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					California Department of Education (CDE)
2006 Adequate Yearly Progress Results
School and District Appeal Form

The District, on its own behalf or on behalf of its schools, may appeal the 2006 Adequate
Yearly Progress (AYP) results that are shown on the August 31, 2006 Accountability Progress
Report. A separate appeal form must be submitted for the District and each school. The results
of an AYP appeal could impact the Program Improvement (PI) status of any Title I-funded
District or school that will potentially enter, advance in, or exit from PI in 2006-2007.

This form is to be used to appeal the 2006 AYP results of a District or school. There will not
be a separate process for appealing a school’s or District’s PI status. Appeals of AYP
status because of calculation or data errors will not be accepted. These issues should be
resolved through the Data Review and Correction process.

Appeal forms are due to the Specially Funded Programs Branch postmarked no later than
Wednesday, September 13, 2006. The CDE will inform Districts of the status of these appeals by
e-mail no later than September 29, 2006. Appeal results will be included in the updated 2006 AYP
reports scheduled for release in October 2006.

 Mail To:                                             Questions:
 AYP Appeals                                          Telephone (213) 241-6996 or
 Specially Funded Programs Branch                     E-mail to Charleen.Brown @lausd.net
 333 South Beaudry Avenue 16th Floor, 110-5
 Los Angeles, CA 90017                                Additional Information:
                                                      Fax to 213-241-8033 or 213-241-8032

Type of Appeal

   X    School           LEA

School/District Information

   County Name:     Los Angeles                      CDS Code:

   District Name:   Los Angeles Unified

   School Name:

   Is school a direct-funded charter?         Yes     X No

LEA Contact Person Information

   Name:            Charleen B. Brown, Assistant Director, CECEU

   E-Mail Address: Charleen.Brown@lausd.net

   Phone Number: 213-241-6996                       FAX Number: 213-241-8033

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California Department of Education (CDE)
2006 Adequate Yearly Progress Results
School and District Appeal Form

Appeal Criteria

An appeal of the 2006 AYP results may be submitted based on the following criteria only.
Please check the appropriate box (es).

       A substantive reason exists for the District or school not making AYP.

       An uncontrollable circumstance, such as a natural disaster, disrupted the administration
       of the assessments used to determine AYP (Standardized Testing and Reporting
       California Standards Tests for grades 2-8; California High School Exit Examination for
       grade 10; and California Alternate Performance Assessment for grades 2-8 and 10).
       Supporting documentation should establish the unique and compelling nature of the
       substantive reason.

       A significant medical emergency has prevented the student(s) from taking the
       state assessment used for establishing AYP, and this has affected schoolwide
       and/or significant subgroup participation rates.

       The District was unaware of this emergency at the time of testing and as a result did not
       report the emergency absence on the Student Answer Document (SAD). The total
       number of absences of this type were sufficient to account for the District or school not
       meeting the participation rate criteria.

       The AYP determination was based on test results or graduation rates from other
       schools or District’s (e.g., AYP was based on pairing and sharing the results of
       other schools, the district in which the school is located, or the charter school

       In this instance, the District or school will have to submit test results or graduation data
       that are a more valid measure of the District’s or school’s performance than the
       information that appears on the AYP Report.

Evidence/Documentation for Appeal

     Documentation and a detailed description of the evidence supporting the appeal
      (substantive reason, medical emergency, or pair and share) must be attached to this
     Please delete or obscure all student names in supporting documentation. Other
      identifying characteristics, including student ID numbers or Statewide Student Identifiers
      (SSID), should remain.

The CDE will return any other type of AYP appeal to the appropriate District without
processing. In particular, the CDE will not accept appeals from District’s or schools on the
grounds that they are disputing laws or regulations. Lack of documentation will result in a
denial of the appeal.

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