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									How to Make Money With Facebook #2

How do you make money with Facebook? Well, there is more than one way. First
of all, you can buy ads on Facebook to promote your website. Another thing you
can do is post links to your website in your status updates. You can also start a
page especially for your business or website.

So how do you make money by buying ads on Facebook? Well, first you have to
have something to promote such as an online store. Now, how do you place your
ad? Look at the right hand side of your home page and you'll see one or more
ads. Above those ads and to the right is a link that says, "Create an Ad." Simply
click the link and follow the instructions. Or you can click the "Advertising" ad at
the bottom of the page. Once your ad is placed, people who click on it will be
taken to your website. If they buy something while they're there, you'll make

Now that you know about ads, how do you make money posting status updates
on Facebook? That's simple. Just link to any new blog posts you make or new
products you post on your website. Most of the time you'll want to add a short
blurb, telling people a little bit about the new item or post.

The last way to make money on Facebook is to create a page especially for your
website or business. How do you do that? Well, first you have to go to a page
that has already been created, such as a page for a business you like. Now look
at the left side of the screen and scroll down to the bottom until you see the link
to create your own page. Just click that link and follow the instructions, and
before you know it you'll have your own page.

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