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					Don't Hire a Virtual Assistant
We've all heard why you should hire a virtual assistant. It saves times,
money, aggravation, and helps your business run smoother. However, we
have never really heard why you shouldn't hire a virtual assistant, and I
am here to change that.
Virtual assistants are small business owners who enjoy helping clients
run their business smoothly and be a solution to their administrative
challenges. They work on their own usually from a home office and they
have the skills needed to get the job done. They can become a great asset
to any business, however there are reasons that you should not hire a
virtual assistant.
Watercooler-If you are the type of person who needs somebody to chat with
about the latest TV show, the latest politics, and all around general
gossip, a virtual assistant is not right for you. While some virtual
assistants enjoy talking about family and other things like that for a
brief time, they can not spend a long time chatting because that is
taking away from their bottom line. As long as they are on the phone with
you just chatting takes away from doing work for other clients because
they only charge for the time spent on projects.
Control Freak-If you are a person who needs to be in control of every
aspect of your life and business, a virtual assistant is not for you.
Virtual assistants have gained much experience over their years in the
corporate world that they have the skills and drive to get the projects
done when needed and in a cost-effective way. They do not need somebody
looking over their shoulder every second of every day. However, you
should be updated at least weekly as to how things are going on your
project. If a virtual assistant is not doing this and is not getting your
project to you on time, it may be time to find a different VA.
Beck and Call-This brings me to the thought of a movie called two weeks
notice starring Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant. In this movie, Hugh Grant
could not even make a decision as to what to wear without consulting his
assistant (Sandra Bullock). If you are looking for somebody who is just
waiting for you to call them to get advice on something irrelevant to the
projects they are doing for you, a virtual assistant is not right for
you. They are there to discuss different aspects of your business such as
marketing, handouts for trade shows, next step for your business etc but
before you call your VA at midnight, you need to decide whether it is
that important or if it can wait until morning. If you have a tendency to
forget an idea, right it down in a notebook somewhere and use it for
reference when you wish to speak to your VA.
Illegal- If you are looking for somebody to help you in a business that
is illegal or handle a project hat is illegal, a virtual assistant is not
for you. Virtual assistants have too much at stake to even consider doing
things that are illegal. Besides the fact that it is unethical by any VAs
standards, it can also do a lot of harm to their business and personal
lives. Most VAs are sole proprietors which means anything they do with
their business also effects their personal lives. This could be anything
from being sued to going to jail and I don't know of one VA who is
willing to do that for any of their clients.
So there you have it, four reasons that you do not want to hire a virtual
assistant. A virtual assistant can be a life saver to any small business
but if any of the previous qualities and requirements describe you, you
may want to hire an employee instead of a VA. VAs pride themselves on
their business and their reputation and while they treat every client as
if they are their only client, you can not take advantage of this because
that particular VA may just kick you to the curb.
Tracy Collins, Confidential Virtual Assistant, owns/operates Collins-
Admin Services, a virtual assistance company
based out of Pennsylvania. Offering confidential virtual administrative
support services to entrepreneurs/small business owners who feel they
need higher than average confidential assistance. For more great articles
about business and confidential virtual assistance visit her blog at

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