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					Getting Fit With Wii Fit
Nintendo's announcement in 2007's E3 to produce Wii Fit as an addition to
the growing Nintendo Wii family was met with both shock and doubt. It's
one thing to regularly move your body with a controller to play Wii
Tennis, but it's altogether another thing to use a balancing board to
study the changes of your body mass.
Many were doubtful, but it works. This add-on Balance Board is flat and
loaded with senses to calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI based on your
inputted height and age. With this, you can start through the games that
involve either exercising or doing yoga. One of the games Wii Fit offers
is the Hoola Hoop balancing game which has you playing a person who uses
the hoola hoop being virtually thrown to you. It's a great way of losing
a few pounds and guarantees actual workout. Plus, even casual gamers can
enjoy it, along with the serious gamers.
Still, there are some limitations. Unlike the PS3 or the Xbox 360, Wii
Fit currently does not support downloaded upgrades, which means you can't
download new exercises for you to make. You're stuck with what the games
have to offer. Also, BMI calculation is mostly based on your height and
your age, but not on your muscles mass. So if you have more muscle mass,
you're likely to be tagged as overweight rather than fit.
Wii Fit isn't ready to replace exercising. You'll probably lose more
weight if you grab your portable Nintendo DS and take a long walk or jog
every night. However, Wii Fit is a unique peripheral addition to Wii, and
a different competition for Xbox 360 and PS3. If you're looking for
graphic-based games, look for Xbox or PS3, but if you're looking for
interactive fun that will make you lose weight at the same time, try
working out with Wii Fit.
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