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Guide Description

AUTHOR NOTE: New Orleans is a unique city, and its tourist
attractions are unique as well. Only in New Orleans can you
see Mardi Gras floats being created (Mardi Gras World), visit
the tomb of a famous voodoo priestess (St. Louis Cemetery),
or attend a 24-hours-a-day-365-days-a-year party (Bourbon
Street). New Orleans has it all: history and culture, shopping
and entertainment, live music and nightlife. You will also love the
stunning New Orleans architecture, the beautiful parks, and the
many fun, family-friendly attractions.

                                                   things to do
Itinerary Overview                                  restaurants

Day 1 - New Orleans
      Jackson Square
      Art and fun in front of the cathedral

      Royal Street
      Art, antiques and entertainment

      Bourbon Street
      Where the party never stops!

      Saint Louis Cemetery 1
      The famous "city of the dead"

      St. Charles Streetcar
      Ride through beautiful Uptown

      Lafayette Cemetery
      The "vampire" cemetery

      Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World
      Mardi Gras Fun

      Magazine Street
      Trendy shops, restaurants and bars

      Audubon Park
      Animals, nature, recreation and relaxation

      New Orleans City Park
      Stroll under the oaks

Day 1 - New Orleans
                                                                                      QUICK NOTE

                                1 Jackson Square
tel: +1 504 410 2396
m/                             DESCRIPTION: Jackson Square is a beautiful little park that
                               sits in front of the commanding St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest
location:                      cathedral in America. Presiding over the park is a statue of
Decatur Street                 Andrew Jackson on his horse, and surrounding the square
New Orleans LA 70116           are artists and street performers, as well as horse-drawn
                               carriages waiting to take you on a tour of the Quarter. Have
                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of respres
                               the fortune tellers look at your palm, or let a local artist draw
                               your caricature. Of course, there are also museums, shops, and
                               restaurants surrounding Jackson Square, including Muriel's, a
                               five-star haunted restaurant where each day the wait-staff sets
                               a table and pours wine for their resident ghost. "We don't know
                               who drinks the wine," they say, "but every morning it's gone."
                               In Jackson Square at night, you really can feel the presence of
                               the ghosts of New Orleans past.  During the Christmas
                               Season, Jackson Square is the spot for nighttime caroling, and
                               in the spring the park blooms with bright flowers. 

                                2 Royal Street
tel: 800 672 6124

                               DESCRIPTION: Royal Street in the French Quarter is the
417 Royal Street               perfect place to go for window shopping and a daytime stroll.
New Orleans LA 70130           On this beautiful and historic street, visitors will find art,
                               antiques, specialty shops, and restaurants, as well as dozens
                               of street performers. On any given day you might hear a jazz
                               ensemble, bluegrass group, brass band, or just a boy and his
                                                                                                   Photo courtesy of Ken Lund
Day 1 - continued...

                               guitar. Magicians, tap dancers, saxophone players, and men
                               in head-to-toe metallic costumes are also common sights. The
                               art galleries are breathtaking, and the street boasts some of the
                               best restaurants in the city, such as Brennan's and The Court
                               of Two Sisters. Other excellent Royal Street points of interest
                               include Painted Alive Gallery, Cornstalk Bed and Breakfast, and
                               the Carousel Bar, located inside Hotel Montelone. © NileGuide

                                 3 Bourbon Street
Bourbon Street
New Orleans LA 70116
                               DESCRIPTION: It wouldn't be a trip to New Orleans without
                               Bourbon Street! The party never stops on this crazy, colorful
                               street that runs through the heart of the French Quarter.
                               Any time of day or night, you can hear live music, dance in
                               the streets, drink a daiquiri, or dangle Mardi Gras beads at
                               passersby from one of the many balconies. Closer to Canal
                                                                                                          Photo courtesy of Gary J Wood
                               Street are the adult entertainment clubs, closer to Esplanade
                               Avenue are the gay-friendly venues, and in between are blocks
                               and blocks of bars, clubs, shops, and restaurants. Don't miss
                               Pat O'Brien's famous four-shot rum Hurricane and their outdoor
                               patio with the beautiful fiery fountain. Check out Fritzel's for
                               great jazz, Razoo's for sweaty dancing, and the Cat's Meow for
                               karaoke, as well as Jean Lafitte's, a dark and cozy bar located
                               in the pirate's historic blacksmith shop. Go ahead and have a
                               drink (it's five o'clock somewhere!) and saunter down Bourbon
                               Street, the greatest adult playground in the country.

                              4 Saint Louis Cemetery 1
tel: 504 482 5065
com/neworleans/tours/cemete DESCRIPTION: Established in 1789 on the outer edge of the
rytours.html                 French Quarter, St. Louis Cemetery Number One is the most
                               famous of all the "Cities of the Dead" in New Orleans. Take a
location:                      tour or explore on your own the rows of sarcophagi and large
3421 Esplanade Avenue          society tombs. Marie Louveu, the famous Voodoo Queen, is
New Orleans LA 70119           buried there, and many visitors leave toys, flowers, and coins         .
                               around her tomb. It is said that if you want to ask her for a favor,
hours:                         just knock on her tomb three times! St. Louis Cemetery is within
Daily 9a-3p                    walking distance of the French Quarter, but you can also take
                               a carriage ride there from Jackson Square, and learn more
                               history along the way. © NileGuide

                                 5 St. Charles Streetcar
tel: 504.248.3900
es/                            DESCRIPTION: Starting at the edge of the French Quarter,
                               the historic St. Charles Streetcar takes you up one of the most
location:                      beautiful streets in New Orleans. St. Charles Avenue is shaded
New Orleans LA 70115           by live oak trees that still have Mardi Gras beads tangled in
                               their branches, and this stately boulevard is the place to see
                               enormous, breathtaking mansions built around the turn of the
                                                                                                           Photo courtesy of St. Charles
                               20th century. There are plenty of restaurants and bars along the                                Streetcar
                               way, including Voodoo BBQ, Sushi Brothers, and Emeril's Del
                               Monico. You can admire the architecture of the Columns Hotel,
Day 1 - continued...

                              or stop there and have a mint julep on their sweeping southern
                              front porch. The streetcar takes you past Audubon Park and
                              Tulane and Loyola Universities. You can get off at the end of St.
                              Charles Avenue and have a daiquiri at New Orleans Original
                              Daiquiris, or keep riding up Carollton Avenue, another beautiful
                              street, until you get to City Park!

                               6 Lafayette Cemetery
tel: +1 504 566 5011

                              DESCRIPTION: Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District is
1400 Washington Ave           one of the oldest cemeteries in the country, and has been in
New Orleans LA 70130          operation since 1824. New Orleans residents quickly learned
                              that because of the high water table and unpredictable flooding,
                              coffins cannot be placed six feet underground; their dead must
                              be buried in above-ground tombs. These rows of sarcophagus
                                                                                                       Ken Lund
                              tombs are the reason New Orleans cemeteries are often
                              referred to as "Cities of the Dead." Lafayette Cemetery may
                              look strangely familiar – it has been used in several movies,
                              including Interview with a Vampire. Author Anne Rice lives
                              nearby and wrote about Lafayette Cemetery in many of her
                              vampire books. Visitors can take a tour and learn the history of
                              Lafayette Cemetery (you can even take a carriage ride there
                              from the French Quarter), or you can explore on your own. See
                              the wall vaults and the "Secret Garden," a square of four tombs
                              built by a secret society of friends who wanted to be buried
                              together. As for lunch after touring, the Commander's Palace,
                              one of the best restaurants in the city, is right across the street.
                              © NileGuide

                               7 Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World
tel: 800/362-8213
                              DESCRIPTION: Few cities can boast a thriving float-making
location:                     industry. New Orleans can, and no float maker thrives more
1380 Port of New Orleans      than Blaine Kern, who makes more than three-quarters of
Place                         the floats used by the various krewes every Carnival season.
New Orleans LA 70130          Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World offers tours of its collection
                              of float sculptures and its studios, where you can see floats
hours:                                                                                               Paul Mannix
                              being made year-round. Yes, they were back at work on the
Daily 9:30am-5pm; last tour   2006 Mardi Gras, despite losing many already-completed
starts at 4:30pm              floats, shortly after Katrina. (Nothing can stop the party!)
                              Visitors see sculptors at work, doing everything from making
                              small "sketches" of the figures to creating and painting the
                              enormous sculptures that adorn Mardi Gras floats each year.
                              You can even try on some heavily bejeweled and dazzling
                              costumes (definitely bring your camera!). Although they could
                              do more with this tour, the entire package does add up to a
                              most enjoyable experience, and it is rather nifty to see the floats
                              up close. All tours include King Cake and coffee. © Frommer's

Day 1 - continued...

                                 8 Magazine Street
tel: 504 342 4435 / 1 866 679
4764    DESCRIPTION: Magazine Street is a six mile stretch of shops
m/                              and eateries, beginning at the edge of the French Quarter and
                                ending at Audubon Park. The fun, trendy street is loaded with
location:                       specialty stores, galleries, restaurants, and bars. Between
Magazine Street                 Canal Boulevard and Jackson Avenue visitors will find many
New Orleans LA 70130            antique stores and art galleries, including the Glassworks and
                                Printmaking Studio. Closer to Jackson Avenue are funky stores,
                                along with great, cheap restaurants such as Juan's Flying
                                Burrito for Mexican fare and J'anita's for breakfast and BBQ.
                                Between Washington and Louisiana are no less than twelve
                                restaurants, three bars and two coffee shops, as well as tons
                                of clothing boutiques, including retro and "recycled" fashions
                                at Funky Monkey and Buffalo Exchange. Past Louisiana, the
                                shopping continues down Magazine Street – antiques, art,
                                books, apparel, and plenty of restaurants and bars along the
                                way for when you need a break. Have a roast beef po-boy at
                                Ignatius, near Napoleon Avenue, or sip a blueberry mojito on
                                the back patio at St. Joe's, near Jefferson Avenue. © NileGuide

                                 9 Audubon Park
                                DESCRIPTION: Audubon Park is really several parks in one,
location:                       spanning St. Charles Avenue all the way to the Mississippi
6500 St Charles Ave             River. A fitness trail circles the Audubon Golf Course and runs
New Orleans LA 70130-3145       alongside live oak trees and lush lagoons that are home to
                                ducks, geese, egrets, and turtles. Cross over Magazine Street,
hours:                          and you'll come to the Audubon Zoo and Cascade Stables.
Daily 24hrs                                                                                        .
                                Keep walking alongside the zoo, past the Audubon Labyrinth
                                and across the train tracks, until you get to Riverview Park.
                                Known to locals as "the fly," this is a great spot for playing
                                soccer, or just laying in the sun with a daiquiri, admiring the
                                waters of the Mississippi. The park is a great place to play or
                                picnic, and if you don't want to drive there, you can get to the
                                park from the French Quarter on the St. Charles Streetcar or by
                                the John James Audubon ferry boat. © NileGuide

                                 A New Orleans City Park
tel: 504 482 4888
fax: 504 483 9412
http://www.neworleanscitypar    DESCRIPTION: Located in Mid-City, near Lake Ponchatrain,                           is beautiful 1300-acre City Park. City Park is the home of the
                                Botanical Garden and the New Orleans Museum of Art, as well
location:                       as the Besthof Sculpture Garden, through which visitors can
1 Palm Drive                    wander for free. Kids can meet life-size replicas of fairy tale
New Orleans LA 70124            characters in Storyland, enjoy rides at the Carousel Gardens
                                                                                                       Photo courtesy of jvanpelt
                                Amusement Park, or take a train ride around the entire park.
                                City Park also has tennis courts, walking trails, a golf course
                                and driving range, stables, and paddle boats. If you're looking
                                for something simpler, take a walk around the duck pond or
                                just stroll through the grounds, admiring the bald cypress trees
                                and live oaks. City Park has more live oak trees than anywhere

Day 1 - continued...

                       else in the world, some of which are several hundred years old.
                       Although there is a playground, kids might rather explore the
                       low, sweeping branches of these beautiful trees. © NileGuide

New Orleans Snapshot
Local Info                                        the CBD and the New Orleans' business
                                                                                                     Having outgrown the once-appropriate title,
                                                  community. Bustling during the day with
Locals say that the South ends fifty miles                                                           this historic New Orleans' neighborhood
                                                  local businesspeople, this area lulls at
north of New Orleans. In many ways,                                                                  is no longer frequented by blue-collar
                                                  night. Since the district is relatively empty at
this is true. This city is home to a diverse                                                         factory workers. Instead, it is now a vibrant
                                                  night, many of the guests from the hotels in
music culture, world-renowned cuisine,                                                               arts district populated by the city's young
                                                  the neighborhood head for the Quarter.
voodoo, and Mardi Gras, one of the world's                                                           professionals. Some of the best art galleries
largest parties. New Orleans is a relatively      Garden District                                    in the city sit beside restaurants that offer
small city which had little concern for                                                              excellent cuisine. In addition, locals and
                                                  This is the premier New Orleans residential
what went on outside of it until Hurricane                                                           tourists crowd into the streets of the district
                                                  neighborhood, boasting the tremendous
Katrina devastated the city 2005. Parts of                                                           during festivals such as Art for Art's Sake,
                                                  oak tree lined Saint Charles Avenue as its
New Orleans are still recovering from this                                                           when plenty of wine, cheese, gumbo, and
                                                  most-famed street, and home after home
disaster but the city's vibrant culture is back                                                      art clutter the sidewalks and the shops.
                                                  epitomizing the antebellum's Greek Revival
in full swing.                                                                                       ©
                                                  architecture. Only a walking tour will do this
French Quarter                                    dazzling district the justice it deserves. If
                                                  you visit the city, you must see the lush,         History
The French Quarter, orVieux Carre in              overgrown gardens and grand mansions
French, is the oldest neighborhood in             that line these streets. The Garden District       Rene Cavelier Sieur de la Salle, a French
New Orleans. It lies in the crescent of the       has many well-known residents, including           explorer, was the first European to explore
Mississippi River and consists of fairly          Trent Reznor, Archie Manning, and Anne             the lower Mississippi River and he claimed
narrow streets, reminiscent of European           Rice, the famous author of many vampire            the entire river and its basin, a substantially
city planning, that reveal hidden courtyards      novels.                                            larger plot than the modern state of
and look up to wrought iron balconies. The                                                           Louisiana, for France. The immense area
architecture in the Quarter typically dates to    Mid-City                                           was named in honor of King Louis XIV and
the late 18th- and early 19th-centuries, and                                                         his wife Anne. Phillipe, Duc d'Orleans, then
                                                  Mid-City usually goes unnoticed by the
draws on French and Spanish influences. In                                                           Regent of France, gave his name to New
                                                  average tourist until Jazz Fest, when
the daytime, the French Quarter, especially                                                          Orleans, but it was Sieur d'Iberville who
                                                  thousands of eager visitors, bedecked
the area around Jackson Square, is filled                                                            founded the actual city some 20 years later.
                                                  in shorts and tank tops, crowd onto
with tourists, street performers, and the                                                            A port city uniting the Mississippi River
                                                  the Esplanade bus to reach the New
occasional conman. At night, the French                                                              with the Gulf of Mexico had long been a
                                                  Orleans Fairgrounds. Quiet and verdant
Quarter transforms into the stereotypical                                                            strategic dream, but the site's physical
                                                  with trees, Mid-City attracts locals to
party scene. Barhopping college students,                                                            landscape, an improbable 15 feet below
                                                  its wide offering of moderately priced
adventurous suburbanites, tourists, and                                                              sea level, was a nightmare. Most of the
                                                  restaurants, New Orleans City Park, and
others all populate the area until the wee                                                           lands surrounding the river were swamps,
                                                  the New Orleans Museum of Art. For
hours.                                                                                               wetlands intermittently covered by water,
                                                  tourists, Mid-City is home to impressive
Lower Canal Street                                aboveground cemeteries, including Metairie         and dense woody vegetation. In addition,
                                                  Cemetery, Oddfellow's Rest, and St. Louis          malaria, spread by Louisiana's most prolific
Once the main shopping district of New            Cemetery#3.                                        resident, the mosquito, presented a lethal
Orleans lined with popular department                                                                risk to any worker.
stores and theaters, Canal Street lost much       Uptown
of its grandeur to a sluggish economy in                                                             It turned out to be a Scotsman, royal
                                                  Oak lined streets, Victorian mansions,             counselor John Law, who stimulated
the 70s and 80s. Today, Harrah's New
                                                  and college cafes are staples of New               interest in France's newest colonial
Orleans and an expanded convention
                                                  Orleans' thriving Uptown neighborhood. St.         addition. Law mounted an 18th-century PR
center have helped this part of Canal Street
                                                  Charles Avenue and Pyrtania Street offer           campaign complete with phony eyewitness
to develop into a ten block strip of hotels,
                                                  examples of Colonial Revival architecture.         accounts of gold-rich lands. When hopeful
T-shirt shops and electronics stores. The
                                                  The neighborhood is also home to Tulane            and oftentimes poor immigrants arrived and
Riverwalk Market Place, which is near the
                                                  and Loyola Universities. In addition to            saw none of the promised gold prospects,
Aquarium of the Americas and the Ernest
                                                  the mansions and universities, many                they had little choice other than to stay
M. Morial Convention Center, also makes
                                                  pleasant coffee shops, antique stores,             and make the best of it. The deceived
this a popular stop for tourists.
                                                  and restaurants crowd the small spaces             immigrants also found New Orleans a
Central Business District                         between the fantastic homes of New                 deadly place with its humid and unsanitary
                                                  Orleans' upper class. Residents and visitors       conditions. Those who died were buried
The scattered, mismatched skyscrapers             alike jog the two miles through Uptown's
and superbly odd-shaped Superdome                                                                    in the swampy land, but residents soon
                                                  gorgeous, Spanish moss-filled Audubon              discovered that coffins had the unpleasant
of the Central Business District form the         Park each morning.
recognizable skyline of New Orleans.                                                                 propensity to pop out of the ground with
Several modern hotels, as well as older           Warehouse District                                 every hard rain. Aboveground tombs and
and established hotels are in the heart of                                                           mausoleums were the only recourse.

New Orleans Snapshot continued
                                               and new residents occurred frequently. The       assessment of the local bureaucratic
Most residents built houses in a square-
                                               dividing line, an empty canal, between the       mindset over the past century.
like grid, now called the Vieux Carre(French
                                               French Quarter and the American sector,
Quarter), centered around an open area                                                          Oil, natural gas and tourism have become
                                               became known as"the neutral ground" and
known as the Place d'Armes, today known                                                         New Orleans' largest post-Depression
                                               then, Canal Street.
as Jackson Square. The societal make-up                                                         industries. In 1969, the first Jazz Fest,
of this Creole society was a mix of French     In the years leading up to the Civil War,        a 10-day festival and one of the world's
aristocrats, merchants, farmers, soldiers,     New Orleans became a prosperous port             largest musical celebrations, attracted
indentured servants, and both slaves           city. Cotton, tobacco, and sugarcane             the biggest names in jazz and blues to its
and free people of color. It soon became       plantations produced goods at full               outdoor stages. The festival continues to
fashionable for male Creole aristocrats to     throttle. Steamboats along the Mississippi       draw impossibly large numbers of visitors
have black or mulatto mistresses. Children     transferred the goods to the rest of country.    to the city each year. The 1984 World's Fair
sired from these unions were often treated     During this economically comfortable             Exhibit was a less successful commercial
well and sometimes given valuable property     period, New Orleans developed its                venture, but lead to the development of the
and a European education. This generous        festive reputation. By 1823, costume             Warehouse District wharves.
attitude towards minorities set New Orleans    balls commemorated Mardi Gras, or"Fat
                                                                                                In 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans
apart from all other major North American      Tuesday," the celebration that precedes
                                                                                                causing one of the United States' most
colonial cities.                               Lent. Secret aristocratic groups, known as
                                                                                                devastating natural disasters. Many of the
                                               Mardi Gras Krewes, offered structure to the
In the 1760s, New Orleans underwent its                                                         city's levees were breached and over 80
                                               loose, sometimes violent, holiday season.
first major social transformation with the                                                      percent of the city was covered in water.
                                               In 1857, the first established Krewe, the
arrival of two new groups: the Acadians                                                         A forced evacuation saved many lives
                                               Mystick Krewe of Comus, debuted a horse-
and the Spanish. The Acadian immigrants,                                                        but over a thousand people were killed.
                                               drawn, decorated float, which soon became
or Cajuns, who were ousted from their                                                           Though the city was was ravaged, the city
                                               a prominent constituent of the annual
native Nova Scotia by the British, traversed                                                    is rebuilding and its spirit is stronger than
                                               festivities. Some years later, the Comus
the entire United States and settled in                                                         ever.
                                               Krewe introduced the role of Mardi Gras
the bayous west of New Orleans. The                                                             ©
                                               Queen, bestowing the premier honor on
Spanish arrived in the city prodded by
                                               Mildred Lee, daughter of Confederate
the transfer of the Louisiana Territory to
                                               General Robert E. Lee.
Spanish King Charles III, royal cousin to                                                       Hotel Insights
King Louis XV of France. The Spanish reign     New Orleans, loyal to the Confederacy, fell      New Orleans makes few bones about
however, was short and most notable for        quickly to Union forces in the early years       it, its raison d'etre is to play host. New
the building codes enacted to spare the        of the Civil War. City morale suffered, but      Orleans has luxury hotels, funky guest
Vieux Carre from the devastating fires that    the French Quarter continued to thrive           residences, quaint bed and breakfasts,
swept the city in 1788 and 1794. Much          because of saloons, gambling parlors, and        and even a few youth hostels. Naturally,
of the architecture of the area that has       bordellos. The party atmosphere became           your accommodations should probably be
been attributed to the French, including       somewhat regulated toward the turn of            determined by your expectations of the city.
rear courtyards and elaborate wrought          the century when alderman Sidney Story           In general, hotel rates go up during Mardi
iron balconies, is actually a Spanish          proposed setting up a red-light district along   Gras season(February/March) and Jazz
contribution.                                  Basin Street, just to the north of the French    Fest(late April/early May,) so make sure you
                                               Quarter. The district soon became known          book your rooms in advance.
Despite the prosperity that developed
                                               as Storyville. Resident entertainers there,
during Spanish occupation, New Orleans                                                          French Quarter
                                               most notably"King" Oliver and Jelly Roll
remained predisposed to its French
                                               Morton, would later contribute to the birth of   Staying in the Quarter means you
heritage. The city happily reunited with
                                               the national musical art form known as jazz.     will be close to most of New Orleans'
its original founders in 1800, when the
Louisiana Territory was returned to France.    The beginning of the 20th century was a          famous attractions: historic houses and
However, the reunion was short-lived. War      difficult period for New Orleans. A series of    churches, wrought iron balconies, first-class
debts forced Napoleon to sell the territory    natural disasters, including a hurricane in      entertainment and dining, and the muddy
to the United States for a mere$15 million     1915, a flu epidemic in 1918, and a flood        waters of the Mississippi River. Modern
in the famous Louisiana Purchase of 1803.      in 1927, devastated the city. Legendary          hotels, like the Omni Royal New Orleans
Louisiana later achieved statehood in 1812.    governor and beloved scoundrel Huey              and quaint hotels, like the Cornstalk Hotel,
                                               P. Long rescued the Crescent City with           co-exist in the Quarter. The Quarter is filled
Once Louisiana was officially named an                                                          with a plethora of excitement. A room facing
                                               successful bids to the state legislature for
American state, American settlers and                                                           the always-exuberant Bourbon Street can
                                               the expansion of public works and services.
Irish and Italian immigrants rushed into                                                        be fun at night, but a little too much first
                                               Long's legally questionable, but ultimately
the city of New Orleans. Rebuffed by the                                                        thing in the morning during some of the
                                               successful methods also put a corrupt
city's Creole society, the Americans settled                                                    more festive seasons.
                                               stamp on both city and state politics. The
upriver from the Vieux Carre in what are
                                               famous line,"Folks have a certain way            Le Richelieu is a good choice for budget
now the Central Business District and the
                                               of doing things'round here," from the            accommodations, with plenty of personality,
Irish Channel. Skirmishes between the old
                                               movieThe Big Easy, is a fairly accurate

New Orleans Snapshot continued
while celebrities and high rollers hoping for   world pass by. Try the Beau Sejour or the         offers the acclaimed Bayona(a four-star
more privacy opt for the exquisite Soniat       St. Charles Guesthouse in the Uptown              bargain), the gorgeous Gamay, the Italian-
House.                                          area. The Beau Sejour and St. Charles are         Creole Bacco, and the romantic Bella Luna,
                                                both conveniently located near Tulane and         which overlooks the Mississippi River.
Central Business District
                                                Loyola Universities and are packed with
                                                                                                  There are many places to have a casual
The Central Business District, or CBD,          amenities.
                                                                                                  lunch. Briny oyster shooters can be had
stretches from the Superdome to the             ©
                                                                                                  at ACME Oyster House, or a mixed-meat
Ernest M. Morial Convention Center, and
                                                                                                  Muffeletta sandwich from the Central
consequently offers the most popular
                                                Restaurants Insights                              Grocery always hits the spot. After lunch,
lodging for business travelers and sports
                                                                                                  or even better for breakfast, move on to the
fans.                                           The people of New Orleans are passionate          sticky French pastry at La Marquise.
The major hotel chains here include the         about eating. Any visitor to the city should
                                                experience the regional flavor, but there         A scattering of miscellaneous downtown
Marriot, Hilton, Sheraton, and Hyatt hotels.
                                                are important differences between the             restaurants represent just about everything
Those searching for something more
                                                countrified Cajun, refined Creole, and            that New Orleans has to offer. The
intimate should try either the Pelham
                                                classic Southern styles of cooking that           downtown area has everything from old-
Hotel or the Lafayette Hotel on St. Charles
                                                make up New Orleans cuisine. There                school grease joints to cutting-edge bistros.
Avenue, easily accessible on the St.
                                                also exists a unifying principle:"Fat is          For old-time favorites that never cease
Charles Streetcar line.
                                                flavor." Cream, butter, and oil abound. With      to please, New Orleanians go to the no-
The ultimate choice to pamper oneself is        this in mind, pace yourself! Hot weather          nonsense Mandina's or the BBQ shrimp
The Windsor Court, New Orleans' most            and heavy food can limit your visit to the        palace, Pascal's Manale.
acclaimed(and possibly most expensive)          confines of your hotel room. Stay on the          Many people flock to New Orleans for the
hotel. Even if you do not stay here, stop by    safe side and try to limit yourself to one big    simple truth that alcohol is everywhere: in
for afternoon tea or an excellent meal at the   meal a day.                                       the bars, on the sidewalks, in the streets.
hotel's restaurant, The Grill Room.
                                                Downtown/French Quarter                           From the impressive wine lists of the elite
Budget travelers also have a number of                                                            New Orleans' Grill Room in the Windsor
solid choices in the CBD, including the         Tourists are always at risk of getting an         Court Hotel to the many to-go Daiquiri
Comfort Suites and Holiday Inn Select.          expensive, average-tasting meal in the            shops on festive Bourbon Street, folks in
                                                Quarter. The tourist industry spawned             New Orleans like to drink and they don't like
Garden District                                 many mediocre restaurants that prioritize         to wait until the weekend to partake of the
Modern hotels with a solid reputation,          location over taste. On the plus side, a truly    spirits. Whether it's to kick off your evening
like the Avenue Plaza and the highbrow          bad meal is difficult to find anywhere in         or to wrap it up, no trip to the French Quater
Pontchartain Hotel, are directly on the         New Orleans. Avoid the handful of chain           is complete without a Pat O'Brien's cocktail.
streetcar line and fairly close to Lee          restaurants in favor of the little holes in the   Try the house special, the"hurricane."
Circle and many Warehouse District art          wall.
                                                                                                  Central Business District
museums. The lovely homes associated            To start your morning off, how about an
with the district and the walking tours that    order of pipping hot beignets loaded with         For a sampling of a New Orleans staple,
showcase them attract many tourists to the      powdered sugar from Cafe Du Monde, a              stop by Mother's for a good ol' fashioned
neighborhood's hotels. If you have the time     New Orleans institution.                          po' boy sandwich. For a slightly more
and luxury of a loose schedule, a Garden                                                          upscale example of traditional Creole food,
District bed-and-breakfast, such as The         Quality service usually comes at a high           The Veranda Restaurant will serve up
Terrell House or The McKendrick-Breaux          price in the Quarter, but you are also paying     an unforgettable meal. If all the Southern
House, is a charming and comfortable way        for a slice of history- a seat in some of the     cooking has you hurting, the Apple Seed
to enjoy New Orleans and get to know the        oldest fine dining establishments in the          Shoppe, is an excellent, tasty and healthy
locals. The 1851 Inn on the Avenue is a         country. In any of the classic Creole-French      lunch spot to keep your day going. When
150-year old manor with every modern            restaurants, like Arnaud's and Brennan's,         the time comes to quench your thirst,
convenience                                     you will have a satisfying experience             Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant serves
                                                laden with such traditional delicacies as         up quality beers with quality food.
Uptown                                          Oysters Rockefeller, Trout Meuniere, Turtle
                                                Soup, and Banana's Foster. For the full-          Garden District
Uptown is mostly residential, aside from
a few coffee shops and clothing stores.         on Southern buffet, check out Court of            The Garden District is full of all kinds of
Activities center around Tulane and Loyola      the Two Sisters. Locals like to put this          good eats. For classic cuisine and service,
Universities, Audubon Park, and the             granddaddy of buffets down, but it has            Emeril Lagasse's Delmonico Restaurant&
Audubon Zoo. The Columns Hotel, nestled         its merits, including solid bread pudding,        Bar is a Big Easy favorite. Cafe Atchafalaya
among the many St. Charles Avenue               Dixieland jazz, and a beautiful view of the       is another classic Creole eatery where
mansions, offers nineteen antique-furnished     Quarter.                                          you can sample goods from the Bayou.
rooms and a popular bar where both locals       For those in search of something more             And if you're serious about your oysters,
and tourists have drinks and watch the          nouveau and intimate, the Quarter also            Casamento's is the place for you, but be

New Orleans Snapshot continued
aware as they close when oysters aren't in
                                                  A ton of musical history and a citywide          It's back into the Quarter and the House
                                                  penchant for"shakin' it" make New Orleans        of Blues for bigger name out-of-town acts.
Sundays can be difficult for dining as many       ground zero for catching great music all         Other night life attractions to be found in the
of New Orleans' better restaurants close for      year long. Even more good news: if you           area include Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville
the day. Fortunately, glorious options still      go local and hit clubs outside the French        Cafe, full-tilt silly karaoke at Cat's Meow on
exist, most especially the Brennan family's       Quarter you'll find yourself rarely paying       Bourbon Street, and bass bumping house
famous Commander's Palace, the former             more than a$5 cover charge with standard         and disco tunes at neighboring Bourbon
stomping-ground of celebrity chefs Emeril         bar prices.                                      Pub and Oz, two of the more integrated gay
Lagasse and Paul Prudhomme.                                                                        clubs in the city.
                                                  New Orleans is most famous for jazz.
If you're hankering for a taste of the far east   This is where the national art form was          Wind things down with a visit to Kerry Irish
down south, Five Happiness Restaurant             born, and the natives haven't forgotten it.      Pub on Decatur Street. This spot preserves
can satisty, while The Delachaise serves up       You can capture the various evolutionary         the integrity of Irish pub culture: quiet
a variety of tapas and wines.                     forms of this African/European musical           conversation, respect for local musicians
                                                  merger throughout the city. Fans of              and relaxed service.
The heart and soul of the city's drinking
                                                  Dixieland should stick with the Quarter's
culture lies in its low-key bars. Laid-back                                                        Museums
                                                  top venues: Fritzel's and Preservation Hall-
hang-outs with names like Le Bon Temps
                                                  understandably touristy, but undeniably          Museums range from the nationally
Roule attract an interesting mix of students,
                                                  soul satisfying. Modern Jazz buffs will enjoy    significant D-Day Museum and Confederate
celebrities, faded intellectuals, and serious
                                                  the omnipresence of Ellis Marsalis, father       Museum to the more obscure Pharmacy
barflies. In short, these are marvelous
                                                  of Wynton and Branford, as he appears            Museum, a celebration of the 19th century
places to blend in and be entertained.
                                                  in various combos at Snug Harbor on              apothecary.
Warehouse District/Arts District                  Frenchmen Street. For contemporary New
                                                                                                   Most political, sociological and architectural
                                                  Orleans style jazz, stick with acts such
For an evening of sophistication, try the                                                          exhibitions of interest can be found in the
                                                  as Kermit Ruffins at Vaughn's, Nicholas
eponymous Emeril's New Orleans or 7 On                                                             French Quarter, home of the Louisiana
                                                  Payton or Los Hombres Calientes at the
Fulton for a fancy, filling meal.                                                                  State Museum and it's various branches, as
                                                  Funky Butt on Rampart Street, and brass
                                                                                                   well as the Historic New Orleans Collection
No visit to the south would be complete           bands like The Dirty Dozen at Donna's,
                                                                                                   and important historical residences.
without some down-home barbeque, so               conveniently next door to the Funky Butt.
head to Ugly Dog Saloon and Bar-B-Que                                                              Art lovers will enjoy the huge collection of
                                                  The next most popular New Orleans
for brisket or ribs and a game of pool.                                                            international art work and archaeological
                                                  musical requests? Cajun and Zydeco,
Cochon serves up spicy Cajun cuisine and                                                           finds at the New Orleans Museum of
                                                  additional examples of the melding of
the requisite glass of Bourbon.                                                                    Art(NOMA). A small showcase of African
                                                  European and African stylings. Both
                                                                                                   American art is viewable at the Villa
The Warehouse District offers up quite a          genres fall under the"unapologetic dance"
                                                                                                   Meilleur on Gov. Nicholls Street in the
bit in the way of ethnic foods as well, such      heading and draw on their strong regional
                                                                                                   Faubourg Treme District.
as the Asian-Fusion restaurant Hipstix, or        country roots(accordions, washboards
Rock-n-Sake for sushi and sake bombs.             and smatterings of French). Tipatina's           Theatre
©                                     Uptown hosts a Fais-Do-Do every Sunday
                                                  night featuring the traditional selections       On the line between museum and
                                                  of Bruce Daigrepont. The sessions serve          art gallery lies the Contemporary Art
Nightlife Insights                                as a weekly reunion of Cajun aficionados         Center(CAC), a spectacularly renovated
                                                  from around the city, but beginners are          warehouse on Camp Street that offers two
Festivals                                                                                          floors of touring art work. The upper level
                                                  welcomed whole heartedly. At Mid-City
New Orleanians love to throw a good party-        Lanes Rock and Bowl, the pine floor boards       gallery is usually a national show and the
keep in mind this is a city that dances in        creak as Zydeco bands play to enthusiastic       lower level gallery is a showcase for local
the street after a funeral. So don't fret if      throngs every Thursday night. Finally, check     artists working in the medium represented
you miss the big money draws Mardi Gras           out Mulate's on Julia Street, a great place to   on the second floor. The CAC also stages a
and Jazz Fest. There are still plenty of          brush up on your waltz and get some good         variety of art appreciation events, concerts
festivals to go around, including Southern        grub.                                            and cutting-edge theater productions.
Decadence with the ultimate drag parade                                                            For more mainstream performing arts
down Royal Street; the French Quarter             Speaking of dancing, international
                                                  enthusiasts can get their tango/reggae/          events the place to be is downtown.
Festival in April that attracts local and                                                          Theater lovers have a variety of options:
international bands as well as some of Jazz       salsa groove on at Frenchmen Street's
                                                  Cafe Brasil. And don't go forgetting the         contemporary drama at The Southern
Fest's favorite food vendors; and the Creole                                                       Repertory Theater on the third floor of
Tomato Festival, a smaller affair, but just as    funk! Look for acts like former Meters man
                                                  George Porter Jr. and Walter"Wolfman"            Canal Place; the Saenger Theatre on
delicious.                                                                                         Rampart Street at Canal, host to national
                                                  Washington at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak
Music                                             Street Uptown or the French Quarter's            touring companies and A-list comedians;
                                                  House of Blues.                                  and the cozy Le Petit Theatre du Vieux

New Orleans Snapshot continued
Carre in the Quarter, where old-school          but there are many venues for visitors to
                                                                                                New Orleans has a long list of commercial
chestnuts are performed by local acting         successfully experience one of the most
                                                                                                tour packages that cover every conceivable
vets. Ballet and opera lovers can view          captivating places in the world.
                                                                                                angle of the city's historical highlights.
local and touring ensembles at the Mahalia
                                                Cabildo Near Jackson Square Park, you
Jackson Theatre Of Performing Arts in                                                           Walking Tours Magic Walking
                                                can tour the Cabildo, where the official
Louis Armstrong Park, while the Louisiana                                                       Tours( +1 504 588 9693/http://
                                                transfer of the Louisiana Purchase took
Philharmonic Orchestra plays various                                                   Haunted
                                                place, and St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest
venues around the city.                                                                         History Tours( +1 504 861 2727/http://
                                                cathedral in the United States. Dine at
Shopping                                        Antoine's. To get a feel for 18th Century
                                                                                                New Orleans Walking Tours( +1 504 947
                                                living, tour the Old Ursulines Convent and
All manifestations of material goods are                                                        2120/
                                                Madame John's Legacy, the city's oldest
yours for purchasing. Try Magazine Street,
                                                buildings.                                      Wildlife Tours Cajun Pride Swamp
lower Garden District to Uptown, for funky,
                                                                                                Tour( +1 800 467 0758/http://
used and questionably French items; Royal       Musee Conti Wax Museum Visit the
Street, for classic antiques; and the Central   Musee Conti Wax Museum, then the
Business District's New Orleans Shopping        Historic Voodoo Museum, and the                 Culinary Tours New Orleans Culinary
Center, Canal Place and sprawling               Germaine Wells Mardi Gras Museum above          History Tours( +1 504 427 9595/http://
Riverwalk for all your mall needs. Music        Arnaud's Restaurant on Bienville. Mardi-
buffs take note of the Louisiana Music          Gras paraphernalia and memorabilia are
                                                                                                Bus Tours Gray Line Tours( +1 504 569
Factory across from the House of Blues,         also on display, along with an impressive
as well as the GHB Jazz Foundation at           jazz exhibition, at the Old U. S. Mint.
the French Market, stocked with Dixieland,                                                      Boat Tours Robin Street Wharf( +1 504
                                                Magazine Street Walk down Magazine
traditional and classic jazz recordings.                                                        522 2551)
                                                Street and browse the many shops.
Casinos                                         Then walk over to Julia Street, an area         Ghost Tours Haunted History
                                                recently dubbed the Arts District in honor      Tours( +1 504 861 2727/http://
It was only a matter of time before the
                                                of the Contemporary Art Center, which 
ultimate addition was made to the Quarter's
                                                honors local artists with exhibitions and       ©
increasingly adult playground atmosphere.
                                                performances. Dine at Casamento's.
Located at the corner of St. Peter and
                                                Two major museums in this area are
Canal Streets, the newest link in the
Harrah's Casino chain houses 100,000
                                                the National D-Day Museum and the               Travel Tips
                                                Confederate Museum. After browsing              Getting There
square-feet of slots and table games, dining
                                                the eclectic shops and galleries along
and entertainment.                                                                              Air
                                                Magazine Street, walk a few blocks over
Children's Activities                           to St. Charles Avenue and catch a ride on
                                                                                                Louis Armstrong New Orleans International
                                                the famous New Orleans Streetcar. Sit back
The Audubon Zoo, at the rear of Audubon                                                         Airport(MSY)+1 504 464 0831http://
                                                and enjoy the voyage along the most scenic
Park, and its sister site, the Aquarium                                               
                                                avenue in the city in one of these ancient
of the Americas, at the Riverfront, are                                                         MSY is located 11 miles from downtown
                                                streetcars which are an integral part of the
excellent family diversions. Both facilities                                                    and services the following airlines:
                                                city's history.
are impressive showcases of creatures
found regionally and across the world,          Garden District This is a gorgeous area of      Air Canada(+1 888 247 2262/ http://
including such rarities as white tigers and     the city, lush with crepe myrtles, magnolia Air Tran(+1 800
450-pound sharks. The Aquarium of the           trees, and jasmine bushes. It is truly a        825 8538/
Americas is also home to New Orleans'           stroller's paradise. There are also many        American Airlines(+1 800 433 7300/
IMAX theater.                                   small galleries in this area. Visit the Davis Continental
                                                Gallery, the Cole Pratt Gallery and the         Airlines(+1 800 525 0280/ http://
Outdoor enthusiasts can choose between                                                 Delta Airlines(+1
                                                Mario Villa Gallery. Dine at the Upperline
two gorgeous oak-filled parks: Audubon                                                          800 221 1212/
                                                Restaurant. Also be sure to check out the
Uptown or New Orleans City Park in Mid-                                                         Frontier Airlines(+1 800 432 1359/ http://
                                                displays at The George& Leah McKenna
City, the nation's fifth largest urban park.                                           Jet Blue(+1 800
                                                Museum of African American Art.
Both public greens offer golf courses, play                                                     538 2583/
areas and horseback riding.                     New Orleans City Park Louis Armstrong
                                                                                                Midwest Airlines(+1 800 452 2022/
©                                   Park is a nice place to spend a few hours.
                                                The St. Louis Cemetery Number Two is
                                                                                                Northwest Airlines(+1 800 225 2525/ http://
                                                on Esplanade Avenue, just before New
                                                                                       Southwest Airlines(+1
Things to Do Insights                           Orleans City Park. Grab a bite at Venezia.
                                                                                                800 435 9792/
New Orleans is not a big city, but it does      The Park is home to the New Orleans
                                                                                                United Airlines(+1 800 241 6522/ http://
have an extensive and dynamic history           Museum of Art and the Botanical Gardens.
                                                                                       U.S. Airways(+1 800 428
that can overwhelm the first time tourist,                                                      4322/

New Orleans Snapshot continued
                                             Sends the E2 back and forth from the             to many attractions. Visit for
From the Airport
                                             airport to the CBD every 20 minutes from         further information.
Car Rental: Car rental desks are             5:10a until 6:40p for a price of USD1.10.        ©
located in baggage claim. Companies
                                             Reliant Transportation Group(+1 866 925
include: Alamo(+1 800 327 9633/ http://
                                             8110/     Fun Facts Avis(+1 800 331 1212/
                                             Provides transportation from Louis Budget(+1 504
                                             Armstrong International Airport to Baton         New Orleans State: Louisiana Country:
467 2277/
                                             Rouge and various points in between.             United States of America
Enterprise(+1 800 7368 2227/ http://
                                             Prices start at USD90 one way, and a 48- Hertz(+1 800                                                             New Orleans by the Numbers:
                                             hour reservation is required.
654 3131/
National(+1 800 227 7368/ http://            Greyhound Buslines(+1 504 525 9371/              Population: 223,338(city); Thrifty(+1 800 847 Pause at the          929,554(metropolitan area) Average
4389/               airport for pick ups to long haul destinations   January Temperature: 51°F/ 11°C Average
                                             around the region.                               July Temperature: 82°F/ 28°C Average
Taxi: Taxis line up outside baggage claim
and a cab ride should cost around USD28      Highway                                          Annual Precipitation: 61 in/ 155 cm New
to the Central Business District, or USD12                                                    Orleans had the first Opera house in
                                             To reach the Central Business District,
per person for three or more passengers.                                                      America. The total length of canals in New
                                             follow either the Airport Highway(Hwy 61)
Yellow Checker-Cab(+1 504 525 3311) Big      or I-10(via the Airport Access Road) west        Orleans supasses Venice, Italy
Easy Dispatch Service(+1 504 488 1234)       into downtown. Except for rush hours, the        Quick Facts:
White Fleet Cabs(+1 504 948 6605)            journey is relatively quick.
                                                                                              Time Zone: GMT-6, CDT(Central Daylight
Ride Shares: Airport Shuttle                 Getting Around
                                                                                              Time) Electricity: 110 volts AC, 60Hz,
+1 866 596 2699http://
                                             The city of New Orleans is serviced by           standard two and three pin plugs Country The
                                             Jefferson Transit(JET) and Regional Transit      Dialing Code:+1 Area Code: 504
Airport Shuttle is a 24 hour door-to-door
                                             Authority(RTA). Buses run anywhere from
transport company covering destinations in                                                    Did You Know?
                                             every 10 to every 20 minutes, and fares
New Orleans proper. Fares are USD15 one
                                             around town cost USD1.25 for one ride to
way/USD30 return and most shuttles depart                                                     New Orleans is called the Crescent city
                                             USD12 for a three day pass. For line and
every 15 minutes.                                                                             because the city proper is shaped like a
                                             schedule information, call+504 737 9611 or
Airport Limousine+1 504 305 2450http://      visit           crescent. The nickname"The Big Easy" Airport Limousine                                                     comes from the city's history of jazz and
                                             Another great option is the Streetcar.           was the name of a dance hall in the early
transportation can be arranged at one
                                             There are three streetcar lines which serve
of the desks in baggage claim. Rates to                                                       1900s.
                                             uptown, downtown, and some of the French
downtown start at USD35 per person.                                                           © NileGuide
                                             Quarter. These lines run through very
Bus Service: Jefferson Transit(+1 504 364    scenic areas of the city and provide access

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