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									  From Clicks to Closings:
    Turning Your Online Marketing Strategy into a Lead Machine

Presented by:
Lesley Lambert, Park Square Realty
Diane Guercio, Towne & Country, Realtors

October 13, 2010, Agent Reboot Boston                    124 N Main St., Leominster MA
1. What is your goal?

      Think like a client, not an agent

      “Don’t hunt the hunters”

      Use social media/online media as another avenue for
    expanding your farm

      How will you connect with the people that you like to work
2. Brand Building

      Blog/website

      Facebook business page

      Twitter as newsfeed AND personal

      Animoto for video -> upload from Animoto to
    your YouTube Channel
3. From Listing to Leads:
      You want to be all over the first page in a Google search for
    your property address

      Get your listing on YouTube, tagged with the property address

      Flyer – Postlets, Realbird, vFlyer. Each has a free option.

      Craigslist for the Google juice

      Facebook page – get a business page!

     All roads should lead to your blog/site. Wordpress? Check out
    the RealShoutSearch free plug-in
    Take how you are different

into your listing presentation. Create a
  Powerpoint for listing presentations

How do you set yourself apart?
      Be Memorable…
and make sure that they can find you
Our four favorites

•  My WordPress blog

•  Animoto (

•  RealBird (

•  Facebook Pages
Lesley’s 3 Favorites:                 Diane’s 3 Favorites

QR Codes – make on or
                                      Online card:
Realbird Maps:    

Tubepress – Wordpress plug-in to upload and embed

      Bonus: online storage for listing photos, documents
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