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									CCTV Systems Sydney
The city of Sydney in Australia is known for its fool proof security
arrangements achieved through installation of a net work of CCTV security
surveillance cameras in all the key points of the city.
The Sydney's surveillance camera systems are installed in different parts
of the city. It acts as an effective step for detecting crimes and other
illegal activities that takes place in these areas. Almost fifty cameras
are installed in prime locations of the city that includes China Town,
Circular Quay, Cook and Philip Park, Bellmore Park, George Street Cinemas
and in all the major retail strips of the city. This CCTV surveillance
that is placed in these key locations with heavy traffic will be
monitored by council security staff twenty four hours a day.
At present the Mount Street Plaza North Sydney is having two CCTV
security cameras to ensure the security of the city. These cameras also
are under the constant monitoring of the security officers. Fair Field
City Council of the Sydney also installed twenty four CCTV security
surveillance cameras in Cabramatta and Canley under the continuous
observation of the security personals of the city.
Apart from this city railway security staff also will be monitoring the
CCTV surveillance camera net work of the railway through out the day and
night. This railway security CCTV surveillance camera net work of
consists of 6224 security cameras distributed in 306 railway stations of
the city.
The new build passenger rail cars of the city are now coming with an
integrated passenger information system that includes CCTV system,
digital voice announcements and passenger and crew communications. These
new generation rail cars of Sydney city are now coming with fibre optic
Ethernet train lines specially designed for CCTV recording and
communicative systems in the train.
The 15 inch screen display installed in the driver's cabin of the train
allows the train driver or guard to view the CCTV images and to control
DVA systems of CCTV surveillance cameras. The six cameras in a carriage
can be managed by a single- HDD Caddy with the help of a transit camera
or TC 100.
These CCTV cameras with 2 CIF resolution installed in the Disney city
rail cars are capable to capture a rate of 6.25 frames per second per
camera. The storage medias of these CCTV surveillance cameras operates in
an overwrite mode that allows the older files being over written by the
new video recordings. Normally these cameras provide a minimum of 168
hours data storage.

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