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									About 15 years ago, I helped my dad build a custom Harley Davidson. Back
then, custom bikes meant only one thing: motorcycles. Custom chopper
motorcycles were all the rage in the community we grew up in. most of the
people we knew didn't have a lot of money, but it didn't matter because
we had connections. We knew places to get the parts and could put
together our own gear, father teaching son and older brother teaching

When I helped my dad work on the custom bike, I was surprised that there
was any chance of ever putting it together. After all, when we first
started it was such an old rusted out piece of junk. Basically, we raided
junkyards, police auctions, and any other sources we could find to get
custom bike parts. It was not easy work, and we spent most of the summer
on it, but soon we had a beautiful vehicle together.

When I first started to build custom bicycles years later, I was able to
draw on the experience I had working with my dad. Putting together a
custom bike is a lot easier than a customized motorcycle, but it applies
a lot of the same principle. When you customize your bike, you fit it out
for a particular purpose. Maybe you want to make your road racer meaner
and leaner, or give your mountain bike a better high-performance smooth
ride over those bumps.

Then again, some of the most popular custom bikes are the ones that are
made purely for style. A lot of the custom bike work is done to build so-
called “tall bikes”. These things tower over the crowd, and are getting
to be pretty popular at street fairs and parades. One of the great things
about running a custom bike shop is, not only do I get to build some fun
and far-out projects, but I also get to help draw attention to some of
the most pressing political issues of the day.

You see, when you get down to it, custom bike building is about more than
good looks and high performance. It is about getting people to think
about the kind of transportation that they use. Sure, cars are faster and
more convenient, but they pollute the air and don't give you any
exercise. By helping people to build custom bikes, I get them to take
pride in alternative transportation.

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