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									                                               Matt Biddulph

A first trip to Geneva - and to Switzerland!
Geneva, 6 Days

Table of contents:
Guide Description 2
Itinerary Overview 3
Daily Itineraries 5
My List 17
Geneva Snapshot 18

Guide Description

AUTHOR NOTE: Lively Cosmopolitan Geneva offering
the diversity of a very special multi-cultural and intellectual
atmosphere. Home to many Non-Governmental organizations
and the United Nations as well as the International Committee of
the Red Cross.
See the city by foot.
Practice your high school French.
Promenade along the entire shoreline!
Explore the Vielle Ville (Old Town)
Sail on an old paddle steamer to Yvoire, France (medieval floral
village) just in time for lunch on a terrace.
Discover Swiss French cuisine mixed with all other nationalities.
Check out the nightlife in some chic spots.
Do the museums! Look for Swiss culture and history and
European art!
Take the train along the shore to Lausanne, home to the
International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Museum.
(Photo courtesy of Switzerland Tourism © )

                                                                                                                                  things to do
Itinerary Overview                                                                                                                 restaurants

Day 1 - Geneva                                                              DAY NOTE: Sunday is family day in Switzerland and many
                                                                            stores are closed. Can't miss a visit to the International Red
                                                                            Cross Museum to watch Swiss children learn an important part of
DAY NOTE: Switzerland at last! Your Alpine dream is going to
                                                                            their history. The evening is reserved to experience some Swiss
come true.

             Gare De Geneve
             Major Train station in Switzerland and nearby
                                                                                        Musée International de la Croix-Rouge
             France.                                                                    et du Croissant-Rouge
                                                                                        The World's First Humanitarian Organization
             Swissôtel Genève Métropole
             Staying In Geneva!                                                         Cave Valaisanne et Chalet Suisse
                                                                                        Swiss Chalet Revisited
             L'Horloge Fleurie
             The Flower Clock
                                                                            Day 4 - Geneva
             Jardin Anglais (Le)
             Place of Tranquility and breathtaking views                    DAY NOTE: While the locals are off to work on this Monday
                                                                            morning, take a walking tour of the Vielle Ville (Old Town) and the
                                                                            Plainpalais Park area.
             Chez ma Cousine                                                .
             Charming casual inexpensive cafe serving chicken in            Lunch:
             The Old City                                                   .
                                                                            Soupcon Restaurant Bar
                                                                            Place du Bourg-de-Four 8
Day 2 - Geneva                                                              .
                                                                            1204 Genève
DAY NOTE: Saturday in Geneva. Promenade along the lake with                 TEL: 022 318 37 37
the locals. If it's raining go directly to the Musee d'Art et d'Histoire.   http://www.soupcon.ch/
A big Saturday night in Geneva is planned!.                                 .
                                                                            And then it will be off for the shops! Since you will be going
                                                                            further into Switzerland where it is somewhat less expensive,
             Geneva's Lakefront                                             make your chocolate purchases outside Geneva.
             "le Rade du Geneve"                                            .
                                                                            Dinner in Carouge, a very chic quarter of Geneva:
             Le Jet d'Eau                                                   Cafe des Negociants
             Geneva's Most Famous Tourist Attraction                        rue de la Filature 29
                                                                            1227 Carouge GE
             Musee d'Art et d'Histoire                                      .
                                                                            TEL : 022 300 31 30
             Well-Kept Secret                                               .
             Relais de L'Entrecôte
             Steak in a French-style Bistrot
                                                                                        Vielle Ville (Old Town)
                                                                                        Historical center of Geneva
             Live Music, DJs & Sunday Brunch
                                                                                        Cathédrale St Pierre (La)
                                                                                        Place of Worship

Day 3 - Geneva

                                                                                                                             things to do
Itinerary Overview                                                                                                            restaurants

                                                                        It will be now 5 days in Geneva (and France!) struggling with your
             Place du Bourg de Four                                     high school French (although most people speak English but you
             Most attractive plaza in the Vielle Ville                  may want to try to speak French!) But by now you will probably
                                                                        need to speak English so on your last night you will have supper
             Promenade de la Treille                                    in an Irish pub with expats and locals and talk a lot!
             A Bench With A View

             Promenade des Bastions                                                 Mulligan's Irish Pub
                                                                                    After a Hard Day's Night
             An oasis of tranquility

             Maison Tavel
             Geneva's History Experienced Through Its Oldest            Day 6 - Geneva
                                                                        DAY NOTE: Last day in Geneva but your train does not leave
             Rue du Rhône                                               until evening and you can't leave without visiting the United
             Haute Couture and Exquisite Jewelry                        Nations.
             Carouge                                                    On the way to the train station. do some last minute souvenir
             The Sardinian City of Carouge                              shopping on the Rue du Mont-Blanc.
                                                                        TRAIN departs Geneva: 17:56 arrives Lausanne 18:40 ready to
                                                                        discover another Swiss city!
Day 5 - Geneva
DAY NOTE: You may be "walked out" by now and ready for a                            Le Palais des Nations
cruise. You can relax aboard an old Belle Epoque paddle steamer                     The United Nations Organization
on the lake. The embarkation is just steps from your hotel at the
Jardin Anglais. Sail to Yvoire, France (medieval floral village) just               Rue du Mont-Blanc
in time for lunch on a terrace at Les jardins du Leman restaurant                   Big Shopping District
(reserve to be sure). Then admire the gardens full of spring
blossoms with the castle and lake in the background. Stop in the
village shops until the boat returns to take me back to Geneva.
INFOLINE +41 (0) 848 811 848 (schedules vary by season)
7 :30 AM - 6 :00 PM
Embarkation Geneva : Jardin Anglais near the bridge of Mont
Les jardins du Leman
Valérie et Enrique Aguzzoli
Grande Rue (D6) - 74140 Yvoire
Tel: +33 (0) 4 50 72 80 32 - Fax: +33 (0) 4 50 72 92 89
E-mail: jardins-du-leman@wanadoo.fr
Internet : www.lesjardinsduleman.com

Day 1 - Geneva
                                                                                          QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: Switzerland at last! Your Alpine dream is going to come true.

                                    1 Gare De Geneve
tel: +41 22 909 7070
fax: +41 22 909 7011
                                  DESCRIPTION: Gare de Geneve is the main hub for all the
location:                         local and international trains passing through Geneva. This
Place Cornavin 7                  station is appropriately maintained and the well-appointed
Geneva 1201                       railway staff is more than glad to assisst locals and visitors
                                  © wcities.com
                                                                                                       Geneve Annuaire
                                  MY NOTE: Only a 12 minute train ride from the airport. There
                                  are frequent trains from the arrivals area at the airport and
                                  once you're in Geneva you can walk to the hotel from here after
                                  enjyoing the promised view of Mont Blanc from the station.

                                    2 Swissôtel Genève Métropole
tel: +41 22 318 3200
fax: +41 22 318 3300
http://www.swissotel.com          DESCRIPTION: Discover the sophisticated elegance of this
                                  beautiful hotel which reflects the city's rich cultural heritage.
location:                         The Swissôtel Genève Métropole is conveniently situated on
quai du Général-Guisan 34         the rue du Rhône, one of Geneva's most fashionable streets,
Geneva GE 1204                    with its designer boutiques, jewelers, banks and restaurants.
                                  The "Grand Quai" restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
                                  in pleasant settings. In the summer, enjoy its lovely terrace
                                  across the street from the beautiful L'Horloge Fleurie and the
                                  "Jardin anglais". © wcities.com

                                  MY NOTE: Excellent location. Near the Jardin Anglais and the
                                  boat embarkation. Great view. Very Swiss. You can walk to
                                  anywhere in the center. Experience old world luxury without the
                                  high prices of the Palace Hotels.

                                    3 L'Horloge Fleurie
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneve-tourisme.c      DESCRIPTION: A living tribute to Switzerland's most venerated
h/                                industry, this colorful clock was built in 1955 despite a number
                                  of technical difficulties. It has a diameter of 5 meters and a
location:                         circumference of 15.7 meters and its 2.5 meter, second hand
Jardin anglais                    is the longest in the world. The clock is painstakingly designed,
Geneva 1204                       encompassing 6,500 plants and is set in the Jardin Anglais
                                  on the lakeside promenade. A new design is created every
                                  season, each one as tasteful as the last. It is one of Geneva's
                                  most photographed sites. © wcities.com

                                  MY NOTE: Pause here before exploring the Jardin Anglais.

Day 1 - continued...

                                4 Jardin Anglais (Le)
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneve-tourisme.c   DESCRIPTION: Le Jardin Anglais or English Garden is a peaceful garden built in 1854 with English
h/                             architectural designs. A stroll through the park after the tiring tour of the city is a perfect revitalizer.
                               The terrace area  overlooking the harbor offers a marvelous view. Although the fountains in
location:                      the garden are a sight that cannot be missed, the main attraction of the garden is the magnificent
quai du Général-Guisan         floral clock tower. © wcities.com
Geneva 1200
                               MY NOTE: Stroll through the park and find a lake-view bench for people-watching in the afternoon.

                                5 Chez ma Cousine
tel: +41 22 310 9696

location:                      OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
place du Bourg de Four 6       Try the chicken curry with pineapple, raisons, nuts,
Geneva 1204                    coconut,and soya. Served with green salad. All
                               fresh, all healthy, organic, non-genetically modified
hours:                         ingredients. If it's sunny (even in winter) come early
Mo to Su from 11:30 AM to                                                                                                    Curieuse Idée
                               to get a place on the terrace at lunch. Also great for
11:30 PM
                               a casual dinner.
                               DESCRIPTION: Chez Ma Cousine is one of the least
                               pretentious, and least expensive, sit-down restaurants in
                               Geneva. What you'll find is an amiable venue of spartan-looking
                               wooden tables and chairs, and a kitchen whose interior is
                               open and visible to anyone entering. Don't expect creative
                               cuisine: The very limited menu lists the kind of food that
                               French-speaking residents of Switzerland might have been
                               nurtured on during their respective childhoods. The menu lists
                               at most a half-dozen options, none of them starters. Despite
                               the limitations, the place does a roaring business. A free salad
                               accompanies most main courses, and the only option for
                               potatoes is "Provençal-style." Platters include several variations
                               of grilled chicken, the house specialty, at least two meal-sized
                               salads of Indian-style (with curry) chicken and Thai-style (with
                               soy, coconut, and spicy tomato sauce), and roasted and sliced
                               pork with a brown sauce, salad, and Provençal potatoes.
                               Although this branch in the rue Lissignol is the most popular,
                               there's a second branch of Chez Ma Cousine across the river
                               in the old town with the same prices and longer hours (daily
                               11am-11:30pm). You'll find it at 6, place du Bourg-de-Four (tel.
                               022/310-96-96). © Frommer's

                               MY NOTE: Casual evening after all that traveling and an easy
                               walk from your hotel. After dinner walk back enjoying the lights
                               on the Vielle Ville. A “Tisane” (an herb) tea at the bar to relax
                               and early to bed.

Day 2 - Geneva
                                                                                              QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: Saturday in Geneva. Promenade along the lake with the locals. If it's raining go directly to the Musee d'Art et d'Histoire. A
big Saturday night in Geneva is planned!.

                                     1 Geneva's Lakefront
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneve-tourisme.c        DESCRIPTION: Geneva's Lakefront has long attracted visitors to its splendid shores. Once the
h/                                  commercial highway of Switzerland, lake Geneva is perhaps one of the most astounding bodies
                                    of water in Europe. The famous "Jet d'Eau" (fountain) in the harbor rockets a stream of water
location:                           hundreds of feet into the air. Come and visit the harbor and enjoy the sights and sounds of classic
quai Gustave Ador                   Geneva. © wcities.com
Geneva 1204
                                    MY NOTE: Start walking from your hotel to the shore and head towards the Jet d'Eau near the
                                    other end of the promenade. Should be a good invigorating walk with lots to see.

                                     2 Le Jet d'Eau
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneve-tourisme.c        DESCRIPTION: Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York the Statue
h/                                  of Liberty and Geneva its Jet d'Eau. This majestic 140m water
                                    fountain, the tallest in the world, is the main emblem of the city,
location:                           and one which cannot be missed. Its beauty dominates the
jetée des Eaux Vives                lakefront and at night, when it is lit up, it is a breathtaking and
Geneva 1207                         romantic sight. The fountain became a tourist attraction in 1891.
                                    It is on every day, from the beginning of March to September,
                                    from 9.30am to 11.15pm, and September to October from 10am
                                    till sunset as long as it is not too windy. It projects 500 liters of
                                    water per second at the unbelievable speed of 200km/hr. You
                                    can walk along the jetty and get a closer look at the fountain, as
                                    long as you don't mind being sprayed. © wcities.com

                                    MY NOTE: To see it up close walk out on the jetty. Take a bus
                                    or tram to the Musee d'Art et d'Histoire to see famous works of
                                    art and learn some new points of history.

                                     3 Musee d'Art et d'Histoire
tel: +41 22 418 2600
fax: +41 22 418 2601
http://mah.ville-ge.ch              DESCRIPTION: At Geneva's most important museum, displays
                                    include prehistoric relics, Greek vases, medieval stained glass,
location:                           12th-century armor, Swiss timepieces, Flemish and Italian
2, rue Charles-Galland              paintings, and Switzerland's largest collection of Egyptian
Geneva 1206                         art. The Etruscan pottery and medieval furniture are both
                                    impressive. A 1444 altarpiece by Konrad Witz depicts the
hours:                                                                                                             Musee d'Art et d'Histoire
                                    "miraculous" draft of fishes. Many galleries also contain
Tues-Sun 10am-5pm                   works by such artists as Rodin, Renoir, Hodler, Vallotton, Le
                                    Corbusier, Picasso, Chagall, Corot, Monet, and Pissarro.
                                    There's a well-managed restaurant on the premises of this
                                    place. © Frommer's

Day 2 - continued...

                                  4 Relais de L'Entrecôte
tel: +41 22 310 6004
fax: +41 22 310 6004
http://www.relaisentrecote.fr/   DESCRIPTION: Relais de l'Entrecôte is the perfect choice if
                                 you fancy steak; there is a set option for the first two courses:
location:                        a lettuce and walnut salad to start, entrecôte with a tasty
rue du Rhône 49                  sauce and a platter of crisp thinly-sliced French fries as the
Geneva 1204                      main course, and a selection of tempting desserts such as
                                 crème brulée or chocolate profiteroles to follow. A long narrow
hours:                                                                                                  wcities
                                 Parisian-style bistro aligned with dark wooden tables and
Mo to Su from 12:00 PM           paneling, this is a popular and lively restaurant, but not one for
to 02:30 PM,Mo to Su from        intimacy or private conversations. © wcities.com
07:00 PM to 11:00 PM
                                 MY NOTE: A little bit of Paris right in Geneva. Parisian bistros
                                 are perfect for single diners or couples and great for people
                                 watching (or meeting them) before going off to the Alhambar for
                                 some hot music. It's Saturday Night and it should be great!

                                  5 Alhambar
tel: +41 22 312 1313
ex.html                          DESCRIPTION: This popular establishment functions not
                                 only as a traditional European café, but it is also a full-
location:                        service restaurant as well as a venue for live music and DJs.
rue de la Rôtisserie 10          Genres include jazz, soul and funk. The restaurant serves
Geneva 1204                      a Mediterranean-inspired cuisine as well as pastas and
                                 sandwiches. Alhambar is also known for its delicious Sunday
hours:                                                                                                Alhambar
                                 brunch. © wcities.com
Tu to We from 05:00 PM to
01:00 AM,Tu to Fr from 12:00
PM to 02:00 PM,Th to Fr from
05:00 PM to 02:00 AM,Sa to
Sa from 04:00 PM to 02:00
AM,Su to Su from 11:00 AM
to 12:00 AM

Day 3 - Geneva
                                                                                           QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: Sunday is family day in Switzerland and many stores are closed. Can't miss a visit to the International Red Cross Museum
to watch Swiss children learn an important part of their history. The evening is reserved to experience some Swiss cuisine.

                                     1 Musée International de la Croix-Rouge et
tel: +41 22 748 9511
fax: +41 22 748 9528                      du Croissant-Rouge
                                    DESCRIPTION: Here you can experience the legendary past of the Red
location:                           Cross in the city where it started; it's across from the visitors' entrance
                                    to the European headquarters of the United Nations. The dramatic story
17, av. de la Paix
                                    from 1863 to the present is revealed through displays of rare documents
Geneva 1202                         and photographs, films, multiscreen slide shows, and cycloramas. You're
                                    taken from the battlefields of Europe to the plains of Africa to see the Red
hours:                              Cross in action. When Henry Dunant founded the Red Cross in Geneva in
Wed-Mon 10am-5pm                    1863, he needed a recognizable symbol to suggest neutrality. The Swiss
                                    flag (a white cross on a red field), with the colors reversed, ended up
                                    providing the perfect symbol for one of the world's greatest humanitarian         Wikimedia Commons
                                    movements. © Frommer's                                                                Nikolai Schwerg

                                    MY NOTE: Take a taxi from the hotel or tram from downtown. Museum
                                    opens at 10:00 AM (closes at 5:00 PM, closed on Tuesdays). Lunch in the
                                    museum at the Cafe Dunant (named after the founder of the Red Cross,
                                    Henri Dunant). Stroll through the nearby Jardin Botanique and take a tram
                                    back to the hotel.

                                     2 Cave Valaisanne et Chalet Suisse
tel: +41 22 328 1236
fax: +41 22 328 5820
http://www.chaletswiss.ch           OUR LOCAL EXPERT SAYS:
location:                           Local Expert, Sonja Holverson suggests: for
boulevard Georges Favon 23          authentic Swiss cuisine and ambiance this is the
Geneva 1204                         best choice.
hours:                              DESCRIPTION: A traditional Swiss restaurant, popular with              Cave Valaisanne et Chalet Suisse
Mo to Su from 08:00 AM to           locals and tourists alike. This is the place to go if you fancy
01:00 AM                            a real Swiss meal. The restaurant has been designed to
                                    resemble a typical Swiss mountain chalet. The wooden tables
                                    are covered with colorful checked red and white tablecloths.
                                    Traditional Swiss dishes such as cheese fondue, raclette
                                    (slabs of melted cheese served with pickles, boiled potatoes
                                    and bread) and viande séchée (very thinly sliced air-dried
                                    beef). The wine list includes a number of good local wines. ©

                                    MY NOTE: Being family day the Swiss are at home this
                                    evening, so this is a good night to mix with other visitors to
                                    Geneva for a Swiss evening and enjoy very good typical dishes
                                    and Alpine ambience.

Day 4 - Geneva
                                                                                             QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: While the locals are off to work on this Monday morning, take a walking tour of the Vielle Ville (Old Town) and the
Plainpalais Park area.
Soupcon Restaurant Bar
Place du Bourg-de-Four 8
1204 Genève
TEL: 022 318 37 37
And then it will be off for the shops! Since you will be going further into Switzerland where it is somewhat less expensive, make your
chocolate purchases outside Geneva.
Dinner in Carouge, a very chic quarter of Geneva:
Cafe des Negociants
rue de la Filature 29
1227 Carouge GE
TEL : 022 300 31 30

                                      1 Vielle Ville (Old Town)
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
                                    DESCRIPTION: With a pleasant combination of art galleries,
location:                           bistros, bric-a-brac and antique shops, the Vielle Ville 
place du Bourg de Four              area is popular with tourists and Geneva's younger crowd. You
Geneva 1201                         can easily mix shopping with a bit of sightseeing in the area.
                                    Art galleries show a surprising range of styles from ancient
                                    Chinese and Japanese pots, primitive to impressionism in
                                                                                                                Wikimedia Commons Nikolai
                                    attractive, bright spaces. While the medley of tiny shops makes                             Schwerg
                                    the Old City particularly appealing for impulse purchases, a
                                    large department store in this area provides a good selection
                                    of necessities. Less hectic than other parts of the city, it is the
                                    perfect place to browse at a leisurely pace and then enjoy
                                    a cheese fondue or other regional cuisine. Pause to view
                                    the splendid Hôtel de Ville and Maison Tavel along the way.
                                    Shoppers can also admire the beautiful architecture and
                                    charming ancient streets that beg to be explored. © wcities.com

Day 4 - continued...

                                2 Cathédrale St Pierre (La)
tel: +41 22 311 7575

                               DESCRIPTION: Construction began on Cathedral St. Pierre as far back
place du Bourg de Four 24      as 1160 but went through a number of setbacks and transformations. One
Geneva 1204                    of the most significant transitions took place in the 15th century at the
                               time of the austere Reformation. The Cathedral was stripped of its altars,
                               statues, paintings and furniture. Only the stained glass windows remained.
                               The initial Gothic facade of the Cathedral was also later modified to its
                               present mid-18th century neo-classical style. For many visitors, one of the
                               highlights is the breathtaking panoramic view of the city once you have
                               climbed the 157 steps of the narrow winding staircase of the North tower.
                               The Cathedral also has a very important archaeological site dating from
                               the beginning of Christianity to the 5th century mosaics, 12th century, 4th
                               century baptistery,  and pits are exhibited. © wcities.com

                               MY NOTE: Visit the Roman ruins next to the Cathedral that are still being

                                3 Place du Bourg de Four
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneve-tourisme.c   DESCRIPTION: At the intersection of rue Verdaine, rue des Chaudronniers and rue Etienne-
h/                             Dumont is Place du Bourg de Four, is Geneva's favorite meeting place. This historic town square
                               is a no-traffic area and therefore serves as an ideal place to stroll or sip coffee at the nearby cafes.
location:                      Home to various friendly cafes, restaurants, book stores, shopping stores, art galleries, bars and
place du Bourg de Four         bistros, the place remains lively throughout the day. On the picturesque crossroad stands the Palais
Geneva 1204                    de Justice and law courts that date back to as far as the 17th century. © wcities.com

                               MY NOTE: Lunch stop at the Place du Bourg-de-Four at the Soupcon Restaurant Bar. A trendy
                               place with seasonal fresh and inventive cuisine.
                               Soupcon Restaurant
                               place du Bourg-de-Four 8
                               1204 Genève
                               TEL: 022 318 37 37

                                4 Promenade de la Treille
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneve-tourisme.c   DESCRIPTION: If the steep streets of the old town have put
h/                             you off the idea of mountain climbing, head for Promenade
                               de la Treille. It boasts the longest bench in the world (126m!).
location:                      As well as a view over the Promenade des Bastions and the
promenade de la Treille        Place Neuve, towards Plainpalais and further west, it's also
Geneva 1204                    a chance to admire the Salève and Jura mountains from a
                               distance. A seesaw and other playground equipment mean that
                               children will also appreciate a stop at this green and shaded
                               promenade. © wcities.com

Day 4 - continued...

                                  5 Promenade des Bastions
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneva-tourism.ch     DESCRIPTION: The Genevese are particularly fond of the
/                                Promenade des Bastions, previously a botanical garden. Amble
                                 through the gates and you will come across the giant chess
location:                        boards where you may either watch or challenge a colourful
promenade des Bastions           crowd of regulars. The park is famous for its Reformation
Geneva 1211                      Monument (over 100m long) which commemorates the role
                                 of Swiss and European Protestant reformers and reminds the
                                 visitor that the city remains under the influence of Calvin's
                                 doctrines. The park, however, is best avoided at night. ©

                                  6 Maison Tavel
tel: +41 22 418 3700
fax: +41 22 418 3701
http://www.ville-ge.ch/mah/ind   DESCRIPTION: Constructed in 1303 and partially rebuilt after a fire in
ex.php                           1334, this is the city's oldest house, Maison Taval. The building underwent
                                 several transformations over the centuries before opening as a museum
location:                        in 1986. The front wall is typical 17th century, with gray paint, white
6, rue du Puits Saint-Pierre     joints, and stone sculpted heads. The house contains a courtyard with a
Geneva 1204                      staircase, a 13th-century cellar, and a back garden. The museum exhibits
                                 historical collections from Geneva dating from the Middle Ages to the
hours:                           mid-19th century. The Magnin relief in the attic is outstanding, as is the
Tues-Sun 10am-5pm                copper-and-zinc model of Geneva in 1850, which is accompanied by
                                 a light-and-tape commentary. Objects of daily use are displayed in the
                                                                                                               Canton of Geneva
                                 old living quarters. Postcards, books, slides, and small guidebooks are
                                 available at the bookstand. © Frommer's

                                 MY NOTE: The Maison Tavel is the oldest standing private house in
                                 Geneva. The house, which was burnt down in 1334 and rebuilt shortly
                                 afterwards, is listed as a historical monument. Visit the cellar and its
                                 archaeological ruins, then go up to the ground floor to discover Geneva
                                 from the Middle Ages to the Restoration. On the first floor paintings,
                                 engravings and photographs depict the evolution of the city, and in the
                                 main hall woodwork, locksmithing and ironwork by local craftsmen of the
                                 17th and 18th centuries are exhibited. © wcities.com 2010

                                  7 Rue du Rhône
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneve-tourisme.c     DESCRIPTION: Geneva's most fashionable citizens dip
h/                               into their well-lined pockets to shop on the Rue du Rhône,
                                 accompanied by swarms of personal shopping assistants. It
location:                        is the city's place to see and be seen, perhaps epitomized by
rue du Rhône                     the area's most popular café, Movenpick Fusterie; where a
Geneva 1204                      large terrace and mirror interior are perfect for people watching.
                                 The hallowed names of fashion are here: Cartier, Bulgari,
                                 Gubelin, Patek Phillippe, Armani, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy,
                                 Gucci, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Vivian Westwood. To
                                 complement these splendid jewels and fashions, shoppers
                                 depend on Aeschbach or Bruno Magli to supply appropriate
                                 footwear. Exquisite chocolate confectionery in diminutive shops
                                 offer an indulgence almost everyone can afford. Two large
                                 department stores are also located here, supplying a huge
Day 4 - continued...

                           range of goods at slightly more modest prices. Shop windows
                           filled with watches, jewelery, shoes, leather goods and haute
                           couture for men and women vie for attention. © wcities.com

                           MY NOTE: Back to the hotel via some window shopping in the
                           ultra-luxurious boutiques of this famous street.

                            8 Carouge
tel: +41 22 307 8987
fax: +41 22 342 5329
http://www.carouge.ch/     DESCRIPTION: Today Carouge is part of Geneva, but this was not always
                           so. Until the 17th century the area was practically deserted and in 1754
location:                  Carouge became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. King Victor Amédée
boulevard des Promenades   III commissioned architects from Torino to design a town which he hoped
Geneva 1227                would become Geneva's economic competitor. Still today, the minute
                           you reach Carouge you feel as though you are entering a foreign village
                           with its own identity and atmosphere. It is a real treat to stroll through this
                           preserved late-18th century town; quaint narrow streets, old buildings,
                           inner courtyards, flowered gardens, sidewalk cafés, churches, fountains
                           antique shops and boutiques, as well as a colorful market on certain days
                                                                                                             Roland Zumbuehl
                           of the week. © wcities.com

                           MY NOTE: Arrive early before dinner and walk around. The locals' favorite
                           restaurant in Carouge is the Cafe des Negociants serving innovative
                           cuisine. If it's warm, try to be seated on the terrace.

Day 5 - Geneva
                                                                                               QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: You may be "walked out" by now and ready for a cruise. You can relax aboard an old Belle Epoque paddle steamer on the
lake. The embarkation is just steps from your hotel at the Jardin Anglais. Sail to Yvoire, France (medieval floral village) just in time for
lunch on a terrace at Les jardins du Leman restaurant (reserve to be sure). Then admire the gardens full of spring blossoms with the
castle and lake in the background. Stop in the village shops until the boat returns to take me back to Geneva.
INFOLINE +41 (0) 848 811 848 (schedules vary by season)
7 :30 AM - 6 :00 PM
Embarkation Geneva : Jardin Anglais near the bridge of Mont Blanc
Les jardins du Leman
Valérie et Enrique Aguzzoli
Grande Rue (D6) - 74140 Yvoire
Tel: +33 (0) 4 50 72 80 32 - Fax: +33 (0) 4 50 72 92 89
E-mail: jardins-du-leman@wanadoo.fr
Internet : www.lesjardinsduleman.com
It will be now 5 days in Geneva (and France!) struggling with your high school French (although most people speak English but you may
want to try to speak French!) But by now you will probably need to speak English so on your last night you will have supper in an Irish
pub with expats and locals and talk a lot!

                                       1 Mulligan's Irish Pub
tel: +41 22 732 8576

                                     DESCRIPTION: Mulligan's is the perfect hangout after a long,
rue de Grenus 14                     hard day. Grab a lager, wolf down a couple of ham-and-cheese
Geneva 1201                          sandwiches and glue yourself to the big-screen television,
                                     which is usually tuned in to the sports channel. You can even
                                     hire the pub for your own private gatherings or parties. Open
                                     Monday to Saturday from 5pm and on Sundays, 7pm onwards.
                                     © wcities.com

                                     MY NOTE: I'm planning to have my supper here and I am
                                     hoping that I may even meet some Irish!

Day 6 - Geneva
                                                                                            QUICK NOTE

DAY NOTE: Last day in Geneva but your train does not leave until evening and you can't leave without visiting the United Nations.
On the way to the train station. do some last minute souvenir shopping on the Rue du Mont-Blanc.
TRAIN departs Geneva: 17:56 arrives Lausanne 18:40 ready to discover another Swiss city!

                                     1 Le Palais des Nations
tel: +41 22 917 1234
fax: +41 22 917 0123
http://www.unog.ch/                DESCRIPTION: The former home of the defunct League of
                                   Nations is the present headquarters of the United Nations in
location:                          Europe, lying 1.6km (1 mile) north of Mont Blanc Bridge. The
14, av. de la Paix                 complex of buildings is the second largest in Europe after
Geneva 1201                        Versailles. Tours, conducted in English, last about an hour.
                                   They depart from the visitors' entrance opposite the Red Cross
hours:                                                                                                                 Author Boschtjan
                                   building. To join the tour, you'll need to show your passport. The
July-Aug daily 10am-5pm;           monumental compound was constructed between 1929 and
Apr-June, Sept and Oct daily       1936. The highlights of the tour include the Assembly Hall, with
10am-noon and 2-4pm; rest          a balcony made entirely of marble and lofty bays looking out
of the year Mon-Fri 10am-          over the Court of Honor. You are shown the Council Chamber,
noon and 2-4pm                     the home of the Conference on Disarmament with its allegorical
                                   murals by José Maria Sert, an artist from Catalonia. A Philatelic
                                   Museum offers collections of stamps relating to the League of
                                   Nations, along with a wide selection of philatelic publications
                                   from around the world, and a League of Nations Museum
                                   documents the history of the precursor to the United Nations. ©

                                   MY NOTE: WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO SEE: The Human
                                   Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room, decorated by
                                   famous artist Miquel Barcelo/ The Salle des Pas Perdus, from
                                   which you can see the Armillary Sphere and the monument
                                   commemorating the conquest of outer space/ The Assembly
                                   Hall, the largest room in the Palais des Nations/ The Council
                                   Chamber, where many important historical negotiations have
                                   taken place, with murals by José Maria Sert/ A film on the
                                   activities and the objectives of the United Nations Office/ Gifts
                                   presented by various countries to the United Nations Office at
                                   Geneva./ During the tour, our tour Guides will inform about the
                                   current activities of the United Nations. They will also talk about
                                   the history of the Palais des Nations, formerly the headquarters
                                   of the League of Nations.

Day 6 - continued...

                        2 Rue du Mont-Blanc
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
                       DESCRIPTION: Appealing to the tourist trade more than
location:              local interests, this wide boulevard extending to the quay will
rue du Mont Blanc      fulfill everyone's desire for Swiss souvenirs. The numerous
Geneva 1201            shops have a good range of traditional Swiss crafts and
                       mementos, both tasteful and tacky. From cuckoo clocks to
                       chocolate confections, lacy girls' dresses to folk style blouses,
                                                                                            Wikimedia Commons Nikolai
                       delicate china to porcelain cows, the Rue du Mont-Blanc                              Schwerg
                       offers a mountainous selection of goods. Swiss Tradition, 15
                       Mont-Blanc, NIC SA 5, Affolter Kurt et Eric Noll, Devillon and
                       La Civette are gift shops that prove especially popular with
                       visitors. With the Rue du Mont-Blanc so close to the water, this
                       attractive district always has a fresh, pleasant air and there are
                       many tempting cafes and bistros to cure flagging energy after
                       an intensive shopping expedition. With the sound of lapping
                       water nearby and numerous pretty cafés, many shoppers are
                       happy to devote the entire day to this area. © wcities.com

My List

                                1 Genève Tourisme
tel: +41 22 909 7000
fax: +41 22 909 7011
http://www.geneva-tourism.ch   DESCRIPTION: Geneva's Tourist Information Center is housed
                               in the main post office building down the street from the railway
location:                      station. It is advisable to make this your first stop. You can pick
rue du Mont Blanc 18           up brochures on sites to visit in Geneva, hotels and guided
Geneva 1201                    tours. You can also find information on transportation and tours
                               to the rest of Switzerland. The staff is multilingual and will be
                               happy to assist and guide you. © wcities.com

Geneva Snapshot
Local Info                                      town as they are not always marked in all         terraced hillsides on the lower slopes full of
                                                languages. Just to be clear where one is,         Swiss vineyards. There must be something
Situated literally in the center of Europe,
Switzerland is the crossroads for the           Geneva is called Genève in French and in          about that Rhône River water and wine
European Continent and has been since           Italian it's called Ginevra. But in German it's   because the wines are also excellent!
the time of Napoleon who ruled at one point     not as obvious since it's called Genf.            City Centre
in hisotry as well as the Roman Empire.         Geneva is a lively cosmopolitan, but still
                                                                                                  The geographic feature dominating the city
 Lac Léman is the largest of the Western        small, city(almost 190'000 population
                                                                                                  is, of course, Lake Léman. This immense
European lakes and offers a spectacular         in the center and about 1,300,000 in
                                                                                                  body of fresh water is the largest and
view from the Geneva shores of snow-            the metropolitan area) and offers many
capped Mont Blanc, the highest peak in                                                            bluest of all the lakes in Switzerland. Locals
                                                fascinating activities for all ages in
Western Europe(15,784 feet) towering                                                              may be tolerant if you refer to it as"Lake
                                                which tourists find themselves mixed
over the many other Alps near Geneva.                                                             Geneva," but if you are planning a day
                                                with the Swiss and the international
And that is just the southern view from                                                           trip to Lausanne or Evian, remember
                                                community. This is the City of Calvin and
the city! Looking North West is the arc of                                                        that Geneva is not the only city bordering
the Jura Mountains which is shared by           the Reformation, the United Nations, the
                                                                                                  the lake! The arrival of warm weather in
Switzerland and France and which appears        World Trade Organization, The International
                                                                                                  the city heralds the opening of lakeside
to be more rolling compared to the Alps.        Committee of the Red Cross, The World
                                                                                                  terraces and beaches, the most well known
But they are still steep when you try to        Health Organization, and the World
                                                                                                  being the Bains de Pâquis – which is well
hike up. Geneva is almost completely            Economic Forum as well headquarters for
surrounded by France and many French                                                              set up for swimmers and café habitués.
                                                numerous other international organizations.
citizens work in the Geneva region which                                                          Viewing the cityscape by boat is highly
                                                Furthermore, it is the 6th most important
are calledfrontaliers(employees with                                                              recommended for stunning views of the Jet
                                                financial center in the world, not to mention
Swiss"border" work permits). It is a good                                                         d'Eau and the Alps.
                                                the many famous watchmakers that are in
situation for many French persons as the
                                                this area.                                        It is difficult to isolate one point as being
salaries are higher in Switzerland the cost
of living in France is lower.                                                                     the city center. Historically, the Place du
                                                Due to this diversity a very special multi-
                                                                                                  Bourg de Four in the Old City would have
Geneva's location, on the banks of Lake         cultural and intellectual atmosphere
                                                                                                  been the main focus. From a practical
Geneva Lake Léman between the Alps and          is created in Geneva that is unique to
                                                                                                  point of view it is tempting to bestow this
the Jura mountains, provides a dramatic         Switzerland as well as to most other cities
                                                                                                  honor on the building on the Pont-de-
landscape and allows easy access to ski         worldwide. One great advantage is that
                                                                                                  la-Machine, which traverses the Rue du
runs, vineyards, spas, and historic towns.      almost everyone speaks English, so if a
                                                                                                  Rhône, between the left and right banks
Geneva is compact and easily explored on        visitors' high school French is a bit rusty,
                                                                                                  of the lake. Housed here is a branch of
foot. It is also exceptionally green, with a    they will have no problems in Geneva or
                                                                                                  Geneva's tourist information center. Free
great number of parks and walkways in and       most parts of Switzerland since nowadays
                                                                                                  city maps and brochures can be picked up
around the city center.                         English is thelingua franca and the Swiss,
                                                                                                  here or in the main office, located in the
                                                being highly educated, are interested in
Mark Twain visited Geneva so often                                                                Central Post Office on the Rue du Mont-
                                                speaking English with tourists. Nearly half
towards the end of the 19th Century that                                                          Blanc.
                                                of the population is foreign in Geneva so
American literary magazines began to fear       there is a very good chance of finding            From Cornavin, the main train station,
he had taken up residence. The writer was       someone with whom to speak English,               towards Bel-Air, the Rive Droite has a
certainly intrigued by the Old City's (Vielle   thelingua franca. Actually, sometimes there       high concentration of shops, hotels and
Ville)labyrinth of narrow, angular streets,     is no chance to get to practice one's French      restaurants. Always teeming with locals and
finding the Reformist-named Rue d'Enfer,        very much.                                        tourists, Manor is a popular supermarket
and Rue du Purgatoire(Hell and Purgatory                                                          and department store. Manor's bakery is
                                                Geneva is built on both sides of theRhône
streets) particularly curious.                                                                    excellent and the store also has a café
                                                River which exits Lac Léman and flows
This is the more laid-back French-              down to Marseille passing through the             on the top floor in addition to self-service
speaking"Riviera" region of Switzerland,        Rhône River Valley in Southern France             restaurants at street level.
a country that has 4 national                   which produces the well-known wine Côtes          Old City(Vielle Ville)
languages(German, French, Italian,              du Rhône. The source of the Rhône River
andRomansh – an ancient Roman                   is in the Swiss Alps in the valley surrounded     A meeting place since Roman times, the
language). Be aware that while traveling        on both sides by breathtaking Alps known          Bourg-de-Four is at the heart of the Old
in Switzerland it is important to know at       as theValais(Wallis in German) where the          City. The square, in reality more like a
least the German and French names of the        Matterhorn is situated as well as many            multi-leveled spiral, is dominated by café

Geneva Snapshot continued
terraces, one being La Clémence next to            alluring enterprises offer tawdry cabarets      Shelley in a dream at the villa, after an
the 18th Century fountain, book and antique        and sex products. The area was once used        evening of violent storms on the lake.
shops and a very low-key police station.           for grazing cows, but is now inhabited by       © wcities.com
                                                   an increasing number of boutiques selling
Among the notable sights in the area is the
                                                   original art, clothes and jewelry. Food-wise,
Cathédrale St-Pierre. More important for
                                                   the range of cafés and restaurants in the
its role in history(Calvin preached here)                                                          Geneva is, and always was, an
                                                   Pâquis cannot be surpassed in the city.
than its aesthetic beauty, the Cathedral                                                           international city. Marauding barbarians,
comprises a miscellany of pieces tacked            Les Eaux-Vives                                  Roman conquerors, exiled religious
on through the centuries. Archaeologists                                                           leaders, immigrant workers and refugees
                                                   Across the lake from the pulsating Pâquis,
have discovered the ruins of a Roman                                                               have left their traces on the area. Some
                                                   the Eaux-Vives is a bubbly area that lives      visitors, such as the Duke of Savoy,
temple(350AD) near the foundations of
                                                   up to the English translation of its name.      came with swords and were repelled,(the
the Cathedral and the dig site is open to
                                                   Italian restaurants(Da Paolo and Vesuvio        annual Escalade celebration in the old city
the public. For a superb view of the city,
                                                   come recommended) are abundant here.            commemorates this). Politicians with the
the North tower can be climbed for a small
                                                   Small boutiques are dotted along the Rue        horrors of the First World War fresh in their
charge.                                                                                            minds arrived to establish the League of
                                                   des Eaux-Vives and side streets leading
Maison Tavel, at 6, Rue Puits-de-St-Pierre,        to the lake. An independent cinema, Les         Nations(now the United Nations).
is the oldest house in Geneva. Now a city-         Scala, shows films in original versions on      Visitors have a tendency to pass through
owned museum, the multi-story house                its three screens. The magnificent Parc         the city without discovering the richness of
exhibits objects from Geneva's past, with          des Eaux-Vives and La Grange comprises          its past. Those willing to dig deeper will find
rooms decorated in period style. Another           a huge expanse of green, the latter also        2000 years of fascinating history.
museum in this area, the Musée Barbier-            features Roman ruins and an extensive           Evidence of human settlement in the
Müller, holds a stunning collection of non-        rose-garden.                                    Geneva area dates back to about 3000BC.
European artwork.                                                                                  However, it was not until 500BC that
                                                                                                   the Allobroges—a tribe of Celtic origin,
Although it might be impossible to park                                                            established a permanent village in what is
                                                   Located a few kilometers from the center of
a car in the old city, there is no problem                                                         now the Old City.
                                                   the city, Carouge has a distinctly different
finding a seat at the Promenade de la
                                                   atmosphere from the rest of Geneva.             The first written reference to Geneva
Treille. The 126m long wooden bench
                                                   Perhaps because, technically, the town          appears in Julius Caesar's comments about
located there is the longest in the world. In
                                                   is outside the city's jurisdiction, although    the Gallic wars(De Bello Gallico), which
addition, chestnut trees blossoming in this                                                        detail the Roman army's victory over an
                                                   part of the same Canton. Now home
delightful square traditionally signal the start                                                   advancing Helvetii tribe in 58 BC. Romans
                                                   to fashionable artisans, boutiques and
of spring.                                                                                         had occupied the town(known as Genua),
                                                   restaurants, Carouge is remarkably well
                                                                                                   having driven the Celts out in about 120
The tramway-lined shopping-area a block            preserved. Once owned by the King of
                                                                                                   BC. The town continued to flourish over the
from the Rue du Rhône and just below               Sardinia, this area's low-rise, graceful        following centuries and, at the height of the
the old city is pretty much Geneva's'High          buildings flaunt their Mediterranean            Roman Empire, a bishopric was created,
Street'. Confusingly, this thoroughfare            influences. Restaurant highlights include       commanding a large diocese(400 AD).
changes names every few hundred metres,            the Café des Négociants. Le Chat Noir is a
                                                                                                   The following six centuries can be
from the Rue de la Confédération, near             hip live music venue and late-night bar.
                                                                                                   best described as a period of"chaotic
Bel-Air, to the Rue de Rive, which marks                                                           fermentation" with several migrating tribes
a border with the Eaux-Vives. Large                                                                controlling the city in the wake of the
department stores such as Globus and Bon           Known by some as the'Beverly Hills' of          collapse of the Roman Empire. Throughout
Genie are situated here, along with flash-         Geneva, Cologny is worth visiting for           this time, the area gradually gained stature
fashion chains such as H&M and Zara, and           spectacular views over the lake. Many           as an independent territory, resistant to
fast-food outlets and street-entertainment         large estates are situated here, the most       the imperialistic intentions of threatening
are also plentiful.                                famous of which is the Villa Diodati on the     kingdoms.
                                                   chemin de Ruth. Byron stayed here during        By the Middle Ages Geneva had developed
Les Pâquis
                                                   the summer of 1816, writing and touring         into an internationally recognized trade
Combining exotic and erotic delights, the          the lake region with Percy Bysshe Shelley       center. Wealth generated from the fairs held
Pâquis quarter is the closest Geneva has           and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. The idea       in the city naturally attracted attention from
to a bohemian neighborhood. Behind the             for the novelFrankenstein came to Mary          nearby aristocracy, seeking a piece of the
glittering lakeside façades of the city's                                                          action. From the 13th to the 17th century,
                                                                                                   the princes of Savoy attempted and failed
most resplendent right bank hotels, less
                                                                                                   to control the city's autonomy. At crucial

Geneva Snapshot continued
moments, however, Geneva found allies in         Hotel Insights                                    and it is a popular lodging spot for many
the Swiss cantons of Bern and Fribourg.                                                            diplomats from all over the world. Another
                                                 With over 120 hotels in the city, Geneva          nice option for those looking to save some
Geneva was declared a republic in 1535           appears to be well prepared for meeting           money is the Hotel Admiral, where the
and, shortly afterwards, Jean Calvin arrived     the needs of a tourist onslaught. However,        rooms offer many extras, such as air
to guide the city's religious and intellectual   considering the constant flow of business         conditioning and sound-proofing. There
forces. Persecuted Protestants from              travelers and presidents occupying entire         is also a complimentary breakfast in the
Italy and France found sanctuary in the          hotel floors, it can be surprisingly difficult    morning.
city. Following Louis XIV's revocation of        to get a room. Simply put, reservations
Protestantism in 1685, Geneva witnessed          need to be made well in advance. Even             The Hôtel Mon-Repos is close to the Mon-
another huge wave of refuge seekers. The         the traditional low season is in demand as        Repos park and Botanical Gardens. Long
massive influx created a boom for the city       skiers and boarders head for the Alps over        term stay options are also available. Named
and the famously important watchmaking           the winter.                                       for one of the United States' presidents, the
and banking industries were established.                                                           Hôtel Président Wilson has a classic décor
                                                 City Centre                                       that features 17th Century tapestries, yet
The Reformation was also responsible for
                                                 Hôtel Le Richemond offers stunning views          also has modern features like a swimming
creating Geneva's motto:"Post Tenebras
                                                 of the Alps and has a sleek, modern design.       pool. The recently-renovated Kipling Hotel
Lux"(after darkness, the light). In the
                                                 The Hôtel d'Angleterre was built in the late      is near the UN and railway transit station,
context of Calvinism, the biblical references
                                                 19th Century and features a traditional bar,      while guests stay at the Hôtel Auteuil
are all too clear.
                                                 interestingly named"The Library."                 Manotel to enjoy the nearby lakefront.
Commerce, banking and watchmaking
                                                 The majestic lobby at the deluxe Beau             Les Eaux-Vives
all flourished, and in 1792 the aristocratic
                                                 Rivage holds a large marble fountain.             Les Eaux-Vives also has a few options for
rulers of the city were overthrown and a
                                                 Expect real class and style if you stay at        travelers. The Hôtel Century Genève and
Republic was declared with political equality
                                                 the Rivage; it was once home to Empress           Hôtel Diplomate are close to the Eaux-
for all. Geneva was annexed by France in
                                                 Elisabeth of Austria. The recently renovated      Vives shopping mall and many restaurants.
                                                 Hôtel des Bergues has a terrace, two              The elegant Hôtel Churchill can be found
Following the defeat of Napoleon in              restaurants and a bar for guests to choose        on a quiet street and is close to the lake
1813, Geneva regained its freedom.               from. Mont Blanc can be seen both from            and the Jet d'eau.
Aware that it was vulnerable to foreign          the windows of the Grand Hotel Kempinski          © NileGuide
attack, Restoration leaders applied for          Geneva, and from its popular Floor Two
the city to join the Swiss Confederation.        bar and terrace. For something a bit more
This was granted in 1815. In the same            reasonably-priced, try the Hôtel Eden, a          Restaurants Insights
year, participants at the Congress of            centrally located place to stay that offers       With more than 1,000 restaurants, Geneva
Vienna officially recognized Switzerland's       comfortable rooms.                                and the surrounding area are hardly lacking
permanent neutrality.                                                                              in places to dine. While Swiss, French
                                                 Old City
In 1846, James Fazy led a revolution to                                                            and Italian restaurants are seemingly
overthrow the Restoration leaders and,           The Old City offers a few accommodation           everywhere, the city's ethnic groups have
subsequently, established the constitution       options as well. The Hôtel Les Armures            contributed towards the growing diversity in
now honored in the canton of Geneva.             has a 17th Century interior that pairs well       cuisine originating from other cultures.
                                                 with the historical relevance of this district.
A Genevan businessman, Henri Dunant,             Guests enjoy staying here because of its          The recent explosion in sushi bars in
shaped the Geneva Convention of 1864,            proximity to Saint Peter's Cathedral and          Geneva is just one example of increasing
setting down for the first time rules for        many public transportation options that will      demand for the exotic and a broader
conduct in war. This led to the creation         take you into the City Centre. The family-        choice of dining establishments. Despite
of the International Red Cross, designed         owned and operated Hôtel Bel'Espérance            the multitude of options symptomatic of
to help soldiers or civilians caught up          has laundry facilities and a kitchenette for      this trend, it becomes increasingly more
in war or natural disasters. After World         those looking to stay in Geneva for longer        challenging to identify quality restaurants.
War I, Geneva was chosen as seat of              than just a vacation.                             The good news is that there are many
the League of Nations and later as the                                                             culinary treasures to discover, from award-
European headquarters of the United              Les Pâquis                                        winning Michelin restaurants to sleek
Nations. Since then, the city has looked         Many choose to stay in Les Paquis for             contemporary bistros and rowdy local
outwards for inspiration, away from the rest     proximity to the train station for easy access    cafes.
of Switzerland and towards the international     to the airport(6 minutes by train) while          City Centre
community.                                       not staying out by the airport. Hotels in
                                                 this area also have easy access to the            Geneva abounds with fine French
© NileGuide
                                                 UN complex. Close to many restaurants             restaurants. Highly rated is Le Béarn, an
                                                 and shops is the Hôtel Les Nations, so            elegant French restaurant with many items
                                                 named for being close to UN and other             on its menu that include truffles. There is
                                                 international offices. The price is moderate      also an extensive wine list. The boisterous

Geneva Snapshot continued
Relais de L'Entrecôte has a large crowd          Mexican restaurant opened in Geneva,            second largest museum. Highlights
of regulars, and is set up like a traditional    and offers all the mainstays of a delicious,    of the collections include South
bistro inside, with warm accents and dark        traditional meal. Thai food is represented at   American(particularly Amazonian) relics
wood tables. Opened in 1955, L'Age d'Or          Sam Lor, where visitors come to sample all      and substantial number of African and
holds the title of being the city's oldest       the different ways duck can be prepared.        Australian aboriginal objects. Unique in
pizzeria, and one of the most popular as         © wcities.com                                   Switzerland, the Musée d'Histoire des
well. The owners are sure to make each                                                           Sciences focuses mainly on the work of
pizza with the finest ingredients.                                                               Genevese scientists, who were especially
                                                 Nightlife Insights                              prodigious in the 18th century. Some
L'Antidote is popular among young people
                                                 Despite its tiny size, Geneva packs a           curious old scientific instruments are also
for its quirky menu and no-nonsense
                                                 punch-- representative of its highly diverse    on show.
interior. Brasserie Lipp serves traditional
fare and stays open into the early hours         population. Geneva offers world-class           History and Literature
and has a terrace for guests to enjoy, while     entertainment, with everything ranging from
                                                 museums to live music.                          Maison Tavel was purchased by City of
the classic hamburgers at Road Runner
                                                                                                 Geneva in 1963. One of Switzerland's
attract Americans living abroad and those        Museums and Galleries                           most important models of civilian medieval
visiting Geneva.
                                                 A gargantuan space covering archaeology,        construction, this house is now a museum
Old City                                         applied and fine arts, the Musée d'Art et       committed to presenting the city's urban
                                                 d'Histoire(Museum of Art and History) holds     and sociological history. Institut et Musée
The Old City has limited dining options, but
                                                 Geneva's greatest collection of treasures       Voltaire. The author lived 5 years in
there are many small cafes and restaurants
                                                 from the past. Highlights of the collection     this delightful house during the mid
to discover here. Les Armures is a step up
                                                 include: Rodin sculptures, paintings by         18th century. With a large collection of
on the glamour scale(and consequently the
                                                 Modigliani, Renoir, Cézanne and Swiss           manuscripts dealing with Voltaire and his
price scale) but focuses mainly on Swiss
                                                 artists as well as an impressive Egyptology     time, the library and museum also exhibits
regional cuisine. Another nice option is
                                                 section.                                        paintings, sculptures and items belonging to
Chez ma Cousine, which serves Provincial
                                                                                                 the writer.
French cuisine in a country house style          From a 21st century perspective,
setting. The atmosphere here is distinctly       the Musée d'Art Moderne et                      Cinema
down home, with yellow and green color           Contemporain(MAMCO) holds frequent              Cinemas are abundant in the city. A large
patterns and sturdy wooden tables in the         exhibitions of contemporary art. MAMCO          percentage of films are shown in their
dining room.                                     houses a noteworthy pop art selection,          original versions. The indicator"VO" means
Les Eaux-Vives                                   including works by Warhol and Lichenstein.      a film is subtitled;"VF" means a film has
                                                 Le Petit Palais has an eclectic collection      been dubbed or is a French film. Currently,
Three mid-price range contemporary               of predominantly late 19th and early            movie prices are about CHF 16 for an adult,
restaurants must be mentioned in the same        20th century works. The Centre de la            whilst some cinemas offer tickets for CHF
breath(they are owned by the same group).        Photographie within the Grütli Arts Center      10 on Mondays.
L'Opera Bouffe produces light, modern            is dedicated to fine art photography.
cooking in aesthetic surroundings. There         Something like 10-15 exhibitions are held       The Grütli Art Center's two screens show
are numerous enjoyable Italian restaurants       each year, with a strong focus on individual    a mixture of director retrospectives and
in town(as well as an equal number of            photographers and their ideas.                  art-house films. Also away from the
avoidable ones). Other sure-fire winners                                                         mainstream, Les Scala is an independent
include Da Paolo. The small bistro Côté          Musée Rath on the Place Neuve only              cinema showcasing non-Hollywood works
Parc is ideally located on a peaceful street,    shows temporary exhibitions of international    from around the globe. The big complexes
and has the benefit of a visible kitchen from    and Swiss art. Exhibitions are often            can be found at any of the three locations
the dining room. Guests are able to see          thematic or major retrospectives of one         of the Pathé chain: Conféderation, Rialto,
their food being created. Cinecitta serves       artist's output. An impressive array of         and Balexert, all with standard ultra-
the best traditional Italian fare such as        Asiatic art is on display at the Collections    modern seating, sound, and Hollywood
pasta and pizza. Their outdoor terrace has       Baur. Noted collector Alfred Baur collected     blockbusters.
film director chairs for those looking to dine   these Chinese ceramics, jade pieces
                                                 and Japanese prints dating from the             Music
in style.
                                                 8th to the 18th centuries until his death       Live concerts can be found most days
Les Pâquis                                       in 1956. Another private museum, the            and, thankfully, tickets are not too difficult
Geneva's Bohemian district is full of eclectic   Musée Barbier-Müller holds 5,500 tribal         to obtain. Victoria Hall is one of the most
dining options from all over the world. The      and classical pieces of art in addition to      beautiful venues for classical music, with
Malaysian food on offer at Jeck's Place is       sculptures, textiles and ornaments from         stunning acoustics. The Bâtiment des
truly delicious, and the staff is pleasant and   primitive civilizations.                        Forces Motrices is a converted waterworks
accommodating. Lebanese cuisine can be           Nature and Science                              hall located in the middle of the River
found at Amir Beyrouth, which is divided                                                         Rhône and now a magical location for
into a more formal dining room and a side        Holding more than 60,000 items, the             the periodic theatrical productions, ballet
area for snacking. Mañana was the first          Musée d'Ethnographie is Switzerland's           performances and musical concerts that are

Geneva Snapshot continued
held here. In the summerfree live music          Bains de Pâquis, Place du Rhône, Plaine         be visited for wine-tasting sessions. Check
can be found in parks along the lake.            de Plainpalais.                                 with the Tourist Information Office.
The Association pour l'Encouragement de                                                          © NileGuide
                                                 Trams and Bus
la Musique Improvisée(AMR) offers live
jazz most days of the week. Le Chat-Noir         While figuring out the local buses might be
in Carouge is a jazz and rock club that          too tall an order for a short stay, the local   Travel Tips
frequently hosts local DJs as well. L'Usine      tram system is an easy way to quickly cross     Getting There
is mostly known for its rock concerts and        the city. Tickets are on the honor system.      Air
cutting edge electronic shows. One of the        Buy one from an automated ticket machine
largest venues in Geneva is the Geneva                                                           Geneva International Airport(GVA)(+41 22
                                                 before boarding. Real-time electronic
Arena, where big international acts come to                                                      717 71 11/ http://www.gva.ch) is a mere
                                                 schedules can be found at every stop--
play to the crowds.                                                                              3 miles from the city center, and may be
© wcities.com                                    although the trams are nearly on time, so       the only airport in the world to straddle
                                                 the printed paper schedules work too.           two countries, in this case France and
                                                 Boat                                            Switzerland.
Things to Do Insights
                                                                                                 The terminal is divided by the Swiss Sector
PRACTICAL WAYS TO SEE THE CITY                   One of the most delightful ways to cross
                                                                                                 and the French Sector. Both sections are
                                                 the river is by boat. The yellow pedestrian-    loaded with retail outlets including a wide
On foot
                                                 only boats-- called"Mouettes" shuttle people    array of duty free options, and cafes. The
The best way to see Geneva is on foot.           between Eaux-Vives, Parc Mon Repos, Les         Skycom Business Center( +41 22 788 14
Several good itineraries are published by        Paquis and the City Center. The ride is         30) has 11 meeting rooms as well as the
the Tourist Information Office.                  the same cost as a short-ride on the bus or     usual business services. Three banks,
Toute Genève(everybody who is anybody)           tram, and is included in any public transport   ATMS, and a post office are also onsite.
will be found promenading along the                                                              The airport is wired for wifi throughout.
                                                 day pass.
manicured path with colorful parks and
gardens including theJardin Anglais with its     GENEVA SURROUNDINGS AND OTHER                   Airlines that service this airport include:
floral clock, around the city shoreline of the   AREAS OF INTEREST                               Aer Lingus( +1 800 474 7424/
placid and mystical Lake of Geneva which         Mont Saleveis a flat top mountain               http://www.aerlingus.com) Air
is officially named Lac Léman in French                                                          Canada(1-888-247-2262/ http://
                                                 dominating the city of Geneva. It's a good
Local favorite areas of the promenade            place for hiking and mountain biking. You       www.aircanada.com) Air France( +1 800
are on the Quai du Mont-Blanc in the                                                             237 2747/ http://www.airfrance.com)
                                                 will also see people speaking a variety of
neighborhood called the Pâquis quarter                                                           Air Malta( +33( 0)1 58 18 64 05/ http://
                                                 languages who come here to jump off of
and on the other side of the(bridge)Pont                                                         www.airmalta.com) BMI Baby( +0890 710
                                                 it with para-sails and hang gliders. But if     081( France) /http://www.bmibaby.com)
du Mont-Blanc along the Quai Gustav Ador         you just want the view, you can ride up and     British Airways( +1 800 217 9297/
which offers a closer view of theJet d'eau,      back down on the cable car in 5 minutes.        http://www.ba.com) Condor( +1 800
the impressive signatureGenevoise fountain                                                       524 6975/ http://www7.condor.com)
                                                 If you have already covered the city
and harbor beacon off the shoreline which                                                        Continental(+1 800 231 0856/ http://
                                                 there are some excursions outside of
can be seen from afar. Continue a bit                                                            www.flycontinental.com) Easy Jet( +33
                                                 Geneva such as Chamonix village below
further and you arrive at an enormous park                                                       8 25 08 25 08/ http://www.easyjet.com)
                                                 Mont Blanc- the tallest mountain in the         FlyBe( +871 700 0535/ http://
on the lake calledParc de la Grange(Rose
                                                 Alps(15,774 feet) and visible from Geneva       www.flybe.com) Jet 2( +44 207 1700737/
Garden Park) which in season is filled with
                                                 as well as the Lake of Annecy in France         http://www.jet2.com) KLM( +1800 447 4747/
roses, ancient trees and flower-beds.
                                                 with a charming medieval village of canals,     http://www.klm.com) Lufthansa( +1 800 803
Bikes                                            cafes, and boat excursions on the lake.         5838/ http://www.lufthansa.com) SAS( +1
                                                 Check with the Geneva Tourist Office for        800 221 2350/ http://www.scandinavian.net)
Excellent bike paths abound in the city                                                          Sterling.dk Airline( +457 033 3370/
                                                 bus transportation information
and region. A popular route is the 10km                                                          http://www.sterlingticket.com)
uninterrupted path between Chancy and            Satigny is one of the principal wine-           Swiss Air( +1 877 359 7947/ http://
Bernex. The Tourist Information Office can       growing areas in Switzerland. Varieties         www.swiss.com) TAP Portugal( +351
help with routes.                                grown include Chasselas, Gamay, Pinot,          707 205 700/http://www.flytap.com)
                                                 Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon.                 United Airlines(1-800-538-2929/ http://
From May to                                      Vineyards include Les Balisiers and             www.united.com) Virgin Express( +32 70 35
OctoberGenev'Roule(supported by the Red          Domaine du Paradis. Some wineries can           36 37/ http://www.virgin-express.com)
Cross) rents out bikes at very reasonable
                                                                                                 From the Airport
prices(FREE with deposit of ID!) in the
following locations: Place de Montbrillant,                                                      Train: The city center is six minutes by train
                                                                                                 from the airport. All trains originating at

Geneva Snapshot continued
the airport will stop at the main station in
                                                Long haul international bus service to         Car
Geneva. Free transport tickets valid for one
                                                Geneva is rather limited, especially
hour of unlimited transfers can be obtained                                                    Cars are good if you intend to ultimately
                                                compared with other European towns, but
from an automatic ticket dispenser located                                                     head to the mountains or explore Lake
                                                if you are traveling from the old Eastern
at baggage claim.                                                                              Geneva, but while you are in town it is best
                                                Bloc, Eurolines( +41 22 716 91 10/ http://
                                                                                               to park the car and rely on your feet and
Rental Car Companies: As the airport is         www.eurolines.com) has more options,
                                                                                               public transport. Roads toward the historic
located in both France and Switzerland, be      although most are via Zurich. Several
                                                                                               districts become narrow and are generally
aware of which country your rental car is       coach companies, including the national
                                                                                               one way. Parking areas are marked
coming from. A car rented in France will        post office, provide extensive regional
                                                                                               by colors:"white" equals unrestricted
be unlikely to have the required annual         service to France, mountain resorts on both
                                                                                               time(metered in many cases),"blue" equals
highway tax sticker. To drive on Swiss          sides of the border and coverage across
                                                                                               a 90 minute limit and"red" is a mere 15
highways you will be required to have           Switzerland. Buses arrive and depart at the
                                                                                               minutes. In order to park in non-metered
this sticker, which can cost upwards of         Gare Routiere( +41 22 732 02 30/ http://
                                                                                               areas you must obtain a parking disc on
80 Sfr, something that the French rental        www.gare-routiere.ch) located three blocks
                                                                                               which you note time of arrival and place on
company may not be willing to purchase          from the main train station.
                                                                                               the dashboard. These discs are available
for you. On the other hand, if you plan to
                                                Car                                            from rental car companies, police stations
remain in France for your entire holiday,
                                                                                               and banks.
rental cars from the French side may be         Expressways converge on Geneva from
less expensive. To get around driving on        all surrounding points making driving into     Taxi
Swiss highways and go directly to France        town from other cities in Europe a breeze.
                                                                                               Although taxis are not the cheapest form
follow the exit signs from the airport to        Be aware that between the high tolls in
                                                                                               of getting around town the availability is
Ferney-Voltaire and pick up the D-984 to        France and the highway tax you have to
                                                                                               always a convenient option in a crunch.
Collonges. From there you can wander            pay once you touch the Swiss border if you
                                                                                               Taxi pick up areas are marked by yellow
over on the N206 to the A40. All cars           don't already have the Swiss highway tax
                                                                                               either in the form of a sign or paint on the
rented from Geneva airport in winter come       sticker on your car, driving is an expensive
                                                                                               ground. Hailing is not uncommon, but it
standard with winter tires.                     convenience. Autoroute signage changes
                                                                                               is better to find a rank or radio ahead at
                                                color from France to Switzerland. In
Avis( +1 800 230 4898/ http://                                                                 Taxi Phone( +41 22 331433/ www.taxi-
                                                Switzerland signs for the autoroute is green
www.avis.com) Hertz(+1 800 654 3001/                                                           phone.ch).
                                                and local roads are in blue. In France it is
http://www.hertz.com) Alamo( +1 800
                                                the exact opposite(blue for autoroute, green   Public Transport
462 5266/ http://www.alamo.com)
                                                for local roads).
Europcar( +1 877 940 6900/ http://                                                             Transports Publics Genevois( +41 22 308
www.europcar.ch) Budget( +1 800 527             Train                                          3434/ http://www.tpg.ch) maintains the
0700/ http://www.budget.com) Sixt( +49 180                                                     award-winning public transit system which
                                                Swiss Federal Railways(SBB/CFF/FFS)
525 2525/ http://www.e-sixt.com)                                                               consists of an extensive bus and tram
                                                (+0900 300 300/ http://www.rail.ch) has
                                                                                               grid. Tickets are based on zone travel and
Bus: Geneva Public Transport's                  daily service to most domestic cities from
                                                                                               available at automated ticket machines at
Bus#10( +41 22 308 3434/ http://                Geneva's main train station, the Gare de
                                                                                               most stops. Multi-day passes are available.
www.tpg.ch) heading to the city center          Cornavin.
                                                                                               The Swiss Pass allows use on the public
leaves every 10 minutes from both
                                                International trains are also abundant and     transportation networks of 37 cities around
the arrival and departure areas of the
                                                arrive and depart to and from all points       the country, plus is good on any of the
terminal. Aero Express links the airport with
                                                throughout Europe. Other train companies       scenic railway journeys. It is available in 4,
Chambery, Grenoble and Lyon in France,
                                                include:                                       8, 15, 22 days or 1-month blocks. Various
and Aero Ski( +41 22 798 20 00/ http://
                                                                                               other cards are tailored to the agendas of
www.alpski-bus.com) zigzags up the hills to     TGV trains to France( http://www.tgv.com)
                                                                                               different travelers. Multi-day passes can be
various ski resorts.                            Cisalpino to Italy( +41 1 225 7788/ http://    obtained at the main train station.
Taxi: Taxis are readily available outside       www.cisalpino.ch)
the arrivals area, but considering the          City Night Line( +41 1 247 75 76/ http://
cost(average 60 Sfr) for such a minuscule       www.citynightline.ch) and InterCity Express    Steamer ferries from Compagnie Générale
drive(although counting traffic and the         ICE( http://www.bahn.de) provide routes to     de Navigation(CGN)( +41 848 811 848/
usual road diversions you are still looking     Germany and the Netherlands.                   http://www.cgn.ch) cruise Lake Geneva
at 20 minutes) it is not necessarily the most                                                  during the summer calling on numerous
frugal option, unless you are toting a barge    Panoramic views are part of the ticket         ports around the lake including Montreux
of luggage. You can hire taxis from taxi        price when you hop on the Golden               and Evian.
service providers like AA New Cab SA and        Pass Line( +41 33 828 32 32/ http://
                                                                                               Besides offering various cruises,
Taxi Phone.                                     www.goldenpass.ch) that runs between
                                                                                               Swissboat( +41 22 732 29 44/ http://
                                                Zurich and Geneva.
Bus                                                                                            www.swissboat.com) has a seasonal three-
                                                Getting Around

Geneva Snapshot continued
line shuttle service on the inner harbor that
                                                Average July Temperature: 18°C/ 64°F              Did You Know?
sails every 10 minutes from 7:30a-6p.
© wcities.com                                   Quick Facts                                       Geneva is a neutral territory, home to the
                                                                                                  European Headquarters of the United
                                                Major Industries: Banking, Insurance,
                                                                                                  Nations, The International Red Cross, and
Fun Facts                                       Machines, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals,
                                                                                                  the World Health Organization.
                                                and Precision Engineering.
Geneva Country: Switzerland                                                                       CERN laboratories, based in Geneva,
                                                Electricity: 220 volts, 50 cycles. 3-pin outlet
Geneva By The Numbers                                                                             invented and developed the World Wide
Population: 190,000                             Time Zone: GMT/UTC+1
                                                                                                  Since 1818, a chestnut tree in Geneva has
Land Area: 16 km²/ 6 square miles               Country Dialing Code:+41                          been watched by the sautier(the secretary
Elevation: 375 m/ 1230 ft                                                                         of Parliament in Geneva) to see when the
                                                Area Code: 22
                                                                                                  first bud appears. The day this happens
Average Annual Precipitation: 93 cm/ 37 in      Citizens of Geneva with foreign passport:         each year is then the first day of spring.
Average January Temperature: 0°C/ 32°F          54%                                               © wcities.com
                                                Length of Lake Geneva: 73 km/ 45 miles


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