Declaring Personal Bankruptcy - The Consequences

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					Declaring Personal Bankruptcy - The Consequences
Are you considering bankruptcy? This is a huge decision that can have
many consequences and declaring personal bankruptcy should not be
something that is rushed into. Sure you have debts and you want to
relieve yourself of those debts, but you need to understand what you are
getting into. Here are some tips about bankruptcy before you declare it.
First, your lawyer will do nothing but steer you towards bankruptcy.
Unless you have a lawyer that is not interested in making money from you
and is not a bankruptcy lawyer you are most likely only going to hear the
benefits they have to offer you from declaring personal bankruptcy. They
will not persuade you or steer you towards another option that might be
better because this does not make them any money.
Second, you can go through credit counseling and get out of debt as well.
Sure it will cost you a little bit and will take longer, but you will not
have a lingering bankruptcy there for seven to ten years. Credit
counseling will also teach you how to stay out of debt and not go back to
the financial pit falls that you are currently experiencing.
Last, if you must go ahead and file for bankruptcy, then you need to know
that it will be a long haul to get back to normal financially. When
declaring personal bankruptcy you will have to deal with it for the next
decade because it will make it harder to finance anything from a home to
a simple piece of furniture. It will be a long road to recovery so make
sure you get advice on the best way to deal with it.
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