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									Teaching demo
 A Short Story
     Wang Wenli

  08/09/06 WANG

08/09/06 WANG
Importance of the work
            Best-remembered and
• (1924) winning the O‟Henry Memorial
  Prize, themost-studied,
             top short story prize in
  America One of the world‟s best
            short stories
• Included as a classic into American
  primary school and high school
  textbooks and the world‟s best short
  fiction anthologies
• Adapted into a dozen of films--- the
  latest one: Lethal Woman (1998);
  the best-known one: The Most
  Dangerous Game (1932)
            08/09/06 WANG
Objectives: genre study
Elements of the short story:

•   moral/theme 
•   plot
•   character & characterization 
•   setting 
•   point of view

(reading technique:close reading)
                08/09/06 WANG
   Objectives: language &
• style: verbs, syntax, imagery, irony,
• suspense
• step-up: repetition, comparison and

               08/09/06 WANG
          Outline: day 1
• Lead-in activities: task sheets
• Objectives
• Background information
• Plot, characterization, setting,
• Further questions for discussion: (for
  day 3)

                08/09/06 WANG
                Day 2
• Check on preview: language
• Detailed study: part by part

  Activities: blank filling,
              translation, etc.

                 08/09/06 WANG
          Day 3:
• Discussion
• Sum-up
• Extra exercise/ Quiz

           08/09/06 WANG
       Preclass work
•    Group Work:
     Please draw a map of the ship-trap
     island and mark out Rainsford‟s
     escape route according to the text.
     Study para. 27 and para. 36
     carefully. Try to figure out how
     Rainsford‟s tricks work.
     Demonstrate them in class.
                    08/09/06 WANG
  Preclass work

• Individual work:
 1) Produce a Venn Diagram to
 compare Rainsford and Zaroff. Do
 you think the villain and the hero
 are radically different? If not, what
 do they have in common?

                08/09/06 WANG
Preclass work:
 Venn Diagram

 Rainsford               Zaroff

             08/09/06 WANG
  Preclass work
• Individual work:
 2) stylistic analysis:
 This hunting story is described as a
 gripping horror narrative loaded with
 action. What stylistic features can you
 find in the text to support this
 (verbs, syntax variation, imagery in
 setting and characterization, suspense,

                  08/09/06 WANG
  Preclass work
• Individual work:
 2) stylistic analysis:
 This hunting story is described as a
 gripping horror narrative loaded with
 action. What stylistic features can you
 find in the text to support this
 (verbs, syntax variation, imagery in
 setting and characterization, suspense,

                  08/09/06 WANG
 Lead-in Activities: student representative
Order the Events
_____ Rainsford uses a Ugandan trick and kills Ivan.
_____ General Zaroff invites Rainsford to join his game.
_____ One of Zaroff’s dogs falls into the Burmese tiger pit and dies.
_____ Rainsford and Whitney talk about “Ship Trap Island.”
_____ Rainsford goes back to the chateau and kills General Zaroff.
_____ Rainsford spends the night in a tree.
_____ Rainsford jumps off a cliff
_____ Rainsford falls into the water and swims to the island.
_____ Rainsford makes a Malay man-catcher which hurts General
      Zaroff on the shoulder.
                                08/09/06 WANG
                                W        E

            Ugandan trick

08/09/06 WANG               swamp
Background information

I: Introduction to the author &
   his work

            08/09/06 WANG
    Richard Connell
    (1893 - 1949)

   Age 10: covered baseball
    games for his father‟s newspaper at the
    payment of 10 cents for each game
   Age 16: became city editor of the paper
   Age 22: graduated from Harvard
   Age 26: married and turned a professional

                08/09/06 WANG
   One of the most prolific short story
    writers of the 20th century--- over
    300 short stories published in top
    magazines of the time
   Successful screenwriter and novelist
   Dozens of movies and TV series
    based on his stories
   http://www.intercoursewiththedead.

               08/09/06 WANG
     Evaluation of the story

          „On one level it is adventure and
           high drama. On another it tackles
           questions about man's relation to
           the lower animals. On still another it
           evaluates existentialism.‟
Characterized by
lofty or thrilling
 events/themes                 --- Dave McCourt

                    08/09/06 WANG
Historical background: 1920s
   Big game hunting in African and
    South American countries is popular
    with wealthy Europeans and
    Americans. In 1909, Theodore
    Roosevelt and his son killed 512
    animals on an African safari.
   Right after WWI, “a war to end all
    wars”, the Bolshevik revolution that
    topples the old hierarchy of classes.

               08/09/06 WANG
• How many parts can we divide the
  story into?

• In which part is the climax reached?

• The conclusion/resolution consists of
  only one sentence. Why?

                08/09/06 WANG
• How is tension built up?

 suspense (study para.19)

 sentence length and type
  (compare paras. 18, 34--36, 38 )

                08/09/06 WANG
               Cossack                     spirits

Russian,              Professional                American,
aristocratic,         hunter,
military,             Obsessed with
                      hunting,                    civilian
                      Privileged class,           Still “normal”,
demonic               Classist,                   human

                           08/09/06 WANG
         the general

• Why is the general so obsessed with
• How do you understand his choice of
  men as prey?
• Do his profession and social class
  help to explain his belief and

               08/09/06 WANG
Characterization: Rainsford
 • Do you think Rainsford is better
   than the general?
 • How is he different from traditional
    ambivalence: similarity to Zaroff
    vehicle of irony: hunter-turned

              08/09/06 WANG
• “The world is made up of two
  classes--the hunters and the huntees.
  Luckily, you and I are hunters.”

• “Who cares how a jaguar feels?"
  "Bah! They've no understanding."

               08/09/06 WANG

• Zaroff                       • Rainsford
 speech                          thought

              What does the
           difference suggest?
               08/09/06 WANG
• Where is the story
  a Caribbean island
  a Gothic chateau
  a jungle and a

• Do you find any
  symbolic meaning
  in this setting?
                 08/09/06 WANG
• The hunter and the hunted
• Social Darvinism
• Classism, racism, elitism

           08/09/06 WANG
Questions for further discussion
(day 3)
   What will happen after Rainsford kills the general?
    Will he become another Zaroff?
   Why does the general lose the game? Is he
    deliberately courting his own destruction?
   What do you think of hunting, or, war in general,
    after learning the story?
   In association with what we have learned in U3 &
    4, what does this story say about history and
    (History is written by the winner/the stronger.
     Racism is discrimination based on the
    classification of people)

                   08/09/06 WANG
Detailed study: Part 1 (1-14)
   In what way does the general speak? What is
    told by the discrepancy between what he says
    and what he does?
   What kind of man is he, judged from his
    speech? (para. 13)

                      08/09/06 WANG
   Rest with, rest on (para. 6):
    Success in management ultimately
      rests on
    _________ sound judgment.
                         rests with
    The final decision __________ the President.
        rests with
    It ________ the jury to decide the prisoner‟s

                      08/09/06 WANG
    Venture (para. 6):
    to ~ + n.
     If I may venture an opinion, I‟d say the plan needs closer
    to ~ + to-v.
    May I venture to suggest a few improvements?
    to ~ + prep.
    Nobody ventured out of doors during the period of SARS.
                            08/09/06 WANG
   Night found him legweary…
    when night came, he was too tired to walk…
    The 21st century has found China
    opening wider to the outside world with an
    unprecedented optimism.
                     08/09/06 WANG
Part 2 (15-28)
   What animals are the two characters
    compared to separately? (paras. 18, 20, 24, 27)
   How does Rainsford‟s awareness of his
    situation change step by step?

                      08/09/06 WANG
   Verbal phrases:
    plunge along, strike off, stretch out, throw down,
    spur on
    ___________ by a sharp sense of shame, he had
    ___________, giving no heed to the passers-by who
    looked at him strangely. To get away from the
    hideous scene as far as possible, he _________ from
    the main street and blundered into one of those dark
    alleys, at the end of which he ___________ himself
    behind a trash can and finally ___________in a rest.
                         08/09/06 WANG
Strike (para.18)
   发现新的办法
              on            approach
    strike _______ a new ___________
   想到这个可能,他心里突然充满了恐惧。
          prospect                  into
    The __________struck terror _____ his heart.
   他们都惊呆了,说不出话来。
                   struck dumb with amazement
    They were _________________________.
   我觉得很奇怪他居然不愿说出自己的名字。
    It struck me as rather odd that he refused
        to give his name
                     08/09/06 WANG
Ring (para.27)
  To blow a smoke ring
 His laugh rings through the jungle
  (review: echo, buzz, thunder)
The room rang with the laughter of happy children.
The whole city rang with bad news.
His words of sympathy ring hollow.
                        08/09/06 WANG
Part 3 (29--45)
   Why does the general identify each of his
    rival‟s tricks? Where have you read of a
    similar plot?
   How does his estimation of Raisford change
   What are the details that hint at his cold-

                      08/09/06 WANG
   The pointed stakes found their mark. (para.31)
    hit their target--- “It found the spot all

                      08/09/06 WANG
Language                  To come upon or discover,
                             especially by chance
    Hit (para. 36)
     We finally hit the exit after blundering about in the
     darkness for a long time.
     I hit upon a solution to our problem.
     Many multinational companies were hit hard by the
     Last month’s sales hit a new high.
    a Broadway hit 百老汇热门的戏剧
                           08/09/06 WANG
Part 4 (para.46)
   Who won the game in the end?
   What might have happened to the general?
   What moral does the general‟s end tell?
   How would you take up the story?

                     08/09/06 WANG
   Summarize the elements of the short story by
    comparing the lesson with the other short
    stories we have learned during the year.
   Find out how the writer steps up the tension
    by different techniques:
    study paras. 15, 25, 38; paras.16, 24, 33;
          paras. 22-23, 30

                      08/09/06 WANG
   His first thought made him feel sick and
    His second thought was even more terrible. It
    sent a shudder of cold horror through his
    whole being.

   He had dug himself in in France when a
    minute’s delay meant death. That had been a
               Have you read similar
                writing somewhere
    placid pastime compared to his digging now.

                      08/09/06 WANG
Writing assignment
   What good writing techniques have you
    learned from the story?
   Can you produce a short story with suspense
    and a surprising ending?

                      08/09/06 WANG

08/09/06 WANG
Check on preview
   Definition
    1) a wild chance (34)
       a bit of wild grapevine (36)
    2) the dead black eyes (3)
       the trees dead ahead (38)
    3) the baying of the hounds (37)
       a beast at bay (44)
                       08/09/06 WANG
                         Lacking animation, dull

   wild accusations; a wild guess.

  Based on little or no evidence
 The party being dead, we
  or probability; ungrounded            left early.

  dead
silence, dead sure, the dead of winter/night

                        08/09/06 WANG
Usage of PPT in Intensive Reading
   Advantages:
    interest, language learning, global understanding
   Disadvantages:
    distraction, over-reliance, overloading

   Key points:
    size, text, pictures/audio-visual materials

                          08/09/06 WANG

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