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									Fit Versus Fat - A Lifestyle Choice
There has been an on-going debate about exactly what it takes to nurture
a child, or for that matter an adult. The perfect place to live is a
function of many different things. These things can range from the number
or variety of different restaurants in the area, to the kind of functions
that generally take place, or the population. Men's Health has come up
with a list of cities that are considered to be either one of the fittest
cities in the country or one of the fattest.
The determination of ranking for this list is based on several different
things. It's not simply the average Body Mass Index (BMI) of the cities
occupants, but rather the amount of community-sponsored public events
that focus on being fit and healthy. The list was quite exhaustive. There
were a few defining qualities of these particular cities. Most of them
offer fantastic views for the inhabitants and also have an extensive
infrastructure in order to enable citizens to do fitness related
Hike and Bike trails are often a common feature, as well as incentive
programs that allow individuals to engage with the community in a way
that foster physical activity. The top ten cities were Baltimore,
Honolulu, Virginia Beach, Tucson, Milwaukee, Col orado Springs, San
Francisco, Seattle, Louisville-Jefferson, and Boston.
The individuals living in this city has stated that they enjoy their
surroundings and love engaging in the community with other like-minded
individuals. In Colorado Springs, for example, there is a 5K run that
takes place every week, on the same day at the same time. After the race,
the local bar offers the participants $2 beers after the race.
Fat cities are considered to be the opposite. It doesn't necessarily mean
that individuals are generally fatter than their counterparts in other
areas of the country, but it does mean that opportunities for physical
activity are less available. At the top of this list are Chicago, Las
Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Memphis, Long Beach, El Paso, Kansas
City, and Mesa (Arizona).
Income brackets in these cities tend to be higher than the surrounding
areas. This means that there is a higher concentration of luxurious
products and services, which can take away from the focus on physical
activity related events.
Lifestyle is a very big part of choosing the right place to stay.
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