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30 Second Speech For Students


									30 Second Speech For Students
Students can benefit greatly from attending networking, social and
business events. It is a good opportunity to develop their communication
skills, meet new people and learn about careers in various industries.
Students can also utilize networking to find mentors, develop skills,
gain academic and business experience and grow professionally. In order
to make the most of all of these opportunities, students should polish
their communication skills and develop a great 30 second speech. A 30
second speech is a verbal introduction after the initial handshake at
networking events or meetings. A good 30 second speech should be clear,
concise and less than 30 seconds!
Listed below are tips and tactics students of all ages can use when
introducing themselves at events, meetings, and social and business
Prepare Before Hand
We recommend that students practice their 30 second speech before
attending their next networking or social event. Write the speech down
and rehearse it in front of friends, family or colleagues. Take time to
memorize the speech and try to create different forms of the 30 second
speech. Be aware of your tone and speed while speaking. Choose creative
and interesting words to capture your audience's attention and stimulate
conversation. We recommend that you state your name, name of your school,
major/course study, clubs/associations, future career plans, reasons for
attending that particular event or meeting.
At the Event / Meeting
While at the event or meeting, be relaxed and take a deep breath. Show
yourself friendly and introduce yourself to people without waiting to be
introduced. Take the time to listen to your counterparts and ask
important questions about them, their business, their background, their
talents/abilities and their industry/career. Show a genuine interest and
find out if they are a good connection for you.
Center Stage
After you have learned about your business counterpart and engaged in
conversation their full attention is on you. This is the opportunity to
say your 30 second speech and begin developing a great relationship. Your
speech should be short, creative and less than 30 seconds. In your speech
choose important information that will promote positive relationship
building according to your counterparts interests and background. Be
conscious of what you are saying and get feedback or answer questions
after giving your speech.
Chi Chi Okezie is owner/producer of SIMPLEnetworking, LLC in Metro-
Atlanta, GA. Newly published author of "SIMPLEnetworking: Creating
Opportunities ... The new form of success!" View excerpts of the book and
polish your professional approach:

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