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									When I was a kid, I loved the ocean. Although I was raised in the
Midwest, I somehow developed a fascination with the open sea. I would
read every story about seagoing adventure I could find. I would study up
on pirates, explorers, warships, and anything else ocean related. I loved
the Vikings in particular, and was particularly a big fan of Erik the
Red. Every time Columbus day would come around, I would give some sort of
presentation in school about how the Vikings had discovered America way
before Columbus.

When my parents took us on a vacation aboard celebrity Cruise lines, it
was a dream come true. We went on a celebrity cruise line Alaska trip,
something that they had trouble agreeing on. My father was a cold weather
person, but my mother was a warm weather person. Fortunately, there was a
celebrity Cruise lines ship The departed from Southern California and
sailed all the way up the coast. All in all, it would take several weeks
to make the journey – plenty of time to sit back and soak up some rays. I
was ecstatic. I was sure that it would be the best time I ever had.

I wasn't disappointed. Although I was never a big fan of cruise ships
before that trip, you can bet I was a big fan of them after! The cruise
vacation was like nothing else I had ever done before. There was great
food, music every night, a beautiful view, a game room, a pool – you name
it and we had it. Going on celebrity Cruise lines was like staying in a
resort floating on top of the open sea. It was everything a boy could
want all combined into one amazing package!

That celebrity Cruise lines trip had unexpected consequences,
consequences that my parents would one day regret. You see, it further
cemented my love of the ocean. Both my folks wanted me to go into law,
but after that trip I was interested in Celebrity Cruise line employment.
Rather than going straight to college after high school, I decided to go
aboard a ship and worked there for a couple years. Eventually, I came to
realize that I didn't want to spend my whole life as a porter, but at
first it was a lot of fun. Sometimes I dream of spending my life at sea,
but my law career has really taken off in the last few years.

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