Bike-A-Thon Planning - Starting and Finishing Point And Set-up and Break-down

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					Bike-A-Thon Planning - Starting & Finishing Point And Set-up & Break-down
Planning a Bike-a-Thon is not easy, but it is possible. After you have
your pledgers, participants, and permits you need to plan your start and
finish point. So, once you have a good location and permission to use it
for your event, next you need to put a person in charge of setting it up.
You must remember that the businesses that allowed you to utilize their
property, assume it will help their business and bring them customers in
trade for helping the community. But if you block traffic, cause people
to leave the parking lot and cost the store owners sales, then you are
biting off the hand that is feeding you. So, you need a person in charge
of the event location, who can take charge and set things up as to not
allow cars where the bikes are, and accomplish this without destroying
the parking lot traffic flows.
Parents will be dropping their kids off and their bikes, others will
bring their bike and park their SUV, mini-van, sedan or pick-up and get
on their bike to go to the sign in, and go to the starting point. You
will need adequate over flow parking area and see that people indeed, do
use it, rather than taking up spaces you need for pick-up and drop off or
that customers need who intend to patronize the businesses in the center.
It best to have a layout plan prior to starting and if you plan on having
a police community service bike safety officer there, they too need room
and they have their own way of doing things, understand this in advance.
Lastly, and I cannot stress this enough, you need a dedicated cleanup
crew, one which will not leave until every single piece of trash from the
event is picked up. Every single piece without exception, no one should
be able to tell that you were even there.
"DO YOU UNDERSTAND - Swear to it, swear to it right now!"
It is my contention that it's not right for folks to take advantage of
the local business community or make a mess, respect this gift and the
gifts of all who helped you along the way. By cleaning up your act, you
insure that every business, which assisted will be there next year for
you and for other non-profit groups who need a little help throughout the
year. Think Community!
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