4 Top Tips For Running a Successful Sales Meeting

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					4 Top Tips For Running a Successful Sales Meeting
Sure, you have an excellent sales force. The question is if they're going
to stay with you. If you want to keep your people happy and motivated to
bring in revenues into the business, you have to believe in the power of
motivation, exercise excellent sales management, and, learn how to run a
successful sales team meeting.
A sales meeting is basically an organised meeting where team members and
sales managers can touch base. This doesn't mean, however, that it's
enough to meet up over coffee and catch up on what is happening or at
worst gossip. Sales meetings should provide the opportunity for
salespeople to share best practices, as well as discuss work problems and
come up with solutions together. In order to make sure that these
meetings aren't wasted on idle chitchat and halfhearted discussions, you
have to know how to run a successful sales team meeting.
1.Have an Outcome.
Before you start any activity in business you must have an outcome.
Objectives just won't do.
So many people are really wishy washy on this one. Objectives and
outcomes are different. One is much more positive than the other. Let's
give an example. An objective for a meeting could be. That we cover all
the latest sales coaching material. The outcome might be that people
understand and can use all the material we provide for sales coaching.
Very different aren't they?
If you're wondering how to run a successful sales team meeting, an
important thing you should do is to create a well-planned agenda. This
prevents wayward discussions of the unimportant.
2.Have an Agenda.
A good agenda focuses not only on current issues, but also encourages
team members to contribute to the resolution of said problems. If you're
lucky enough to be running a sales force like a well-oiled machine with
very little snags, you can focus on maintaining such a good performance
by discussing broad subjects that could pinpoint problems that might be
brewing under the surface.
3. Stay on track.
The key in how to run a successful sales team meeting is in your ability
to stick to the agenda. Discussions can be easily sidetracked, that's a
given, so your utmost focus is crucial to your meeting's success.
A good way to stay on track is the use of visual aids. These include
printed handouts detailing the agenda, or a board where details are
presented for all to see. It's important to ensure that everyone is in
the same page for a meeting to run smoothly.
You also have to be on the lookout for interruptions. In every group,
there's always at least one person who ends up monopolizing the
conversation by interrupting other people. You have to learn how to
handle this sort of person delicately, yet with a firm hand.
4. Keep it real.
How to run a successful sales team meeting isn't always about perfection,
but rather, it's about keeping the lines of communication open. It is,
therefore, important to have realistic expectations and to promote
honesty the entire time.
A common mistake in any organisation lies in the fact that people simply
assume that all is fine and ok with another person or department when, in
fact, it isn't. If you want to learn how to run a successful sales team
meeting, you have to make sure that discussions are kept friendly, but
frank and that everyone gives, as well as takes.
This way, your salespeople will understand everyone else's problems,
challenges and issues.
Just remember that more sales start with a sales meeting that's properly
planned, organised, and honest. Now that you know how to run a successful
sales team meeting, throw in mutual respect and great communication, and
you've got yourself a killer sales force!
Denise Oyston is an industry thought leader for sales managers. Check out
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She is passionate about helping sales managers succeed in the new
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