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 Volume XXIV No. 1                     Fred Goodwin, Commodore                           January 2009

                                SAN JOSE SAILING CLUB WINS
                                  SEVENTH WILDER AWARD
By Jack R. Michael, Wilder Chair

  The competition was great, the newsletters were excellent, the judging
was difficult. Out of a possible 920 points, only 55 points separated the First
and Thid Place finishers, with only one point between Second and Third
Place, and two points between Third and Forth Places. San Jose Sailing
Club received the Wilder Award, the “PICYA Newsletter of the Year Award”,
again this year. They have earned this prestigious award seven times out of

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     Permit #12
  Walnut Grove, CA                                                                 Sausalito, CA 94965
  US Postage Paid                                                                  1001 Bridge Way, PMB 450
   PRSRT STD                                                                       Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Assn.

Jan. 2009                                                                                                       1
    Commodores Comments By Fred Goodwin                                                           2008 PICYA
                                                                                             Officers & Directors
   It has always seemed to me that the greatest honor which can come to a person                The following are the PICYA
is to be selected by their brothers and sisters for the office of President/Commodore      Officers and Directors for 2008.
of their club, in this case the “Pacific Inter-club Yacht Association”.
                                                                                             Fred Goodwin (Bridge Marina YC)
  I am deeply touched that I was the one upon whom you chose to confer that high
                                                                                             Vice Commodore:
                                                                                             Bill Needham (St. Francis YC)

  I extend my thanks to this great organization, the Members, Delegates, Committee           Rear Commodore:
                                                                                             Reginald Smith (Treasure Is. YC)
Chairs, Directors and fellow Officers that worked so hard for the benefit of all.
                                                                                             Jr. Staff Commodore:
   This past year has been both educational and fun. The staff and committees have           Duane Collins (San Rafael YC)
performed outstandingly, making this a very easy year for me. I will remember and            Secretary/Treasurer:
treasure “2008” for the rest of my life.                                                     Jane Brennan, (San Rafael YC)

    At this time I would like to acknowledge the fine work of the committee chairs as        Directors:
it is often overlooked by the many, not thinking of the value of their efforts. To start     Serving two year terms (2008-09)
                                                                                             Lenora Clark (Ebony BC)
off in alphabetical order ; AUDIT and INSURANCE, Robert Lewis / AWARDS                       Sue Roderick (Aeolian YC)
DINNER and PUBLICATION (July 2008 - June 2009), Caroline Mines /                             Jerry Zanoli (Solano YC)
BOATING and WATERWAYS and REGIONAL AFFAIRS, Lenora Clark /                                   Serving one-year term (2008):
BUDGET (2009) and OPENING DAY on the BAY, William Needham / CLUB                             Linda Breninger (Ox Bow YC)
of the YEAR (COTY), Lenworth Gordon / CONFERENCES, Reginald Smith /                          Richard Engfer Jr.(South Bay YC
                                                                                                          Classic Yacht Assn.)
DEED of GIFT REVIEW, Tom Allen / FLAGS, ETIQUETTE and PROTOCOL,                              Lew Long (South Lake Tahoe YC)
Dedrick Denison / GOVERMENTAL AFFAIRS (RBOC) David Breninger /                               Peter Robertson (Capital City YC
HISTORICAL MARITIME, Susan Worden / INSTALLATION DINNER and                                                   Sacramento YC)
NOMINATING, Duane Collins / LOG and YEARBOOK, Johnnie Owen /
MEMBERSHIP, Richard Engfer Jr. / NEWSLETTER, Jack Michael / POLICY,                          Executive Secretary
PROCEDURE and BYLAWS / George Knies / POWER CRUISERS, Nancy                                  Donna Duncan (Sea Breeze YC)
PUBLICATION (January - June) and SCHOLARSHIP, Linda Breninger / RACE
and REGATTA, Tony Shaffer / SAFETY and Co Chair INSURANCE, Peter                                   PICYA LOG
Robinson / SERGEANT at ARMS, Eric Schoenwisner / SHIPS STORE, Dr. Robert                     Published six times a year for the
DuBois / STANDING RULES Jerry Zanoli / TROPHIES, Sue Roderick /                             members of Pacific Inter-Club Yacht
WEBSITE, Johnnie Owen and Donna Duncan. These groups of dedicated workers                   Association of Northern California.
keep us running smoothly.                                                                           Send editorial material to:
                                                                                                           PICYA Log,
  If not for Jane Brennan keeping tabs on the finances and getting our bills paid on                      PO Box 1218,
                                                                                                    Walnut Grove, CA 95690.
time, we would be in deep yogurt. Thank you Jane. She is retiring at the end of               Advertising rates available. Deadline
2008; her replacement is John Roderick from Aeolian Yacht Club.                              for receipt of editorial and camera-
                                                                                           ready advertising material is the 20th
                                                                                            of the month preceding the month of
   The above also covers the Directors and Flag Officers; yes they have assignments                          issue.
to take care of in addition to the office they hold.
                                                                                              Editor & Publisher Johnnie Owen
                                                                                                Telephone: 916-776-1378
    A BIG THANKS to ALL                                                                            e-mail:

    Fred Goodwin Commodore 2008                                                                 PICYA Publications Committee
                                                                                            Caroline Mines (Aeolian YC)

2                                                                                                                    PICYA LOG
                        Spring Leadership Conference
                         Saturday, February 21, 2009
                             Pittsburg Yacht Club
    Registration begins at 0800 hours. Conference materials will be provided for all pre-registered
    participants. A continental breakfast will be served in the morning and lunch will be served at
                                 1200 hours. The cost is $25.00 per person.
    All club officers (elected and appointed), bar managers and members interested in the
                    world of yachting should attend the Leadership Conference.
                                    For More Information, Please Contact:
                                    Linda Breninger, Conference Chairman

Yes, please accept my registration for the 2009 Spring Leadership Conference and

my check for $25.00 made payable to PICYA.



Yacht Club or


Club Office/ Committee:_________________________________________________________

Send to: Linda Breninger, 1325 Avenida Alvarado, Roseville, CA 95747

Registration Deadline: February 14, 2009

Jan. 2009                                                                                             3
                       Continued from page 1                              The Judges are always impressed by the fine work done on
the last nine years. Congratulations to Commodore Chuck                such a consistent basis by the volunteer editors, photographers
Herman and particularly Editor Gottfried Mauersberger.                 and writers who put these publications together. Judge’s
    The Second and Third Place winners are the California              comments have been returned to, or are being returned to each
Cruising Clippers, Commodore Paul Masta and Editor Robert              of the submitting clubs.
Baker; and Marina West Yacht Club, Commodore Ken Dretzka                  Other measures of the competitive nature of the 2008 race
and Editor Mary Lee Michael. Congratulations to you all!               are that only 137 out of the possible 920 points separated the
    Clearly, the use of computer publishing programs and the           First and Tenth Place finishers. As we move into the 2009 club
Internet have the competition being close each year. But, anyone       year, I encourage your new officers to stress the importance of
who has been a club newsletter editor, or associated with one,         the Wilder Competition. Get your Newsletter Editor to review
knows that there are many, many factors that contribute to an          the criteria and follow it throughout the year. Also, please provide
effective newsletter.                                                  the name and address (including e-mail address) of your
    The Edwin H. Wilder Award was created by PICYA to                  Newsletter Editor when you submit your New Officer data to
perpetuate the memory of the Award’s namesake who served               Donna Duncan, PICYA Administrative Secretary.
as the Chair of the PICYA Publications Committee and Publisher            Congratulations to all of the clubs that entered the 2008
of the Yachting Yearbook for many years. This is a very                competition for a job well done, and particularly, kudos to the
important competition for PICYA because the primary purpose            newsletter editors who worked so hard all year, and for many
of this organization is to facilitate club communication; within       years, in some cases.
the club’s membership, with other member clubs, and with the
public. Newsletters are critical to the success and longevity of
                                                                        Vice Commodore’s Comments
a club.
                                                                          I hope everybody has had a happy Holiday season and is
    For the 2008 competition, fifteen clubs submitted entries. In
accordance with the Deed of Trust, a panel of three qualified          looking forward to a great new year. I am honored to have
newspersons judge the journalistic aspects of the entries. The         been elected as your Commodore for 2009 and will make every
current scoring system, developed by the Wilder Award                  effort to live up to your expectations.
Committee over the past several years, equalizes the competition          The theme for 2009 is “Reach Out”. Reaching out can be
with regard to club size and available resources and focuses on        divided into three categories: reach out to other people through
the primary journalistic standards and qualities necessary for         civic and community efforts, reach out to each other by
effective communication. Of the 920 possible points, 600 are           conducting conferences, sponsoring regattas, hosting “cruise
for the journalistic aspects and 320 are for the operational aspects   ins” and numerous other activities, and reach out to our
of newsletter production. The operational aspects of the judging       governmental representatives, national, state and local.
are completed separate from and prior to the judging of the               We are already active in these areas, but we can and should
journalistic aspects of the competition. The impartiality of the       be more visible. PICYA sponsors “Opening Day on the Bay
scoring system and judging is evidenced by the fact that there         and the “Wheelchair Regatta”. Individual clubs have their
have been different Judges each of the past four years and San         opening days, provide funds for “Make a Wish” and
Jose Sailing, a small club, is still the winner. The judges are not    scholarships, give toys and bicycles to the less fortunate children
known to each other and only known to the Committee Chair.             and have many other charitable activities. Among ourselves
San Jose Sailing Club’s consistent winning is totally due to the       we conduct Annual Leadership and Management Conferences.
excellence of their publication. However, beware San Jose
                                                                       We interact with our government through RBOC, ABF, BoatUS,
Sailing, I have been told by several newsletter editors that they
                                                                       Bay Planning Coalition, and our close association with the U.S.
are really coming after you in the 2009 competition! The judging
criteria and submission requirements can be found on the PICYA         Coast Guard.
Website, I encourage you editors to read and               All too often our Clubs and individual boaters do not receive
follow these carefully. Provide all of the information requested.      the recognition that they deserve. The public frequently is not
It is the only basis upon which judging is completed.                  aware of the numerous contributions we make to our
    The first ten finishers were granted Honorable Mention status,     communities.
and are as follows in alphabetical order:                                 This year PICYA has created a Public Relations Committee
                    Aeolian YC                                         to be chaired by S/C Manny Mier. This committee will enable
                    Benicia YC                                         us to reach out, through the media, and more effectively publicize
                    California Cruising Clippers                       our activities. In addition to enhancing visibility of and
                    Ebony Boat Club                                    participation in PICYA events, the services of the PR Committee
                    Encinal YC                                         will also be available, on request, to our member yacht clubs.
                    Marina West YC                                        We are expecting 2009 to be a very challenging year. With
                    Oyster point YC                                    our organization and our individuals I am confident that we will
                    Pittsburg YC                                       be able to reach out and surmount any obstacles we may
                    San Joaquin YC                                     encounter.
                    San Jose Sailing Club
                                                                          Bill Needham
4                                                                                                                          PICYA LOG
 WESTERN BOATERS SAFETY                                                        Coat-of Arms Adopted
          GROUP &
   Four $2,500 scholarships were awarded to Janet Rumsey,
San Francisco Yacht Club and St. Francis Yacht Club; Nicholas
Dugdale, Richmond Yacht Club, St. Francis Yacht Club and
San Francisco Yacht Club; Hugo Lopez, Corinthian Yacht Club
and Tiburon Yacht Club; Alyssa Ruckman, Alameda Yacht
Club. The awards were presented at the Annual PICYA                        Article submitted by S/C Dedrick Denison
Awards Dinner at Encinal Yacht. Nicholas Dugdale and Hugo               I am very pleased and proud to report that· the dedicated
Lopez and the families of all of the recipients were there to join   efforts of the Staff Commodores and the Board of Directors of
in the celebration.                                                  the Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association (PICYA) have created
   Western Boaters Safety Group will be sponsoring three             a distinguished new Coat of Arms for our Organization.
scholarships for 2009. Applications for 2009 will be distributed        The Staff Commodores of PICYA worked together to develop
at the February Delegates Meetng and will be on the PICYA            a fine new logo that acknowledges the traditions of this esteemed
web site in February 2009.                                           yachting association, recognizes the founding year of the
                                                                     organization 110 years ago in 1896, and places PICYA in an
                                                                     excellent position as it moves into the future.
                                                                        Together, our Staff Commodores developed an inspired .piece
                                                                     of art. The Coat of Arms is circular, with a boarder extending
                                                                     around the entire circumference. This border contains the title
                                                                     “Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association” together with the year
                                                                     of its founding: 1896.”
    Thanks from Jane Brennan                                            The 1896 date is quite significant, as PICYA was formed on
                                                                     May l, 1896 as a non-profit, mutual benefit corporation. From
                                                                     that day, PICYA has grown to its current size as an active
   How could I let go a chance to thank all the wonderful people     association of 104 clubs and boating organizations throughout
I have worked with for the last four years as Secretary-Treasurer    Northern California whose common bond is recreational boating.
for PICYA.                                                           PICYA continues to provide a mechanism for boating
   It has been lots of fun and heartwarming to receive hugs and      organizations to work together to solve our mutual problems. It
warm wishes from everyone. Mike Billington got me into this,         promotes fellowship among yacht clubs and maximizes
saying “It’s easy, I’ll show you how to do it”. Little did he know   opportunities to meet and exchange information with other
that I had trouble balancing my own check book! I seem to            members.
have caught on to the program!                                          The center of the Coat of Arms contains both an anchor and
   Just to let you know, I will be available to work on some         the PICYA burgee. The anchor that is prominently displayed in
committees and I will still be a Delegate for San Rafael Yacht       the artwork is the traditional, universal symbol of boating strength
Club.                                                                and stability - both of which are also hallmarks of PICYA as an
   You will still see my smiling face at meetings.                   organization.
    I was completely stunned when Duane Collins presented               The particular type of anchor set forth in the Coat of Arms is
me with the “Poseidon Award” at the annual Awards dinner. I          a well-known type of anchor, which is commonly referred to as
couldn’t believe it was for me! For the meantime, the trophy         a “fisherman” and is also known as a “kedge.” The anchor is a
resides in my living room until the work is completed at our         hook design, which describes a category of anchor that utilizes
Yacht club.                                                          a relatively small fluke surface on a heavy, narrow arm to
    The work has started and will be completed by mid January.       penetrate deeply into the bottom of the waterway.
John Roderick will do a great job following through with the            As we all know, this type of anchor is quite useful as one of
treasurer position. (he has great credentials). PICYA is made        the strong arms of the anchor penetrates the seabed to hold the
up of really wonderful people, and I am proud to say you are         yacht firm. The anchor is popular as an especially effective
my friends.                                                          anchor in storm conditions, and has a well-earned reputation
   Thank you.                                                        for use in a variety of situations including rock, hard bottoms,
   Jane Brennan
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Jan. 2009                                                                                                                              5
                                       Johnson & Joseph Company Power Cruiser
                                             Perpetual Participation Trophy
                                                San Joaquin Yacht Club

ace                    3rd Place               Steiger - MacDonough Cup
                                                San Joaquin Yacht Club                    Douglas Boswell Perpetual Trophy
                                                                                                                                       The Yachting Y
                                                                                            Yachtsman of the Year Award

                                                Meritorious Service Award
                                        Earl and David Trumbull, Vallejo Yacht Club

                                             Club Meritorious Service Award
                                                   Vallejo Yacht Club

                                            Edwin H. Wilder Perpetual Trophy
                                           PICYA Newsletter of the Year Awards
                                             1st Place: San Jose Sailing Club
                                          2nd Place: California Cruising Clippers
Service Award Trophy                        3rd Place: Marina West Yacht Club
                                                                                                                             The Robert S. Olson Memo
                                                Bay and Delta Yachtsman
                                               Public Service Award Trophy
                                                   Alameda Yacht Club                                                        Scholarship A
                                      Jo Bates Memorial Delegate of the Year Award
                                    Deanna Desin, Mariposa Hunter’s Point Yacht Club

                                                   The Condon Award
                                          Ernie Rideout, Santa Cruz Yacht Club

                                      The Robert S. Olson Memorial Poseidon Award
d Benicia Yacht Club                      Jane Brennan, San Rafael Yacht Club

                                           Douglas Boswell Perpetual Trophy                                                    Jerry & Nancy Rumsey
                                              Yachtsman of the Year Award
                                          Russ Robinson, South Bay Yacht Club

                                                  The Club of the Year
                                   Co-winners Benicia Yacht Club and Vallejo Yacht Club

                                        The Yachting Year Book Cover Shot Award
                                                  “Sunset in the Delta”
                                                                      the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. This positive announcement
     RBOC Key Issue Overview                                          by Director Lester Snow is an important step in our efforts to
   November, 2008                                                     ensure continued navigation by recreational boats wherever any
   Federal Legislation Enacted to Prevent a National Boat             control structure is planned for placement across a navigable
Discharge Permit                                                      Delta waterway. The Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force is
    RBOC is applauding President Bush’s signature of S. 2766,         working to identify and evaluate alternative measures and
legislation that prevents regulations that would have subjected       management practices that will be necessary to implement the
boaters nationwide to onerous permit requirements. S. 2766,           Delta Vision’s recommendations. RBOC is participating in this
titled “The Clean Boating Act of 2008,” permanently restores          process and is guided by the following policy that has been
the longstanding exemption for recreational boats from permitting     developed by its Board:
requirements under the federal Clean Water Act. Many                     Recreational Boaters of California (RBOC) will advocate
California boaters supported the efforts of BoatU.S. at the           to protect the rights of recreational boaters to assure access
national level, together with a coalition of stakeholders, by         for continued navigation by recreational boats on the waters
contacting their federal representatives in support of S. 2766.       of the California Delta where ever any “control structure”
RBOC was one of the first organizations to mobilize in this           (such as, but not limited to gates or barriers whether
unified effort.                                                       temporary or permanent) is planned for placement across
    TRPA adopts Blue Boater Program                                   a navigable Delta waterway. RBOC will seek assurances
    The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency [TRPA] adopted a               that as any changes are contemplated which further alter
Blue Boater Program as part of the Amended Shorezone                  Delta navigable waterways that alternatives are identified
Ordinance that was approved at its October 22 meeting. Under          and implemented to the satisfaction of RBOC that will best
the Blue Boating program, TRPA will be working with boaters           preserve and sustain recreational boat passage at each
to promote cleaner boating habits through a boat certification        location. RBOC will seek to have operable boat locks
program. In 2010, boaters will be required to “self-certify” during   installed as an integral design component to mitigate for
a registration process that would result in a Blue Boating Sticker,   the placement of any control structure across any navigable
indicating they are certified in aquatic invasive species             Delta waterway. All control structures and boat locks or
prevention, proper engine tuning, noise reduction, clean bilge        other alternatives satisfactory to RBOC for recreational boat
practices and proper sewage disposal. The Blue Boating                passage are to be installed, maintained and operated
Program will be fully developed in the future.                        without cost or expense to recreational boaters.
    RBOC is engaged in this process in support of the concerns           Invasive Species
of local boaters and clubs. RBOC has joined them in urging               RBOC recognizes the seriousness of the serious threats that
TRPA to balance the important goals of environmental protection       aquatic invasive species, including quagga mussels and zebra
with boater impacts within the Blue Boater program.                   mussels, pose to California waterways. There is a need to take
    RBOC Past President Russ Robinson National Award                  aggressive action to prevent the introduction or spread of aquatic
Recipient                                                             invasive species, which cause harm to fisheries and ecosystems
    Russ Robinson is the winner of the BoatU.S. Foundation            and damage boats and boating equipment. As boaters, RBOC
Environmental Leadership Award for 2008. The award is given           advocates for clean waterways and healthy fisheries as essential
annually to a volunteer group, government organization, company       to recreational pursuits as well as the livelihoods of many
or individual to recognize the dedication and hard work in            individuals and businesses. As the state engages in efforts to
protecting the marine environment and promoting clean boating.        prevent and eradicate invasive species infestations, it is important
    “Russ’s efforts have impacted every boater in California, and     that these endeavors and their funding – especially during these
possibly even those beyond the state’s borders,” said BoatU.S.        challenging budgetary times - do not unfairly target the boating
Foundation Director of Environmental Programs Susan                   community. Invasive species are introduced and spread through
Shingledecker. When asked by BoatU.S. why he decided to               a variety of mechanisms.
champion of the state’s recreational boaters and their waterway          RBOC strongly urges that state, regional and local
environment Robinson simply replied, “Because I think I am            governmental entities resist calls to close waterways. Outright,
making a difference.” Mr. Robinson has been a Member of the           immediate and potentially permanent boating bans on waterways
Board of Directors since 1992 and served as President in 2003.        would have a tremendous negative impact on key stakeholders
RBOC was proud to nominate Russ for this prestigious award.           and the surrounding community. Closures deplete revenue
Russ is a true treasure to boating.                                   sources and have substantial financial impacts on local tackle
    State Water Resources Department to Consider Boater               shops, gas stations, hotels and restaurants that depend on the
Policies in Delta Planning                                            boaters and anglers. A closure would mean the end of many
    RBOC is encouraged by and applauds the California                 tournament businesses, and it would put an unneeded economic
Department of Water Resources statement that it will be               strain on surrounding boat dealers, marine retailers and ancillary
considering important boater policies regarding access to             industries.
navigable waterways as the department develops projects for              RBOC urges the adoption of less restrictive alternatives,

8                                                                                                                         PICYA LOG
including cooperative approaches for boat inspection and              - The deepening economic crisis that depletes state revenues
cleaning, and pre-entry watercraft inspection.                      and threatens current and proposed programs.
   Boating Facility Enhancement Bill Enacted                          RBOC’s voluntary board and its professional legislative
   The DBW-sponsored, RBOC-supported SB 1435 [Ducheny]              advocates met on October 15 to develop strategies to pursue in
has passed the Legislature and has been signed into law by          the upcoming year.
Governor Schwarzenegger. The bill authorizes loans of for
                                                                                           Continued from page 5
planning, design and other similar expenses to develop a private
recreational marina.                                                hard sand, kelp or eel grass.
   Hull Paints                                                         The other element in the new Coat of Arms is also well
   RBOC is engaged with the Department of Pesticide                 recognized. It is the PICYA burgee.
Regulation [DPR] as it develops best management practices              Article VI of the PICYA By-laws sets forth the official
for the use of anti-fouling paints and reviews copper-based anti-   description of our burgee as the distinguishing signal of the
fouling paints.                                                     Association to be flown by Member Clubs and Organizations.
   RBOC supports efforts to preserve and enhance water quality         Our By-laws provide the specific details for the burgee. It is
with the application of unbiased, sound scientific studies. It is   described as a triangular burgee, with the fly length one and one
critical that governmental actions reducing or phasing-out the      half times the hoist. The device shall consist of a blue field
                                                                    dissected by a white stripe with three stars in the outer field. The
use of copper-based anti-fouling paints be predicated upon
                                                                    outer edge of the white stripe is to begin at a point equal to three-
objective scientific studies regarding the sources of copper in
                                                                    quarters of the hoist length measured outward along the lower
specific affected water bodies, as well as the impact of that
                                                                    edge of the flag, and extend upward to a point equal to one-half
copper on native species of wildlife. It is also essential that
                                                                    of the hoist length measured outward along the upper edge of the
alternatives to copper–based anti–fouling paints are available,
                                                                    flag. The width of the white stripe shall be equal to one-sixth of
affordable, and effective.                                          the hoist. The white stars, single point upward are to be an equal
   Boat Turn-in Legislation Vetoed                                  distance apart, parallel to the white stripe, at a distance equal to
   RBOC is supporting AB 1950 [Lieu], legislation to authorize      the width of the stripe. The width of the stars shall be
boaters to voluntarily turn in vessels to local governments as an   approximately 80% of the width of the stripe.
alternative to possibly abandoning them on the waterways. This         The five stars on the burgee are also significant. The stars
effort will continue next year since Governor Schwarzenegger        signify the five charter members of PICYA upon the formation of
vetoed AB 1950 together with many other bills due to the delayed    the Organization on May 12, 1896. They joined together to begin
state budget.                                                       PICYA in San Francisco to improve communication between yacht
   Vessel Operator Certification – On-hold until Next Year          clubs, to provide uniform racing rules, and to encourage yachting.
   The dire state fiscal climate and the anticipated draw of           The charter members were:
several million dollars of boater funds to combat the spread of        California Yacht Club (founded 1893)
invasive species has led RBOC to request the postponement of           Corinthian Yacht Club (founded 1886)
legislation it is sponsoring to create a new program requiring         Encinal Yacht Club (founded 1890)
motorboat operators to pass a test and obtain a lifetime boating       Pacific Yacht Club (founded 1873)
certificate. RBOC will continue its commitment to pursue safety        San Francisco Yacht Club (founded 1869)
on the waterways and to provide for enhanced education of              The Staff Commodores approved the new logo at their meeting
boat operators. The organization has worked with numerous           on March 18, 2006, at Stockton Yacht Club. The PICYA Board of
stakeholders to develop a structure that had received wide-         Directors approved the logo as the new Coat of Arms at the Board
spread acceptance. The approach, embodied in AB 2110                Meeting on March 20, 2006. Commodore Manny Mier presented
introduced by Assembly Member Mike Duvall, will serve as a          the new Coat of Arms to the PICYA Delegates at their meeting on
model for future legislation that can be pursued.                   Apri13, 2006, at Sausalito Yacht Club.
   Next Year – a Challenge                                             I know that our Clubs and Members will enjoy using the new
   The two-year, 2009-2010 legislative session commenced on         PICYA Coat of Arms, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Staff
December 1 of last year. Several factors are already shaping        Commodores and Board of Directors of PICYA.
the political environment in which RBOC will be engaged,
   - The November 4 elections that were held for all 80 Assembly                     Veterans Salute
Members and ½ of the 40-Member Senate.                                Thursday, November 6, 2008
   - The new Legislators elected under California’s term limits       Veterans and active-duty service members not in uniform
law. 34 legislators were termed-out.                                can now render the hand salute during the playing of our national
   - The pending outcome of Proposition 11 which would take         anthem, thanks to changes in federal law that took effect this
redistricting away from the Legislature.                            month. The legislative change was sponsored by Sen. Jim Inhofe,
   - New leadership of both the Democrats and Republicans in        R-Okla., an Army veteran, and included in the Defense
each house of the State Legislature.                                Authorization Act of 2009.
Jan. 2009                                                                                                                              9
              The Seventeenth Annual
        Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association
     Commodores Ball and Installation of Officers
                       Saturday, January 31, 2009
                          St. Francis Yacht Club

                Do not miss this great event.
                    $60.00 per guest Black Tie Optional
                    Open to Members of all PICYA Clubs
              Reservations must be received by Jan 16, 2009, to:
       Deanna Desin, 155 San Carlos Way, Novato, CA 94945

                          Please respond by January 16, 2009

                       Name: ___________________________________

                       Name: ___________________________________

                    Yacht Club: ___________________________________

                        Roast Beef _____        Vegetarian _____

                I prefer to sit with ___________________________________

                                     Person(s)/Yacht Club

                       $60 per person   Total payment: ________

                             R.S.V.P. (By Jan 16, 2009) to:

                 Deanna Desin, 155 San Carlos Way, Novato, CA 94945

10                                                                         PICYA LOG
                                                                   RBOC FAN CLUB
                                                                 The following PICYA clubs contributed to
                                                                  the on going support of Recreational
                                                                          Boaters of California:
                                                                Aahmes Shrine Yacht Club          Mariposa Hunters Point
                                                                Aeolian Yacht Club                    Yacht Club
                                                                Alameda Yacht Club                Martinez Yacht Club
                                                                Bay View Boat Club                Meeks Bay Yacht Club
                                                                Bel Marin Keys Yacht Club         Napa Valley Yacht Club
                                                                Ben Ali Shrine Yacht Club         North Bay Yacht Club
                                                                Berkeley Yacht Club               Oakland Yacht Club
                                                                Benicia Yacht Club                Oxbow Yacht Club
                                                                Bridge Marina Yacht Club          Oyster Yacht Club
                                                                Caliente Isle Yacht Club          Petaluma Yacht Club
                                                                California Carver Club            Pittsburg Yacht Club
                                                                California Cruising Clippers      Point San Pablo Yacht Club
                                                                Capital City Yacht Club           Presidio Yacht Club
                                                                Classic Yacht Association         Richardson Bay Yacht Club
                                                                Coyote Point Yacht Club           River View Yacht Club
                                                                Cruiser Haven Yacht Club          Sacramento Bayliner Club
                                                                Delta Bayliner Club               St. Francis Yacht Club
                                                                Delta Marina Yacht Club           San Francisco Bay Area
                                                                Delta Sport Boats Yacht Club          Nordic Tug Association
                                                                Delta Yacht Club                  San Francisco Shrine Yacht Club
                                                                Diablo Yacht Club                 San Francisco Yacht Club
                                                                Discovery Bay Yacht Club          San Joaquin Yacht Club
                                                                Dos Rios Yacht Club               San Jose Sailing Club
                                                                Driftwood Yacht Club              San Rafael Yacht Club
                                                                Ebony Boat Club                   Santa Cruz Yacht Club
                                                                Elkhorn Yacht Club                Sea Ray Boat Club
          The Need for Speed                                    Emeryville Yacht Club             Sequoia Yacht Club
   Walvis Bay, Namibia - 2008 has proven to be a fast year,     Encinal Yacht Club                Sierra Point Yacht Club
with sailing records made and shattered all over the world.     Floating Reality Yacht Club       Solano Yacht Club
                                                                Folsom Lake Yacht Club            South Bay Yacht Club
And now, with the exciting news from Namibia this week, it
                                                                Gold Country Yacht Club           South Beach Yacht Club
looks like we have a new speed record. The interesting and      Golden Gate Yacht Club            South Lake Tahoe Yacht Club
minimalist looking sailing boat Vestas SailRocket appears to    International Yachting            Spinnaker Yacht Club
be the fastest sailboat in the world (pending ratification),        Fellowship of Rotarians       Stockton Sailing Club
clocking an amazing 47.35 knots over 500 meters for the         Island Yacht Club                 Stockton Yacht Club
record, and later reaching a burst of over 52 knots before      Little Venice Yacht Club          Tahoe Yacht Club
lifting off for a spectacular in-the-air wipeout.               Loch Lomond Yacht Club            Tiburon Yacht Club
                                                                Los Gatos Yacht Club              Treasure Island Yacht Club
                                                                Marin Yacht Club                  Vallejo Yacht Club
                                                                Marina West Yacht Club            Village West Yacht Club
                                                                                                  Weber Point Yacht Club

                                                                And of course BoatU.S. for their contributions over the past
                                                               15 years.
                                                                All of our legislative activity cannot be done without your
                                                               members’ financial support. Contributions may be presented
                                                               as a club report at the next PICYA Delegates’ Meeting or
                                                               mailed directly to:
                                                                Linda Bendsen, 400 Marina Blvd., Suison City, CA 94585
Jan. 2009                                                                                                           11
                                  JANUARY 2009
                          19      Board of Directors Meeting, Aeolian Yacht Club
                          31      Installation Dinner Meeting, St. Francis Yacht Club

                           2      Delegates Dinner Meeting, Oakland Yacht Club
                          17      Board of Directors Meeting, Aeolian Yacht Club
                          21      Spring Leadership Conference, Pittsburg Yacht Club

                           2      Delegates Dinner Meeting, Corinthian Yacht Club
                          16      Board of Directors Meeting, Aeolian Yacht Club

                                             PICYA’S WEB SITE

                            The Seventeenth Annual
                      Pacific Inter-Club Yacht Association
                             Commodores Ball and
                             Installation of Officers
                         Saturday, January 31, 2009
                            St. Francis yacht Club
                    $60.00 per guest Black Tie Optional
                    Open to Members of all PICYA Clubs
              Reservations must be received by Jan 16, 2009 to:
            Deanna Desin, 155 San Carlos Way, Novato, CA 94945
                        Do not miss this great event.
                             R.S.V.P. on page 10
  On January 31, 2009 come join the celebration with incoming 2009 PICYA Commodore Bill Needham and congratulate out
going 2008 Commodore Fred Goodwin. Join us with the pageantry as we install the 2009 Board of Directors and Flag Officers.

  This year the dinner and dance will be held at the beautiful St. Francis Yacht Club in the Northwest and Golden Gate rooms.
The fabulous view from this venue stretches from Angel Island to the Golden Gate Bridge. Come and enjoy fine dining and an
evening of dancing to our live band. Invitations were mailed out right after the holidays and seating is limited so RSVP early.

12                                                                                                              PICYA LOG

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