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					Kids' Magic Tricks
Kids' magic tricks are very easy to perform and do not require much
practice or preparation. Many magic tricks that can be performed by kids
are sold in magic-kits. The most popular ones are the Eggcup trick, the
Coin Vanishing trick, the Broken Pencil trick etc. These tricks require
special easy-to-use apparatus that is provided in the kits.
Some tricks like the Empty Matchbox trick can be performed at a moment's
notice provided you get two matchboxes, one of which is empty, and a
rubber band. You shake a matchbox and it rattles. Ask your friends to
guess how many matchsticks are in it. When you open it, it is empty! The
trick is to strap the other matchbox to your arm in such a way that it is
not seen, but is heard if you shake that arm. So when you shake the empty
matchbox with that arm, your friend hears the full matchbox.
Another easy to perform trick is the "Wine into Water" trick. This trick
requires water, red food coloring and bleaching powder. Water is poured
into a glass and red food coloring is added to make the water look like
wine. In another glass, a small amount of bleaching powder- your magic
powder is added. As you pour the red liquid into the other glass, it
becomes clear water! Adult supervision is required for this trick as
bleaching powder is poisonous.
When kits are not accessible, easy kids magic tricks can be performed
using common everyday items too. For example, the Rubber Pencil trick
requires only a pencil which can be made to look as if is has turned into
a Rubber pencil. For this the pencil should be held loosely at the tip.
Move your hand up and down allowing it to wobble. This creates the
illusion that your pencil has turned into rubber.
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