally released. Now they reveal all sorts of useful information such
as language dialect, age of the country/state, population, climate norms,
capitols, ect. Needless to say that this is another great way to acquire
significant knowledge at home.

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