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					Greensboro North Carolina

The cosmopolitan and cultured county seat of Guilford County is
Greensboro North Carolina, a city of green spaces and arts centers. It's
a thriving place to live with good amenities, shopping and restaurants.
Sports and cultural activities are greatly encouraged. Football,
baseball, basketball, soccer, golf and hockey are all followed closely
and in modern facilities.

The Bog Garden has more than a mile of walking trails, from which to
study the many shrubs, trees, ferns and wildflower species. There is also
the opportunity to see wetland birds, both visiting and native. The
Greensboro Arboretum contains 17 acres of gardens with various plants,
displayed with bridges, an arbor and gazebo. The Blandwood Mansion and
Gardens is a Greensboro North Carolina museum, housed in a building
considered to be of national architectural and historical importance. It
is the oldest building in the city and is noted for its style taken from
dwellings in the Tuscany region of Italy.

The Greensboro Coliseum Complex is a multi purpose venue, used for sports
such as ice hockey and basketball, pop concerts, exhibitions, theatre
events, conventions and trade shows. Its main claim to fame is the
appearance of the great Elvis Presley in concert. In contrast, Greensboro
Opera Company is well supported and past productions have included La
Traviata, Madame Butterfly and Carmen. The music for the opera
productions is performed by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra.

The Eastern Music Festival and School is an initiative to help young
music students from the Greensboro North Carolina region. Every summer,
more than 100 recitals and symphonies take place by students and
professional performers. Past students have included jazz trumpeter
Wynton Marsalis and 2007 promises a bill that includes percussionist
Evelyn Glennie and flautist James Galway. Greensboro Center City Park is
a beautiful area with waterfalls, where local artists display their work
and there are other arts events through the year.

The Greensboro Cultural Center is a valuable asset to the city,
comprising of a sculpture garden, outdoor amphitheatre, café, restaurant,
rehearsal rooms and five art exhibit spaces. The art of Africa, New
Guinea and Haiti is showcased at the Reed African American Heritage
Museum with a collection of various arts and crafts. Greensboro North
Carolina makes a significant contribution to contemporary art, and in
particular to 20th century American painting, at the Weatherspoon Art
Museum. Permanent exhibits include the work of American Expressionists
Willem de Kooning and Robert Rauschenberg and Pop Art exponent, Andy