Minutes of the January 19, 2006 by bigmekahlo


									                              Minutes of the January 19, 2006
                       Longview Parks and Recreation Board Meeting

Members Present: Scott Moultine, Tim Temples, Kalyn Inlow, Carl Degner, and Margaret

Members Absent: Ann Brock

Staff Present: Rich Bemm, Al George, and Liz Davis

Others Present: Lareda Richards, Bev Chellis, Mark Kirkland, Otis Barrett, Georgean Brown,
Gerald and Angela Allen

The meeting was called to order by Chair Margaret Soderman at 7:00 pm. Kayln Inlow was
introduced and welcomed as the teen advisory board member.

Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the November 17th meeting were unanimously approved as submitted on a
motion from Scott Moultine and second from Carl Degner.

Constituent Comments
Mark Kirkland discussed the community interest and need for a dog park. He then distributed a
Sunset magazine editorial touting how a dog park enhances the quality of life within a
community as family recreation. He said that their group is opposed to obtaining a 501c3 "non
profit" status. Rich explained that when their vision of the facility grew from a fenced in area
with minimal amenities to including the construction of a shelter, adding lighting, and providing
a dog wash facility that they open the city up to greater liability. Therefore a structured
organization would have to be formed such as a 501c3 with the capability of obtaining liability
insurance and a funding mechanism to finance the improvements. If the preference is to form a
“Friends of the Dog Park,” they were told they could do so, but that the park would have to be
scaled back to the original plans. Rich made it clear that this organization needed to formalize
itself because the city was not going to take on the responsibility of policing and cleaning up the
facility due to what other cities have found to be a very labor intensive requirement if not policed
by a user group. The members would have to be available to maintain the cleanliness of the dog
park. Those present said they understood that this would be a responsibility of their group. The
group also said they would like to use an existing facility rather then search for a new site.
Georgean Brown distributed letters of support from the Health Department. The Board asked
them to reconsider the sites that had been offered before – Gerhart Gardens, 7th Avenue, Roy
Morse, and Pennsylvania Street parks. Members agreed to research locations and report back to
the board in February.

Election of Officers
Tim Temples nominated Margaret Soderman for the Chairperson position. No further
nominations were received and a unanimous vote was held to select Margaret.

Park Board Minutes                             1                             January 19, 2006
Tim then nominated Ann Brock to serve as Vice Chairperson. There were no other nominations.
A unanimous vote was then cast for Ann to serve as Vice Chairperson.

Board Member Comments
Carl inquired if hedges encroaching on sidewalks were the homeowner's responsibility. Rich
said yes, and referred him to the nuisance abatement officer, Terry Kegler should the residents
refuse to maintain their hedges.

Park Maintenance
Al said library trees are being replaced and will be dedicated on Arbor Day, Wednesday, April
12th in a ceremony with the Commissioner of Public Lands and an Arbor Day Foundation

Recreation Rich distributed the December recreation report in Dick Mueller's absence, noting
that Joanna Martin, the sports coordinator has resigned and teen coordinator Jera Kreilkamp will
move into that position. The job announcement for the teen position will remain open through
the end of the month.

Comprehensive Plan - Rich had distributed potential survey questions to the Board members and
asked for any modifications or additional questions they would like to see incorporated into the
survey. The Board expressed their preferences. Rich said that he would compile a final draft of
the questions for review at the next meeting.

By-Laws - Rich explained that he had failed to bring the bylaws to the Board for revision once
the merger with Kelso had ended and therefore was now proposing the changed version. Tim
Temples made a motion to approve the By-laws with changes. Margaret Soderman seconded the
motion, which then passed with a unanimous vote.

Accomplishments - Rich reviewed the department's 2005 accomplishments and 2006 proposed
goals with the Board. They were in concurrence.

Tim said he appreciated seeing the statistics on vandalism and wondered if they could be posted
on the city web page. Rich will check into this. He also suggested we partner with citizen
groups to curb vandalism.

Tree Board
No additional report

Old Business
 Rich noted that Park Grant applications are due 2/3/06. He will advise the board as to how
many applications are received. Interviews will be scheduled prior to the next board meeting on
2/16 or on Wednesday 2/15 depending on the number of applications received.

Park Board Minutes                            2                             January 19, 2006
New Business
Community Development Block Grants - Staff is submitting two projects for consideration; one
is to replace of asphalt and additional stanchions and basketball equipment at the courts at
Victoria Freeman Park, and the other is to add a basketball court to Kellogg Park. Rich indicated
an adjacent parcel to Kellogg Park will be up for auction by the county for delinquent taxes and
may become available to the city.

Youth & Family Link - Rich said he is serving on a committee that is working with Link for a
possible gymnasium development. They will be considering funding, community need, facility
design, and location. More information to come as they progress.

Downtown - Members discussed the list of potential projects that Bill Kasch submitted for the
downtown area. Tim favored art work. Others liked the drinking fountain. There was no
support for the shelter. The consensus was that it did not belong in the boulevard. As an
alternative, members felt an architectural block or stamped concrete area with landscaped buffer
made more sense if the downtown organization was looking for a spot for entertainers during the
farmers market. Tim Temples made a motion to approve the concept; Carl Degner seconded the
motion, which was passed by a unanimous vote.

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.

The next meeting will be held February16, 2006.

Submitted by:

Secretary to the Board

Park Board Minutes                           3                             January 19, 2006
         CC:           Rich Bemm, Director, Parks & Recreation

         From:         A. L. George, Superintendent of Parks

         Date:         4/30/2009

                       JANUARY 7, 2005

                      62.80 man hours were spent on Vandalism Repair for this period, costing the division $1,709.66.
                      Shrub beds pruned at Lake Sacajawea Park, Vandercook, Freeman, Library grounds and
                       Downtown parking lots.
                      Re-located bench from Nichols side of Plaza from center of plaza to periphery.
                      Completed new wiring of R. A. Long Park for the Christmas Decorations (Park Grant)
                      Set up for the Christmas Lighting ceremony. Event a success.
                      Removed damaged drinking fountain in Cloney Park and replaced with new in-house design.
                      Aerated Lake Sacajawea turf.
                      Assisted Golf Course with brush cleanup in their yard. 100 plus man hours and 50 loads of
                       debris taken to Roy Morse for disposal.
                      Hand mowed, edged and weed whipped the smaller outer parks.
                      Completed the annual leaf cleanup. 72.2 tons of leaves transported to Cowlitz Co. landfill.
                      Holiday lights removed. Includes all in R. A. Long Park, Lion’s Island and the downtown
                      Installed all of the No Smoking signs at all of the playground areas.

                                                 TREE BOARD REPORT

                         Recycled three donated trees. Two transplanted to Japanese Garden and a volunteer
                          Himalayan pine potted temporarily.
                         Dug 200 donated Douglas fir trees to nursery.
                         Planted 46 replacement trees.
                         Removed 40 trees
                         Removed 44 stumps
                         Pruned 158 trees

Park Board Minutes                                       4                                   January 19, 2006
Date:           January 17, 2006

To:             Richard Bemm, Director of Parks and Recreation

From:           Dick Mueller, Recreation Superintendent

Subject:        December 2005 Recreation Report

 We held six enrichment classes in December that 36 children attended. Classes included
   Fencing, Kung Fu, Taekwondo (2), Holiday Crafts and open basketball gym at Catlin Center,
   Woman’s Club Building, Monticello School and the Academy of Kung Fu.
 The out of school “Super Hours” program was held at four elementary schools this month
   with the following statistics:
   School Site         Registered            Daily Average         Monthly Attend
       Staff/Youth Ratio
   Kessler                     51                           19
       225                           1:10
   Northlake                   38                           19
       229                           1:10
   Robert Gray (am) 113                      33                                     399
   Robert Gray (pm) 113                      24                                     285
   St. Helens                  50                           26
       306                           1:13
 There were a total of 252 registered children in the Super Hours out of school recreation
   program that attended 1,444 times during 12 days in December for an average of 120
   children per day.
 The “Character First” value themes and “Longview’s Choices” are behavior management
   tools used at after school programs. Through activities and discussion children learn about
   character, ideals and values. Use of role playing while using a variety of visual aids to
   empower children, reduce tattling, establish expectations, provide a cognitive structure,
   increase feeling of self esteem and give children an important conflict resolution tool.

 The first city Holiday Bazaar was held at the McClelland Center with 32 vendors and
  hundreds attending. This event was restricted to hand made and hand crafted items only.
  There were many families shopping for unique one of a kind holiday gifts. The craft vendors
  were evaluated and had a 90% satisfaction rating.
 “My mother and I were happy with this bazaar. We are looking forward to next year. We
  especially enjoyed being a part of a bazaar with hand crafted items only. Keep up the good
  work!” said Joni Stone.

Park Board Minutes                           5                           January 19, 2006
   Breakfast with Santa family event was held at the Monticello Hotel with 320 people
    attending. It is made possible with 25 volunteers donating 78 hours and Monticello Hotel &
    Restaurant providing in kind services worth $2,640 along with NCS donating $1,000.
   “We just love the entire event” said Cheryl Vanderwerf of Breakfast with Santa.
   A family Holiday Country Line Dance was held at the McClelland Center with 50
    participants that learned line and other dances.

 The Boulevard drop in program was held at the Elks Building 18 times with 101 registered
   teenagers attending 385 times. This is an average daily attendance of 21 young people and a
   staff to participant ratio of 1:11. There are two pool tables, basketball hoop, foosball, air
   hockey, board games, contests, organized activities, along with homework help and computer
   lab with monitored internet access.
 Late Night was held on five Friday nights at the YMCA with 175 registered teenagers
   attending 467 times. This is an average of 93 each night for a staff to participant ratio of
   1:10. The monthly dance attracted 103 teenagers to attend and take part in this event.
 Junior Leaders held one action council training with four teenagers attending for a total of 5
   hours. The topic was “Unlocking Your Potential” units 4 and 5 about consistency,
   affirmative reminders, comfort zones, self image and self talk issues. Six Junior Leaders
   performed volunteer internships at schools and recreation programs. They donated 75 hours
   this month at Kessler School, Northlake School, YMCA, Robert Gray School, St. Helens
   School and during teen programs at the Elks Building.
 There were eight young people that went on a ski and snow boarding trip to Cooper Spur at
   Mount Hood Meadows during the winter school break.
 Teen programs collaborated with 16 community organizations and businesses in December
   to provide the best services possible to the young people in our community.
 Recreation staff members set up an informational table during lunch at Monticello Middle
   School and Mark Morris High School to promote the safe and supervised recreation
   opportunities the city offers.

 There were 7 adult classes this month having 42 participants. The classes included Tai Chi,
  Belly Dancing (2), Spa Getaway, Hula Dance, altered collage journal, investment real estate.
  Enrichment classes are held at McClelland Center, Lower Columbia College, Woman’s Club,
  Senior Center, Treasured Memories and Square Dance Building.
 Longview Recreation collaborated with the Longview Square Dance Association to use the
  Square Dance Building for line dancing classes on Monday evenings.
 The fall men’s basketball concluded its season with 84 players on 12 teams having games on
  Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at Mt. Solo School.
 Forty nine adult basketball players (58%) evaluated the league with a 100% satisfaction


Park Board Minutes                           6                            January 19, 2006
   A Holiday luncheon was held with 85 attending, a line dance performance with 69 and New
    Year Celebration having 79 people. At these theme special events seniors have an
    opportunity to socialize and have a healthy lunch with entertainment provided.
   Health and safety programs included three line dancing classes having 57 people attend 265
   Ongoing weekly programs in woodcarving served 35 people that attended 96 times and 36
    people played bridge 104 times. Weekly entertainment and lunch program served 77 people
    that attended 192 times. We had three music groups provide entertainment on Tuesday and
    Thursday during the healthy meals in cooperation with the nonprofit senior center
   A van excursion went to the Pittock Mansion with 12 people.
   There were 7 partnerships with community organizations to provide programs for seniors.
   Thirty three volunteers donated 48 hours of time for programs at the Senior Center.

Therapeutic (programs for developmentally disabled individuals)
 The “Saturday Night Social Club” was held three times at the Elks Building or Woman’s
   Club with 92 registered participants attending 99 times. This program includes activities,
   games, snacks, music, contests, education and social interaction. Longview Recreation
   works with four area group homes in partnership to provide transportation to this program.
   There were one volunteer that donated one hour at social club.
 Nine people attended three music expression classes at the Senior Center which is grant
   funded by the Community Foundation of Southwest Washington.
 Special Olympic basketball started with 30 athletes practicing at Monticello Middle School
   under the leadership of three dedicated volunteer coaches.
 The volunteer advisory committee with coaches and parents meet with the state
   representative to discuss the role of the committee. Funding, operations, coordination and
   communication issues were addressed. The purpose of the committee is to make decisions
   and give input to the recreation therapeutic sports program. The committee members
   donated five hours of time to plan next year’s Special Olympics program.
 Longview Recreation collaborated with 7 non profit organizations and businesses during the
   month to provide quality services to developmentally delayed residents. Six volunteers
   donated 11 hours.

Staff & Volunteers
 Three full time staff members attended Substance Abuse Training provided by the Human
   Resources Department for a total of 9 hours. We hosted this city wide training at the
   Woman’s Club Building.
 Ten part time staff members completed the National Youth Leadership Training through the
   National Recreation & Park Association. This course teaches necessary information for
   those who work with and provide leadership to children and young people. The staff gained
   skills in leadership, communication, conflict management & resolution, positive discipline
   strategies and stress management. These recreation staff members spent a total of 20 hours
   and received certification from the National Youth Leadership program.
 Eleven youth staff members received game leadership training for a total of 22 hours.

Park Board Minutes                          7                             January 19, 2006
   Seventy volunteers donated 212 hours during the month at youth, teen, therapeutic and senior

Donations & Contributions
 Family event donations included in kind services from Pizza Schmizza ($10), Bob’s Sporting
   Goods ($150), Monticello Hotel & Restaurant ($2,640), Rhonda Goldsmith ($50) and Video
   Store & More ($4). NCS the parent company of the Monticello Hotel made a cash donation
   to Breakfast with Santa family event ($1,000).
 The Older Senior Citizens Club ($25) and Bonnie Forest ($50) donated funds to pay for
   healthy lunch entertainment at the Senior Center.

Park Board Minutes                           8                            January 19, 2006

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