ECW - A WWE Money Maker or Not

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					ECW - A WWE Money Maker or Not?
Is it possible for ECW to be resurrected from its grave? Maybe. After a
long sabbatical from television programming, ECW made its return on June
13th, 2006 on the Sci-Fi Network. The show definitely left a lot to be
desired. Granted it scored a 2.7 rating, but can this brand survive
without crossover promotion from WWE's flagship program Raw? I guess only
time will tell...

Let's face it... ECW will never be what it once was. ECW initially really
started making a name for itself after the promotion was taken over by
Paul Heyman in 1996. ECW was home to many future stars such as Rob Van
Dam, Rey Mysterio, Mick Foley, and others. The promotion became quite
popular among fans because of it's rugged, no-nonsense, innovative,
hardcore, and unique style of wrestling. It wasn't like the "Sports
Entertainment" that was being fed to us by the WWE. It garnered a cult
following among many on the internet. The fans of ECW were just as much a
part of the show as the wrestlers were. Many had held this brand so close
to their hearts. So many were crushed when ECW became defunct in April

Now the WWE is trying to revive the phenomenon that was ECW. However,
there are a few glitches in the test. Some ECW veterans like Sabu, for
example, are way past their prime. Sabu is quite broken down now compared
to what he used to be. He still does a few spots here and there but with
weekly television programming, house shows, and eventually pay -per-
views... how much can his deteriorating body take?

Another disadvantage is that ECW is being taped in front of a Smackdown
audience for the most part. I guess anyone who buys a ticket for
Smackdown gets to see ECW as a bonus, with the exception of Raw and
Smackdown supershows. It will be interesting to see how packed the houses
will be when it's just an ECW production. The fans were such a big part
of ECW's success, and it's what made the promotion so hot. Now the crowd
response is very luke-warm which must be very tough on the overall morale
of the brand as a whole.

Now that ECW's on the Sci-Fi Network, numerous characters are being made
to "appeal" to regular Sci-Fi viewers. However, how well will aliens,
vampires, and zombies get over with the crowd? We all saw "The Zombie"
who seemed to get no response from the crowd. I don't think it's the best
idea in the world to have ridiculous gimmicks in an attempt to appease
your typical Sci-Fi viewer.

Is it just me or does The Sandman seem to be old and washed up? He
reminds me of Steve Austin when Austin became washed up as a wrestler.
The only difference between them is that The Sandman uses a kendo stick
to physically assault his opposition. They both love to swig their beer
down, and hit someone with one big move. Personally I think it's lame.

Don't get me wrong though their is some real potential for ECW to be
around for a long time to come. With wrestlers like Kurt Angle and RVD
there's sure to be many classic matches in the future. Plus I really
enjoy seeing Barbie Blank aka Kelly on my tv scr een, and it will be
interesting to see what becomes of Shelly Martinez's character. It will
also be interesting to see who will be able to stop the destructive path
of The Big Show. So what will happen next? Stay tuned...
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