Nuvaring Side Effects and the Class Action Lawsuit

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					Nuvaring Side Effects and the Class Action Lawsuit
NuvaRing birth control is one of the most popular types of contraceptive
in America today. NuvaRing is a third generation form of birth control,
and unlike other methods of contraceptives only needs to be replaced once
a month.
Nuvaring Side Effects include an increased the risk of developing venous
thromboembolism. Venous thromboembolism, pulmonary embolism, or blood
clot may cause serious damage or result in death.
Venous thromboses occurs when there is a blockage in an artery which
breaks off and typically travels to the lung. This results in serious
side effects and can cause death depending on the size and amount of
Blood clots caused by NuvaRing also pose the risk of amputation,
permanent tissue damage, and a number of other conditions.
Nuvaring was approved by the FDA in 2001 as a contraceptive ring for
women. The company still aggressively advertises on television for its
product even amongst all the negative attention and Nuvaring side effects
being reported. Serious side effects including strokes and pulmonary
embolisms have lead to many individuals joining class action lawsuits.
The class action lawsuit against the makers of Nuvaring (the Nuvaring
class action lawsuit) who manufactured the birth control product is
currently being filed on behalf of the individuals and beneficiaries of
those negatively effected by Nuvaring.The Nuvaring lawsuit as of June
2008 has not yet been filed. The Nuvaring class action lawsuit is being
worked on and victims, lawyers, and the courts are handling the large
amount of cases that regularly come in. Blood clots and strokes are the
number one Nuvaring side effect reported.
NuvaRing is a method of contraceptive that has an increased risk of
causing serious medical conditions and even death. NuvaRing has been
linked to increasing the risk of blood clots, pulmonary embolism, stroke,
heart attack, and a number of other conditions. Nuvaring Birth Control
Dangers have become well known and wide spread.
The side effects NuvaRing causes require immediate treatment and may
result in amputation, permanent damage, and death. These serious side
effects occur quickly and without warning, and alter a family's life
Due to the serious side effects NuvaRing may cause, there is currently a
number of lawsuits being launched against the makers of NuvaRing. A
number of public action groups are also petitioning to FDA to have strong
warnings placed on NuvaRing and to get it pulled off the market
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