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									SIPS 2006 – 2007
The letter from Sourayan Mookerjea & Mike Gillespie

Sociology In Process Series Announcement
    Kristin Lozanski & Irene Shankar:
    "Negotiating Social Locations in 'Third World' Research"
    Wednesday, October 18th, 2006 Tory 5-15, 4-5 pm
The thrilling and acclaimed Sociology In Process Series has now been
running for several years in our department and is starting up again
very soon with Kristin Lozanski and Irene Shankar's upcoming
presentation "Negotiating Social Locations in 'Third World' Research".
SIPS is, first of all, a graduate student space for discussion, debate
and innovative presentation of research. But it is also a vital public
sphere which faculty have supported in many ways.
As coordinators of SIPS this year, we invite graduate students and
faculty once again to bring their ideas and arguments out to our very
own departmental salon.
In the past SIPS has featured presentations on current research, talks
on different aspects of academic life, and teaching. SIPS has also
experimented with a wide range of formats from 20 minute talks to panel
presentations, roundtables etc. which crucially involve the room in
discussion. We welcome again your ingenuity in inventing presentation
SIPS in Winter (2007)
To continue our tradition of graduate student and faculty dialogue, we
are asking faculty in particular to speak to the following theme at the
SIPS in Winter sessions in the new year (Graduate students are also
invited to address this theme but are not obligated to do so):
Sociology and the Public Interest?
Does sociology, as a discipline, have any responsibility to the public
interest? If so, how? If not, why? In the age of relentless
privatization what could we possibly mean by the phrase "public
interest"? Has sociology served the public interest in the past? What
interests have sociology served? Whither sociology, if not for the
public interest? Do we have what it takes? What would it take?
We invite our colleagues to address any of these or other questions
these may spark either directly or through some illustration afforded by
some aspect of their research, current or completed.
SIPS in Fall (2006)
Graduate students please contact us as soon as possible with your
presentation ideas for SIPS as spaces are still available.
We are very happy to discuss your presentation ideas with you,
This year SIPS will be on Wednesdays starting at 4pm in Tory 5-15
Watch out for announcements regarding visiting speakers throughout the
Sourayan Mookerjea & Mike Gillespie
What the critics have been saying about SIPS:
"a real kitchen party without the kitchen"

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