Responsibility Lesson – 5th Grade – Fall 2006 by bigmekahlo


                                           4th Grade

Compassion - sorrow or pity aroused by the misfortune of another

Purpose: By discussing the story “The Shower of Gold” and creating a “Compassion Poem,”
students are reminded how they can show compassion in different parts of their life.

Materials: story “The Shower of Gold” (attached)


          1. Ask students what they think compassion is. Then share the above definition with
             them. Ask students why this word is appropriate for the month of December?

          2. Read the following quote. Ask students to explain how this quote relates to

    “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

          3. Read the story “The Shower of Gold” to the students and ask the following

                    How does this story show compassion? Think of different examples from
                     the story.
                    What might have happened if someone in the story was NOT
                     compassionate? How might the story have ended?
                    Were you surprised at the outcome of the story? Why or why not?
                    Why did the little girl deserve to be “showered with gold”?
                    How does this story relate to the quote that “We make a living by what we
                     get; we make a life by what we give”?

          4. Ask the students what kinds of things they could do in order to be compassionate?
             Take ideas from several volunteers. Then, have students work with a partner for
             the next activity. Students will write the letters of the word “compassion” down
             the left side of a piece of paper. Next, have students create a poem that has words
             and/or phrases that begin with each letter of the word compassion. The idea is that
             the words/phrases they create with each letter of the word compassion will be
             ways they can actually show compassion in their lives. Have each of the groups
             share their “Compassion Poems.”

Concluding Questions:

                 1. Why is compassion important in your school and community?
                 2. What is your opinion about people who do or do not show compassion?
                               Lesson Plan Evaluation

 Character Word___________________Grade Level_____________

                   Objective                         Yes   Somewhat   No
 Was the lesson easy to read and understand by the
     Was the sequence of the lesson correct?
      Were the activities easy to understand?
 Were the students engaged throughout the lesson?
       Did the students enjoy the activities?
          Were the materials easy to use?
   Were the visuals appropriate for the learners?
      Were there adequate activities planned?
      Was the lesson relevant to the learners?


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