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The annual general meeting of Horseshoe Canada was called to order at 1:20 p.m., July 10, 2007 at
the Moose Family Lodge, Woodstock, ON, by President, Jack E. Adams who welcomed all present.

   BC Gordon & Dorothy Butts: Sooke, BC (_dbutts@shaw.ca_)
   (Contact) Dorothy Butts
   AB David & Winnona Kilbourn: Red Deer, AB (_wkilbourn@hotmail.com_)
   (Contact) Mary Holley: Madden, AB (_maryholley@nucleus.com_)
   SK Dale Squires: Saskatoon, SK
   Tammy Christensen: Regina, SK (_tnorvila@sasktel.net_) (Contact)
   MB 0 (Contact) Shirley Ann Fisher, Grandview, MN
   ON Jean Markle (see executive listing) and Sheila Leis: Waterloo, ON (_ ss.leis@rogers.com_)
   (Contact) Roy Hartman, Kitchener, ON (_ hcanadianeh@rogers.com_)
   QC Andre Leclerc (see executive listing) and Lyne Pineault (_lyne-pineault@yahoo.ca_)
   (Contact) Paul Carroll: St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC (_systmpic@total.net_)
   NB 0 (Contact) Larry Lynch, Saint John (_llynch@nbnet.nb.ca_)
   NS Maggie Berry, Bridgewater, NS (_maggie_berry51@hotmail.com_)
   (Contact) Maggie Berry
   PE 0 (Contact) ??
   Yukon 0 (Contact) Dwayne Backstrom, Marsh Lake
   President: David Kilbourn, Red Deer, AB (_wkilbourn@hotmail.com_)
   Vice-Pres: Tony Rondow, Nanaimo, BC (_TMI@shaw.ca_)
   Past-Pres: Jack E. Adams, Saskatoon, SK (_jack@adams.ca_)
   Secretary: Lia Snell, Exeter, ON (_jsnell@odyssey.on.ca_)
   Treasurer: Kathy Beznoska, Saskatoon, SK (_kathy_silh@sasktel.net_)
   Public Relations: Jean Markle, Hamilton, ON (_jemarkle@sympatico.ca_)
   Yearbook Editor: Andre Leclerc, L'Epiphanie, QC (_fers@fqjr.qc.ca_)
   Hall of Fame: Jack Adams, Saskatoon, SK
   CANSTATS: Sam Tomasevic, Burnaby, BC. (_samtom@telus.net_)
   Coach: West Tammy Christensen; see above; Maritimes Larry Lynch; see above; Ont. Andy
   Kutsch, Kitchener, ON

   Tournament Director: Sheryl & Wally Arnold, Fisherville, ON (_walter.arnold@sympatico.ca_)
   Others attending: ON:. S Leis, Roy & Marie Hartman, L .Markle, Charlie Hastings, Keith
   Lindsay, Theresa Klachan, Wayne & Darlene Becker, Lavern Butcher, Ernie Pellow, BC: Patty &
   JC Thornton, AB: Kay McKay, Dianne Beck, NS: Larry Harrison

2. A moment of silence was observed for the horseshoe players that have passed on,
3. The agenda was presented. Moved by Dorothy Butts, seconded by Jean Markle we accept the
   agenda. Carried.
4. Secretary read the minutes of the 2006 meeting. Corrections to the minutes: #13 Jean Markle to
   check with Quebec, NB and NS on their interest for hosting the 2009 Canadians. #14 addition-

     once the shoe has left the pitcher’s hand. Winnona Kilbourn moved, seconded by Tammy
     Christensen to adopt minutes as read. Carried.
5.   Business arising from minutes: Senior Ladies & Senior 40’ men’s division.
     Winnona Kilbourn moved to bring this resolution to the table. Moved to # 11.
     New plaque type trophies are in the process of being made. Dianne Beck presented a sample of
     one. The box will hold all 8 trophies.
6.   Jack E. Adams gave the auditor’s report. Tammy Christensen moved, seconded by Dale Squires
     to accept report. Carried.
7.   Treasurer's report: Kathy Beznoska was not present. Added prize money Horseshoe Ontario -
     $5,000.00, Woodstock - $4,000.00.
8.   Correspondence: Email from George Barton concerning Dwight Henderson from Millville, NB.
     An accident at work has caused him to lose his right hand and part of his arm just below the
     elbow. Also, George is still having pain with his hip.

     Tournament Director: Dianne Beck gave her report (attached).
     NHPA: Andre Leclerc, very little to report because the Worlds are held in Ardmore, OK, July
       23 to Aug.4th, approximately 900 entries, 10 Canadians. 2008 in York, PA, July 7th to July
     Rules and Regulations: Jack Adams. No major changes. NHPA to obtain a percentage must
       throw 100 shoes. Horseshoe Canada basically follows the NHPA.
     Yearbook: Andre Leclerc: cost is up to $6.67.
     Coaching: Tammy Christensen – report attached.
     Hall of Fame: Jack Adams: This year, outstanding organizer male and female player.
       Inductee at the banquet will be Clarke Brown, NS and Dorothy Butts, BC. Next year
       Outstanding Female player.
     Progress 2008 Championships: Aug 12th to Aug 16th. $10, to $15 thousand extra prize
     Progress 2009 Championships: Aylmer, ON. Theresa Klachan gave her report, dates not
       available until the Worlds. Andre Leclerc to notify.
     CANSTATS: Report attached.
     Public Relations: Jean Markle sent out many cards where needed. There will be a raffle at
       the tables and Jean will have game related items for sale.
     National Awards: Dorothy Butts reported all awards where up to date and will need new
       forms for 2008.
     President: Jack E. Adams reported nothing has been started to formulate a five-year plan.
       Moved by Maggie Berry the reports are accepted seconded by Andre Leclerc. Carried
10. Business arising from reports:
    Tammy Christensen motioned that Horseshoe Canada contributes up to $500.00 to update the
    coaching and technical manual. Seconded by Dorothy Butts. Carried.
    Dave Kilbourn suggested we ask our provinces to help pay over and above the $500.00.
    Manual update to be done by Saskatchewan.
    Moved by Tammy Christensen, seconded by Dorothy Butts that J H Stinn be our auditor for 2007,
11. Unfinished business Resolution tabled from 2006. Moved by Charolette Demmans the Senior
    Ladies and 40’ Senior Men categories be eliminated. Seconded Tammy Christensen.

   Motioned by Sheila Leis- Senior Ladies and 40’ Senior Men play in the open class. Top 2 play off, play-off format at
   the discretion of the tournament director. Seconded by Andre Leclerc.
    Amendment- if there are 4 or less in these two groups they play in the open class.
    Amendment the number be less then 4. Wins and losses will stand in the original classes.
    Amended motion: Senior Ladies and 40’ Senior Men play in the open class if less then 4 entries.
    Top 2 play off, play-off format at the discretion of the tournament director. Wins and losses will
    stand in the original class. 8 for 4 against, carried.
12. Business: Resolution from Ontario- Motions by Tami Becker that Horseshoe Canada looks for a
    new horseshoe program for keeping stats, seconded Marie Hartman. Motion defeated.
    Motion by Wally Arnold to change entry fee from $50.00 to $75.00, which will include
    scorekeeper and judge fees. Seconded by Dave Kilbourn. Amended by Andre Leclerc to change
    from $25.00 to $20.00. Seconded by Lyne Pineault. Carried.
    Motion by Winnona Kilbourn that the tournament director be able to introduce pacers. Seconded
    by Dorothy Butts. Carried.
    Add to entry form: would you be a pacer?
13. Canadian Championships: 2010 BC will advise.
14. Election of Directors:
    President (2 years) David Kilbourn nominated by Tammy Christensen -accepted. Jack E. Adams
    nominated by Dorothy Butts - declined.
    Treasurer (2 years) Kathy Beznoska had stated she would stand again.
    Public Relations (2 years) Jean Markle nominated by Andre Leclerc - accepted.
15. Appointments by the President.
   National Award Chairperson: Dorothy Butts
    NHPA representative: Andre Leclerc
    Rules and regulations chairperson: Jack Adams
    Hall of Fame Chairperson: Jack Adams
    Canstats: Sam Tomasevic
    Yearbook Editor: Andre Leclerc
    Coaching: as above
16. Meeting adjournment Winnona Kilbourn          Dorothy Butts

       President                                   Secretary