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					Proper Timing
Marketing comes in a lot of different forms, and with each form comes
different important details to be aware of. Marketing is about more than
just printing some brochures or handing out a few flyers. A solid
marketing campaign is going to be composed of a variety of different
forms and a strong knowledge of what those forms entail, including the
timing involved with each.
Take for instance calendar printing. This is going to be a once a year
marketing push. You'll need plenty of time in advance to design your
calendars, decide on the right type of images you want to use, the theme,
and ensure your color calendars get into people's homes. Because you're
only going to be doing it once a year, you'll need to put more time into
planning your calendar printing and designs than you might with other,
smaller forms of marketing, because if you don't end up with the best
calendar possible, you'll have a whole year before you can get another
Postcards are about the exact opposite. They're more often than not a
continuous, yearlong form of marketing. You'll be sending out postcards
on a monthly, if not weekly basis to different customers to gain the
fullest impact. Instead of a single postcard push, you need to have a
certain amount of your attention always focused on getting the next
postcard out there.
Posters require more research than they do time to implement. The
locations you focus on will be one of the most important factors to
consider, and takes a front seat to everything else. That means you have
to be prepared for a lot of research ahead of time.
Brochures are a bit of a middle ground. Because a brochure is harder to
create, most companies aren't making new ones every other day. Instead
you'll see new brochures every few months or so, and are likely going to
be connected to larger events that require a strong marketing presence.
Big sales, product launches, and other major events will have brochures
along with them.
What exactly does this mean for you? Before getting into any kind of
advertisement you need to first be aware of the time investment needed.
If you treat postcards similar to calendars and only do a single, once a
year postcard campaign, you'll be failing to capitalize on the strength
of the postcard; just as if you're constantly designing new brochures,
you'll probably end up spending more money than needed.
Whatever kind of advertisement you decide to use you need to do your
research first to find out the best way to implement your marketing.
Timing is going to be a key factor. If you want to keep your message out
there, look into postcards, flyers, or posters, rather than brochures.
Only by understanding your advertising options and what work they require
will you be in a position to best pick the one for you.
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calendar printing.