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									March 16, 2006

Community Preservation Committee

Call to order by Chairman Henry Kelly at 4:05 p.m

Committee members in attendance were: Chairman Henry Kelley II, Donald Waldo,
Burton Derick, Sheryl McMahon, Valerie Foster, Esmat Nouri, Nancy Davison and guest
Sandra Fife, Assistant town Administrator.

2. Minutes of 3/9/06 approved with minor adjustments. Sheryl moved to approve
seconded by Burton.

Sheryl told the committee that she filed all minutes with town clerk up to January 23rd

2a- CPA Round Table, CC Commission: Chairman Kelley reminded the committee about
    the next meeting which will be held on March 21, 2006 from 2:30 to 4:30. Both
    Henry and Esmat plan to attend.

Henry handed out letters from Margaret Kane and Dennis Union Church in response to
our letters sent out.

Sheryl handed out Massachusetts Department of Revenue bulletin regarding the CP fund,
stating there is a fall off from the deeds excise, which could mean it would affect the
100% state matching fund.
Sheryl also handed out modifications for CP fund cash projection. The first page assumes
100% reimbursement, and the Bass River Park net cost to town $800,000. This sheet
shows the possible estimated fund balances after set-asides. ($500,000 should to be used
as open space, the million for any purpose. There isn‟t a balance going forward because
numbers change. Based on 100% match.
The second page projects the worst-case scenario, estimated receipts are not at 100%
match, it is only at 80% after 2007.
Valerie asked if we were conservative in first few years, could we avoid the deficit?
Sheryl said yes. Sheryl said Representative Delahunt it having trouble passing along the
reimbursement on Bass River Park. The town is actively working toward receiving what
is due to the town.

3. Calendar of events: draft sheet was done at last meeting. Item #3, April 6th is changed
to April 13th. (Item #5 would be the April 19th instead of the 20th) (April 27th for Historic
Pres.) Kelly use of the term preliminary conferences would be informational conferences.
Makeup session is not necessary.
Other comments: Burton (May 9th is election day) is there any conflicts on this day?
Sheryl suggested possible changing the time or move the meeting up one week. Don
wants to know if this will affect the May 22nd deadline for applications? Nancy wanted to
know what information would be required at public hearing. Henry explains that the
committee would report to the public: the committee‟s progress, public response and
calendar of events. Esmat asked if there should be handouts at the meeting. Henry
explained that he did not have the skills or the time to do this, but would be able to
explain to at the meeting what the committee can do.
Nancy wants to know how this would affect the committee by being at the BOS meeting
while it is live on Tuesday nights. Reporting on what the CPA provides can be done in
just a few minutes, and what the committee has done up to know shouldn‟t take too much
time. Nancy is concerned that showing a Power Point presentation at the BOS meeting
may take away from the CPC.
Henry explained that a public meeting is a requirement of the statute. He is concerned if
we have our own meeting than no one but the committee members would be there.
Having a combined meeting with the BOS there would be more people in attendance, and
would also be on live television. Esmat‟s opinion is that the meeting should be combined
with the selectman‟s meeting because there may be questions from the public and/or from
the BOS. Burton explains if the meeting were held on Election Day there would be a lot
of people that couldn‟t attend. He suggested May 16th at 7 pm. Henry asked if there were
a consensus for this date? All in agreement (item #8 changing date and time)

- Nancy wanted to know the maximum length of time for application forms to be done if
a person doesn‟t go to informational meetings?

Decision on applications should be done by end of July to meet town meeting in Sept.
(Henry) Applicants can appear and reappear until applications are approved.
Shortest amount of time for applicant to show application would probably be a month.

(**Note for self** see calendar of events)

Any changes on second page-------------no
All meetings on Thursday‟s.
Don made a motion to approve the Calendar as changed, second by Esmat. All in favor.

4. Application forms; Esmat suggested that to be fair to applicants, before investing
time, money and effort, it would be best to use one long form. He contacted towns that
have received CPA funds to ask their opinion regarding how many forms; they all seem
to prefer only one form. He had contact with Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod.

Burton reworked his form he worked out prior to this meeting and passed out a copy to
members. (Rework of the Town of Chatham form)
Sheryl suggests that Henry has his own e-mail set up with the town.

Nancy would like to change the first line from community preservation program to
community preservation fund. Delete the words “applicant information”
Strike the phrase “(if non profit)”
Nancy would like to change “affordable” housing to “community” housing
“contact person” instead of “submitter” or project director (Sheryl suggested)
Strike the word “funding” from amount requested from CP funds.

Following suggestions:

1. strike the word does and insert will
2. strike the word does and insert will, and strike „s off Dennis and change need to needs
4c and d-- add the word estimated in front of annual
4b change word revenue to funding, add to end:(and value of in kind services)
4e. change the word potential to estimated
4f. change the wording to: please provide the sources of information used to develop your
4g.- provide your plans for the continued financial stability of this project

Move f to come after a and move g up.

5. describe any legal issues/ ramifications/impediments to this project, for example,
Move # 7 up under 5 and add to #7 ? Explain.
6. change wording to “local comprehensive plan”

Page 2

   1. Applications
   2. Generally funds will be available upon town meeting approval.
   3. Please include any maps, diagrams and/or photos that support your project

Change “affordable” housing to “community” housing (under categories)

Under this section, strike #C and #D
             Add – “C” maintains character of existing neighborhood
                     “D” Project increases the number of units in the affordable housing

Recreation: “a” strike the words “as is”
             “b” (except for stadiums, gymnasiums, etc.) strike the current wording in
              “c” (excluding maintenance) strike current wording in parenthesis

            No changes.

Esmat made a motion to adopt application form as revised, all in favor.
*mailing will include, calendar of events, application form as revised and a third sheet
entitled “Don‟s cover sheet”

Next meeting: March 23,2006 @5:30

Sheryl moved to adjourn at 6:30 all in favor.

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