; Biography of Ruth Bell Graham
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Biography of Ruth Bell Graham


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									Biography of Ruth Bell Graham, and Marie Curie, "Obsessive Genius"
Recently I read two books by authors Patricia Cornwell and Barbara
Goldsmith. The two books were: Ruth Bell Graham; An extraordinary life,
by author Patricia Cornwell and "Obsessive Genius" by author Barbara
Goldsmith. Barbara Goldsmith was one of the authors spoken of by
President Bush of accomplished female writers. She did a magnificant work
on the life of Marie Curie.
Author Goldsmith didn't only write about Marie Curie's work with radium
but wrote about her life as a woman. She explorer's Marie Curie's life as
a woman, mother, and her own personal struggles. Amist all of this, Marie
Curie continued her work. As we know today, her work has flourished into
the medical world into and increased into nuclear medicine. Barbara
Goldsmith brings this dedicated woman to light and is well worth the read
for those who are dedicated to a cause to completion.
Patricia Cornwell's biography of Ruth Bell Graham brings to light this
woman's character in a most vivid way. We as American's knew her as Billy
Graham's wife but this book brings out the character of Ruth Graham in a
strong yet charming way. The strength of Ruth Graham's faith as she helps
raise the Graham children is one of humor, strength, and the honor to
stand beside her husband. Reading about these women is an inspiration
that incorporates strength in the mist of human struggles. Yet, each
woman in their own individual way leaves a legacy of honor. These two
authors are commended for their work when researching these two famous
Geri F. Brewster is a registered nurse and an adjunct instructor at Ivy
Tech College. Geri also spends some of her time in the summer working in
the Appalachians in health ministry. She is also a Parish Nurse.

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