Technology Transfer Issues and Processes Fall 2006

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					                Technology Transfer: Issues and Processes Fall 2006
                             USDA Graduate School
     10 Tuesday Evening Sessions 6 - 9 PM September 19 – November 21, 2006

Session 1.    Overview of Technology Transfer
              Richard Leshuk - Program Manager, IBM Federal Systems (retired)
                   Basic concepts and definitions in TT
                   TT historical and legislative perspectives
                   TT processes/mechanisms/resources
                   Issues and controversies in TT

Session 2.    Intellectual Property Management
              Mark Hogge - Attorney, Greenberg Traurig, LLP
                      The concept of property
                      Intellectual property protection
                      Patents / Trademarks / Copyrights
                      Legal issues: contracts/licensing

Session 3.    Technology Licensing: Disclosure through Maintenance
              Steve Ferguson - NIH
              Director, Division of Technology Development and Transfer
                      Goals of a licensing program
                      License types
                      Factors influencing royalties
                      Typical licenses
                           - research products
                           - commercial evaluation
                           - diagnostics/therapeutics
                      Case Study

Session 4.    Trends in Federal Technology Transfer
              Mark Boroush, Senior Policy Analyst,
              Technology Administration, Dept. of Commerce
                   DOC role in Federal technology transfer metrics
                   Challenges in defining technology transfer effectiveness
                   Trends in Federal technology transfer

              Technology Transfer in State Economic Development
              Steven Fritz, Maryland Technology Development Corp.
              Director of Technology Transfer
                   Bridging the gap to robust, self-sustaining technology commercialization
                   Commercialization strategy development for very early stage companies
                   Use of state and federal seed funding for research, development, and
                       commercialization of technology
                   Metrics of success
Session 5.    Maximizing the Value of University Generated Discovery
              Elizabeth Hart-Wells, University of Maryland, Baltimore
              Director, Technology Commercialization
                      Intellectual property as a strategic asset
                      The impact of university research on the US economy
                      The role of the university technology transfer office
                      Unique problems of university technology transfer
                      Marketing/negotiating/licensing/maintaining relationships

Session 6.    Moving Federally Developed R&D to the Marketplace:
              Policy and Practice
              David Appler - Federal Laboratory Consortium
               - Director of Washington Ofice
              J. Scott Deiter, USN, Indian Head Division, NSWC
               - Office of Research and Technology Applications
                    Legislative mandates
                    Culture and function of Federal Laboratories
                    Cooperation with industry
                    Mechanisms
                    Case studies in Federal technology transfer

Session 7.    Factors in Transferring Technology to and from Big Businesses
              Frederic Quan, Corning Inc.
              Manager, Technology Acquisition (retired)
                   Technology transfer from the recipients' perspective
                   Sources of innovation
                   Challenge of risk in product development
                   Technology assessment methodology
                   Case studies in corporate technology transfer

Session 8.    Factors in Transferring Technology to and from Small Businesses
              Elliott Levine - Program Manger, US Department of Energy
                       The unique nature of small business operations
                       The technology/product life cycle
                       Sources of financing
                       Special issues relating to small business technology transfer
                       Commercialization assistance services / providers

Session 9.    The Role of Alliances in Technology Transfer
              Gene Allen - Program Manager, MSC Software
                   Collaboration in the industrial environment
                   Components of a collaborative R&D program
                   Implementing a collaborative program
                   Tools for collaboration
                   Making collaboration work

Session 10.   International Technology Transfer
              Michael Hale - Principal, Hale and Associates
                     The global marketplace
                     Unique challenges in international technology transfer
                     Case studies in international technology transfer

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