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					What's The Difference Between Training and Development?
I completed another Sales Management Leadership Program workshop last
month. As a facilitator and coach it's gratifying to see the lights go on
when Managers realize the difference between training and development. So
I thought I'd take a moment to discuss it.
Training is an event. Development is a process.
Training has a beginning and end. Participants are exposed to knowledge
and skills associated with new concepts during the event. Many companies
think, all we have to do is conduct some training and everyone will
embrace the new: strategy, system, method, process, procedure, tactic or
tool. They will go back to work the next day, use the new way and execute
flawlessly within a short period of time.
In reality, what we see is a temporary positive change in behavior in
some of the learners... but after awhile things seem to slowly drift back
to the way they were. Maybe it doesn't drift all the way back, but the
positive impact we expected fades rapidly and eventually falls short. In
fact in some instances we experience an outright revolt as most of the
team resists applying what was learned:
The list of reasons we hear from the learner for not applying what was
learned is long:
I don't have time to do it that way
It doesn't work as well as the old way
I don't remember how to do that
I couldn't figure out how to do it under these circumstances
I've gotten good results for a long time doing it the old way, why should
I change now?
The training was good in theory, but this is the real world
The list goes on and on

But there is another often overlooked list... the Manager's list
I've got production pressures so we can't focus on this right now
It slows things down
I never agreed with this
I don't understand why this is important to the company
I can't get everyone on the same page
The information on how to apply this is confusing
The compensation, recognition, and rewards system still reinforces the
old behaviors
I didn't get the same training my team got
Why doesn't a training event create the sustainable behavior changes
we're looking for? The answer is simple and straight forward.
There's no way around failing our way to success. This is an
uncomfortable proposition, so people naturally resist change.
If that's true then how do we realize the return on investment as
advertised? How do we effect sustainable positive behavior change?
Sales Productivity Secrete #3
We develop our people through our daily relationship with them in three
areas: Job Skills, Business Maturity, and Adaptability.
Sustainable behavior change takes time. The more complex the new thing is
the more time it takes to become proficient. The more disruptive the new
thing is the higher the resistance to change. People learn and embrace
change at different rates
Both scenarios require a focused communication strategy that
communicates the value of the new way to the company and learner
clarifies the gray areas to reduce confusion
reinforces practicing and applying of the new behaviors.
How do we do that?
Through collaborative coaching, but I'll discuss that another time..
What are your thoughts?
Martice E Nicks Jr
Partner - Applied Concepts Institute, LLC
Professional Speaker, Master Sales Productivity Consultant, Coach and
Martice has 27 years as a successful consultant in government and private
sectors. He focuses on optimizing and integrating systems that drive
revenue and facilitate organizational performance. Martice has held
multiple executive and management positions in companies including
founding and self-directed teams. His approach brings a sense of urgency
to drive positive behavioral change and most importantly-measurable
business results. Clients realize between 15-30% increase in revenue in
90 days.
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