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Is Tap Water Really Dangerous For Drinking

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					Is Tap Water Really Dangerous For Drinking?
Recent news reports about the dangers of bisphenol-A in bottled water
bottles have resurrected an old fear again: is tap water really
dangerous? Many people thought they were handling the issue well by
bypassing tap water totally and purchasing expensive, heavy plastic
bottles of water for their families. Now it seems not only are these
bottles costly, full of plain city water, clutter producing and
cumbersome, they may be unhealthy, too. A move back to tap water may be
the only alternative.
The human body requires a steady, reliable, plentiful supply of clean,
pure water to survive. This is because the human body is not only mostly
made up of water; the body uses water to send electrical impulses through
nerves back and forth to the brain. So, if we know doing without water is
impossible. What can we do about it?
The good news is that there are home water filtration systems made to
provide excellent quality water straight from your faucet. So, is tap
water really dangerous? Not if you have taken control of the process.
Your water at home can be free of chlorine, lead, synthetic organic
chemicals, giardia and numerous toxic ingredients for a reasonable cost
every month. In fact, after filtering with industry certified equipment
you will feel like you are drinking natural spring water because the
valuable minerals are left in for taste and nutrition. No reverse osmosis
system can do that.
Drinking water filters are available for home installation that offer the
healthiest, best-tasting water on Earth for less than 10 cents a gallon.
Filter out bad taste, odors, cryptosporidium and heavy metals. Protect
those for whom you care from deadly, long-term carcinogens. This is the
key to a healthy longevity. Proper digestion and nutrient absorption are
only possible in the presence of abundant, clean water. All metabolic
processes are dependent on your water supply. Additionally,
detoxification can only take place in the liver if enough water is
available regularly.
Good gracious! Who could risk their health and that of their family to
local municipal systems that may be overwhelmed by catastrophic events or
under-funded? Ask not only "Is tap water really dangerous?" Ask also "How
can we make it safe?" Encourage your friends and neighbors to research
and learn about home water filtration systems for whole houses,
individual taps and yes, showers, too. Imagine what you are breathing in
with the steam. Our skin is a receptor for every ingredient it touches
and absorbs. Truly tap water is more than just what we drink. Soups,
stews and coffee are mainly tap water after all. Take good care of it.
Rich Eng serves as the leader of a high growth healthcare services
business for a Fortune 500 company. A 20 year industry veteran and
"holistic health and fitness" coach, he constantly researches better ways
to improve one's mind, body and spirit.
Visit his site at to learn more about
the drinking water filters he personally uses and why he chose this
product after extensive research.

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