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					Liberal Democrats Autumn Conference

Conference Extra

Liverpool 18th – 22nd September 2010

Delivering For Britain

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Conference Extra
Updates to the Conference Agenda and Directory, information
from the Conference Committee, timings for conference
sessions, amendments, emergency motions and questions to
reports. Please read in conjunction with the Conference Agenda
and Conference Directory.


Directory extra:
    Conference information
    Venue plans
    Conference sponsors
    Fringe guide
    Conference timetable
    Saturday 18th September
    Sunday 19th September
    Monday 20th September
    Tuesday 21st September
    Wednesday 22nd September

Make sure you pick up a copy of Conference Daily from the
Information Desk as you enter the ACC each morning. It will be
vital to your understanding of the day’s business.

Published by Policy Projects Team, Liberal Democrats, 4
Cowley Street, London, SW1P 3NB. Design and layout by Mike

Conference Information

Delegate Discount Cards

The Mersey Partnership, official tourist board for Liverpool
City Region, has produced a special discount card for the
Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference 2010.

Representatives can enjoy exclusive offers at the city’s most
renowned eateries including The London Carriage Works at the
multi-award winning Hope Street Hotel, Panoramic, Britain’s
tallest restaurant offering the finest hand-crafted food and Il
Forno, named by The Times as one of the country’s most
authentic Italian dining experiences. The handy pocket-sized
guide also contains a city centre map and useful visitor
information providing a warm welcome for delegates arriving in

Find your card in your delegate bag or pick one up from the
Information Desk located in the Lower Galleria on the lower ground
floor of the ACC.

Information Desk

The Information Desk telephone number is 0151 239 6040.

Leader’s Speech

The leader’s speech, taking place on the afternoon of Monday
20 September, is expected to be very busy. Please be aware
that seats in the auditorium are limited and will be allocated
on a first come, first served basis. Standing will not be
permitted. If the auditorium is full, conference attendees
will be directed to Hall 1 on floor 3 of the ACC where live
feed of the Leader’s speech will be provided.

Security And Safety

The safety of the people who live in, work in and visit
Merseyside is Merseyside Police’s top priority. The Liberal
Democrat Party has received and accepted advice from
Merseyside Police regarding security measures for the autumn
conference 2010. As a result, an enhanced security operation
will be running for the duration of the conference. These
measures have been agreed and put in place to ensure, as fully
as possible, the safety of everyone attending the conference,
as well as the residents and employees surrounding the venue.

All those attending conference must have a pass issued by the Party in order to gain
access to the conference venue. Conference photo passes must be worn visibly at
all times within the ACC. Anyone found in the secure area without a valid pass will
be escorted from the building.

Everyone will be subject to an ‘airport type’ search process
at the entry point. This will include metal detecting archways
and x-ray searches of bags. Anyone wishing to bring small
items into the venue will be able to pass them through the
entry point x-ray machines. The maximum size is 640mm (W) x
430mm (H).

Packages too large will be subject to physical search by
security staff. Boxes and packages should be left unsealed
wherever possible. Under no circumstances will any large bags
or suitcases be allowed into the ACC. Any bag left unattended
will be brought to the attention of the police and may be
removed and/or destroyed.

In order to ensure your process through the new security
measures is as quick as possible please only bring essential
items with you into the centre.

For a list of restricted items please go to

Merseyside Police thanks you for your patience and co-operation. These search
processes are in place to ensure and maintain the safety and security of the Liberal
Democrat 2010 autumn conference.

Advertise In Conference Daily

You can promote your organisation, event or message to
thousands of conference-goers by placing an advert or notice
in Conference Daily, published each day at conference.
Contact the Conference Team on or
enquire at the Information Desk in the Lower Galleria on the
lower ground floor of the ACC.
Conference Sponsors

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Which?, the largest consumer body in the UK, has produced a
special guide to Liverpool for all Liberal Democrat party
conference attendees – it’s free of charge and available
around the ACC.


Nominations are invited for the post of Federal President of the
Liberal Democrats serving from January 2011 to December 2012.

Nominations open on 1st September 2010 and close on Wednesday
29th September 2010. (Candidates require the nomination of
200 Federal Conference Representatives from a minimum of 20
different Local Parties to stand.)

There will also be elections for 15 places on the Federal
Executive, 15 places on the Federal Policy Committee, 12 places on
the Federal Conference Committee, 5 places on the International Relations
Committee, 8 places on the ELDR delegation and 15 places on the
Interim Peers list.

Nomination packs can be obtained from David Allworthy, at or 020 7227 1339.

Conference Fringe Guide
Saturday 18th Mid Evening 20.00 – 21.15

The Mersey Partnership
Private Sector Drives Economy with Low Carbon and Logistics
Liverpool City Region’s private sector is developing port,
logistics and manufacturing assets to drive growth and realise
the renewable energy potential of the Irish Sea. Join us for
drinks and a buffet to find out more.
ACC, Riverside Balcony

Sunday 19th Lunchtime 13.00 – 14.00

The following meeting has been cancelled:
The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE)
Lifelong Learning: Balancing Community and Business Need
Jurys Inn, Suite 7

Oxfam GB and the CREATE Consortium
Struggling with the System: How should benefits combat
Participants: Kate Wareing, Director, UK Poverty, Oxfam GB;
Louise Winterburn, Community Allowance Campaign; and three
people with current experience of the benefits system. This
event will provide a broad overview of Oxfam’s position on
welfare reform.
Hilton, Grace Suite 1

Monday 20th Morning 07.15 – 08.30

A Graduate Tax: Would it work? Breakfast with Simon Wright MP
The debate about a graduate tax has been re-ignited by Lord
Browne’s Review. This private breakfast will explore the key
issues which a graduate tax would raise for Government,
students, graduates and universities.
Note: this event will start at 08.00 and end at 09.00
Hilton Liverpool, Grace Suite 3
Refreshments Invitation only

Monday 20th Lunchtime 13.00 – 14.00

CST with the PCAA Foundation
Can the Liberal Democrats stop the BNP?
How to prevent the BNP stealing your votes. Chair: Nick Cohen,
commentator, and journalist. Panel: Tom Brake MP, Carshalton
and Wallington; Nick Lowles, Coordinator, HOPE Not Hate; Mark
Gardner, Spokesperson, CST.
Jurys Inn, Suite 7

The following meeting has been cancelled:
The Smith Institute and Resolution Foundation
Fair Pay - Can We Afford It?
Hilton Liverpool, Meeting Room 3

The following meeting which is taking place Monday lunchtime
as listed in the Conference Directory, was also incorrectly
listed as taking place Monday early evening in the Hilton
Demos in partnership with Save the Children
Tackling child poverty in an age of austerity
Speakers: Sarah Teather MP, Minister for Children and
Families; Kate Stanley, Deputy Director, ippr; Sally Copley,
UK Head of Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns, Save the Children.
Chair: Philip Collins, Demos.
Blue Bar & Grill, Blue Bar

Monday 20th Early Evening 18.15 – 19.30
Northern Night Reception
By Invitation for members of the Northern, Yorkshire and the
Humber Regions. Kindly sponsored by Northumbrian and Yorkshire
Water. Refreshments and Food.
ACC, Hall 3A
Refreshments Invitation only

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation & The
Angling Trust
The Rural Reception
Hosted by Lord Redesdale Spokesperson for Agriculture.
Speaker: Andrew George MP, Co-chair DEFRA policy committee.
Jurys Inn, Suite 9

The following meeting listed in the Conference Directory for
Monday early evening in the Hilton Liverpool, is actually
taking place Monday lunchtime in the Blue Bar & Grill, Blue
Demos in partnership with Save the Children
Tackling child poverty in an age of austerity

The Future of Flood Policy
Chair: Martin Horwood MP. Speakers: Dominic Clayden, Director
of Claims, Aviva; Richard Flint, Chief Executive, Yorkshire
Water; Cllr Carl Minns, Local Government Association.
Hilton Liverpool, Meeting Room 8

The Law Society and Hill Dickinson LLP
Law Society Conference Reception
Reception for Liberal Democrat parliamentarians and their
advisors to meet with legal professionals from the Law Society
and law firms within Liverpool. Invitation only – please
Note: this event will end at 20.00
Hill Dickinson LLP, No.1 St Paul’s Square, L3 6SJ
7th Floor, Room 3/4/5
Refreshments Invitation only

The following meeting was incorrectly listed in the Conference
Directory for Monday early evening, it is actually taking
place on Tuesday early evening:
Britain: Creative Highway or the End of the Road?
TATE Liverpool, Hospitality Suite

Tuesday 21st Lunchtime 13.00 – 14.00

GoSkills – The Sector Skills Council for Passenger Transport
The New Skills Agenda – what’s in it for you?
Speakers: Norman Baker MP, Minister of State for Transport and
Julian Huppert MP, Lib Dem Representative for Universities,
Innovation and Science. Chair: Jackie O’Brien, Commercial
Director, GoSkills. Hot Buffet provided.
Jurys Inn, Suite 10

Tuesday 21st Early Evening 18.15 – 19.30

Mersey Maritime
The Importance of the Maritime Industry to the UK Economy
The session will review the contribution the UK ports industry
makes to the UK economy, how policy issues such as business
rates impact on private sector growth and how can the industry
work more closely with Government.
Note: this event will start at 18.30
Hilton Liverpool, Meeting Room 8
Refreshments Invitation only
Britain: Creative Highway or the End of the Road?
Keynote Speaker: Don Foster MP, Liberal Democrat Spokesman,
Arts and Culture. Please join us to explore how innovative
digital technologies can transform the arts and creative
industries to drive economic growth.
Note: this event will end at 19.15
TATE Liverpool, Hospitality Suite
Note: this event was incorrectly listed in the Conference
Directory as taking place Monday early evening.

Tuesday 21st Mid Evening 20.00 – 21.15

Alliance for Legal Aid (Law Centres Federation/LAPG/LAG/Young
Legal Aid Lawyers/LCCSA)
Defending Legal Rights for the Poor and Marginalised
Speakers: Lord Phillips of Sudbury; Laura Janes, Young Legal
Aid Lawyers; Paul im Thurn, Cumbria Law Centre; James
Sandbach, Citizens Advice; Carol Storer; Legal Aid
Practitioners Group.
Hilton Liverpool, Meeting Room 6/7

Wednesday 22nd Lunchtime 13.00 – 14.00

The Future of the LGPS and other Public Sector Pensions
Should public sector workers have final salary pensions or are
the pensions too generous? Speakers: Steve Webb MP, Pensions
Minister; Jan Parkinson, Local Government Employers; Joanne
Segars, NAPF; Brian Strutton, GMB. Lunch provided.
ACC, Hall 14
Note: there was a mistake in the Conference Directory – a
signer will not be provided nor a hearing loop. Apologies for
any inconvenience.
ALDES - Liberal Democrats for Engineering and Science
Annual General Meeting. New members welcome. Incorporates
Elections for the ALDES Committee and Honorary Presidential
Jurys Inn, Suite 1

Conference Daily

Make sure you pick up a copy of Conference Daily from the
Information Desk as you enter the ACC each morning.

Conference Daily contains information, updates and changes,
including amendments and emergency motions, which is vital to
your understanding of the day’s business.


During conference week, we will be tweeting live from the
Auditorium. For updates on who’s speaking, when agenda items
are about to start and how conference has voted, follow us at:

Conference Rally

Yes To Reform! Winning The Battle

Hosted by Art Malik.

With Nick Clegg, Jo Swinson, Martin Bell, Pam Giddy and Keith Sharp.

A rally with the Electoral Reform Society to launch Liberal Democrat support for the
Yes! To Fairer Votes campaign in next year’s AV referendum.

Saturday 18th September 18.30 – 19.30.
Auditorium, ACC Liverpool.

Conference photo pass required for entry.

Conference Timetable

Please note that timings are approximate only. Some items of
business may occur earlier than indicated. If no page number
is indicated next to a session or item of business, there are
no changes or additional information to that in the Conference

Saturday 18th September Morning

10.00–12.30 Consultative Sessions Health, Voluntary Sector,
IT and Intellectual Property, School Governance, Candidates

13.30 Deadline for submitting questions Reports of the
European Parliamentary Party, F10

Saturday 18th September Afternoon

14.30–14.35 F1 Formal Opening of the Federal Conference by
Baroness Walmsley
14.35–14.45 F2 Report Federal Conference Committee

14.45–14.55     F3   Report    Federal Policy Committee

14.55–15.40 F4 Policy Motion The Award of a UK National
Defence Medal to Service Veterans
15.40–15.50 F5        Report      Federal Finance and Administration
15.50–16.15 F6        Party Business     Membership Subscriptions and
Federal Levy

16.15–17.00 F7 Policy Motion Transactions Transparency and
Conflicts–of–Interest in Government

17.00–17.10     F8    Report      Campaign for Gender Balance

17.10–17.20     F9    Report      Diversity and Engagement Group

17.20–17.30     F10   Report      European Parliamentary Party

Sunday 19th September Morning

09.00–09.10     F11   Report      Federal Executive

09.10–09.20 F12       Party Business      Appointment of Federal
Appeals Panel

09.20–10.20     F13   Policy Motion      Press Complaints Commission

10.20–10.40     F14   Speech      Tavish Scott MSP

10.40–12.20     F15   Consultative Session      Strategy

12.20–12.40     F16   Speech      Danny Alexander MP

12.40 Deadline for submitting questions for the Q&A session
with Nick Clegg, F18

Sunday 19th September Afternoon

14.30–14.50     F17   Presentation      Welsh Liberal Democrats
14.50–15.35     F18   Q&A Session      Nick Clegg MP

15.35–16.15     F19   Policy Motion     Human Rights and the ‘War on

16.15–16.35     F20   Speech      Jeremy Browne MP

16.35–18.00 F21 Policy Motion Accountability to the Poor
(International Development Policy Paper)

Monday 20th September Morning

09.00–11.00     F22   Consultative Session      Facing the Future

11.00–12.20     F23   Policy Motion      Free Schools and Academies

12.20–12.40     F24   Speech      Kirsty Williams AM

Monday 20th September Afternoon

14.30–15.35     F25   Policy Motion      Green Taxation

15.35–16.00     F26   Party Business      Party Awards

16.00–17.15     F27    Speech      Nick Clegg MP

17.30–18.00 F28 SO Amendment Day Visitors Speaking at
Conference F29 SO Amendment Questions to Parliamentary
Party Reports F30 SO Amendment Summation Speakers F31                 SO
Amendment Where to speak from

Tuesday 21st September Morning

09.00–09.55     F32   Policy Motion      Localism
09.55–10.15   F33    Speech   Lord McNally

10.15–11.20 F34      Policy Motion   Ensuring Fairness in a Time
of Austerity

11.20 Deadline for submitting questions for the Q&A session
on Public Services and Benefits, F37

11.20–12.20   F35    Policy Motion   Equal Marriage in United

12.20–12.40   F36    Speech   Simon Hughes MP

12.4     Deadline for submitting questions for the Reports of
the Parliamentary Parties, F41

Tuesday 21st September Afternoon

14.30–15.15   F37    Q&A Session    Public Services and Benefits

15.15–15.35   F38    Speech   Chris Huhne MP

15.35–16.05   F39a   Emergency Motion    Pakistan Floods

16.05-16.35   F39b   Topical Issue    Building a Low Carbon

16.35–16.55   F40    Presentation    Liberal Democrat Group on Fife

16.55–17.35 F41 Reports       Parliamentary Parties of the
Liberal Democrats

17.35–18.00 F42 Constitutional Am. Election of Local
Authority Councillors to Federal Committees F43
Constitutional Am. Substitution for the Leader on the Federal
Policy Committee

18.00 Deadline for submitting questions for the Q&A session
on Crime and Justice Issues, F47

Wednesday 22nd September Morning

09.00–09.45    F44   Emergency Motion   One motion to be selected
by ballot

09.45–11.15    F45   Party Business Diversity
11.15–11.35    F46   Speech Lynne Featherstone MP
11.35–12.20    F47   Q&A Session Crime and Justice Issues

12.20–12.40    F48   Speech   Vince Cable MP

12.40 Deadline for submitting questions for the Q&A session
with Lib Dem Cabinet Ministers, F50

Wednesday 22nd September Afternoon

14.30–14.50    F49   Speech   Don Foster MP

14.50–15.35    F50   Q&A Session   Liberal Democrat Cabinet

15.35–15.45 F51 Formal Close of the Federal Conference by
Baroness Scott of Needham Market

Saturday 18th September Morning

10.00–12.30 Consultative Sessions

Grace Suite 1        Chair:        Paul Burstow MP
Hilton Liverpool     Rapporteur:   To be announced

Voluntary Sector

Grace Suite 2        Chair:       Baroness Barker of Anagach
Hilton Liverpool     Rapporteurs: Victoria White and Giles

IT and Intellectual Property

Grace Suite 3        Chair:        Dr Julian Huppert MP
Hilton Liverpool     Rapporteur:   Thomas King

School Governance

Meeting Room 6/7 Chair:       Baroness Joan Walmsley
Hilton Liverpool     Rapporteur: Denys Robinson

Candidates Review

Meeting Room 4/5 Chair:       Sal Brinton
Hilton Liverpool     Rapporteur: To be announced

Following the General Election, Baroness Ros Scott and the
Federal Executive asked Sal Brinton to conduct a review of
candidates, selection and election processes, their
experiences and how we can improve the diversity of our
candidates. This is a drop in consultation session, so if you
have views on how we can improve and change things, then
please do come and share your views.

Consultation Papers for all these sessions can be found at:
Saturday 18th September Afternoon

14.35 Party Business

F2   Report of the Federal Conference Committee

Q1 Submitted by Peter Tyzack

We recognise that Conference Committee have a lot to do in the
last weeks before conference, but don’t you think that 6th
September is rather too early for the submission deadlines,
given that local larties will want to agree/ratify any
questions to reports, amendments or emergency motions being
put in their name?

Q2 Submitted by Peter Tyzack

When a local party has submitted a motion to conference, don’t
you think it would be a simple courtesy to discuss with its
authors any proposal to composite their motion with that from
another local party?

14.45 Party Business

F3   Report of the Federal Policy Committee

Q1 Submitted by Peter Tyzack

In the interests of equality, and to make clear that we value
the input from party members of all backgrounds, don’t you
think that whenever the Federal Party seeks members to
voluntarily take part in an activity for the party that
‘expenses refundable’ should be included in the invite/advert?
Q2 Submitted by Suzanne Fletcher

The report states that discussion groups on policy are set up
on ACT. However this is a site open to the public, and there
is no differentiation on the site as to who is a party member
or not. Given the importance now of our policies and their
development, should the Federal Policy Committee be giving
consideration to securer ways that party members can engage in
such discussions?

16.15 Policy Motion

F7 Transactions Transparency and Conflicts-of-Interest in

Amendment One


After 3 (line 52), insert:

4. The Government to enter into discussion with the Local
Government Association with a view to securing similar changes
in the law affecting local government in England.
5. The devolved administrations to undertake equivalent
discussions with the local government bodies for Scotland,
Wales and Northern Ireland.

17.10 Party Business

F9     Report of the Diversity and Engagement Group

Q1 Submitted by Andrew Hudson

40% of the Liberal Democrat MPs in the House of Commons
attended fee paying schools compared with 7% of the public;
will the group consider this imbalance?

Sunday 19th September Morning

09.00 Party Business

F11 Report of the Federal Executive

Q1 Submitted by Tony Vickers

Unlike our Coalition Government partners, this party has
secured the overwhelming democratic backing of its grassroots
in the country for the Agreement. This is largely thanks to
Federal Executive’s role, supported by Federal Conference
Committee in organising a special conference. However the
Agreement seems to many of us to need regular refreshing as
the Parliament progresses, to take account of external events
– perhaps through an annual negotiation process. How will FE
play a role in maintaining the backing of the party for what
its Ministers in Government are doing, thereby strengthening
their hand?

Q2 Submitted by Elizabeth Wilson

a) What due diligence was undertaken by the Campaigns
Department prior to recommending to constituencies the
MediaGroup deal (for campaign literature and delivery to Royal
b) What dates were agreed with MediaGroup about the time-
critical delivery of election literature?
c) On whose authority were delivery dates to Royal Mail
changed, so that some (initial) mailings arrived days after
postal votes?
d) Why and on whose authority was a decision made that no
assistance would be offered to individual constituencies to
negotiate reductions in payment to MediaGroup prior to
submitting election returns?
e) What role did the Federal Executive have in agreeing to
the MediaGroup deal?
f) What discussion took place with Federal Executive when it
became known that there were widespread problems with
g) What further action will the party take to seek e.g. ex-
gratia payments to constituencies that were let down?

Q3 Submitted by Suzanne Fletcher

What opportunities for input will there be from candidates and
campaigners into the review of the general election by the
Campaign and Communications Committee?

Q4 Submitted by Suzanne Fletcher

Given that a number of members of professional paid staff have
unfortunately had to be made redundant, will there be a review
of the conclusions of the Bones Review, giving more authority
to party officers, and looking again at engaging with and
developing skills of volunteers ?

Q5 Submitted by Suzanne Fletcher

What steps are being taken, given that a number of members of
professional paid staff have unfortunately had to be made
redundant, to improve communications with party members,
particularly those who are active on the ground and need to
have timely and accurate information on what policy
announcements are specifically Liberal Democrat initiatives
and polices; which are Conservative initiatives modified.

09.20 Policy Motion
F13 Press Complaints Commission

Federal Conference Committee has agreed to accept the
following drafting changes into the text of the motion:

In line 7, delete: ‘a report by’, and insert: ‘comments by the
then chairman of the’, and in line 8 delete: ‘published’.

In b) (line 13), delete: ‘particularly if that editor is the
PCC Chair, as in 2008–9’.

In 1 (line 27), delete: ‘make a clear commitment to
reforming’, and insert: ‘insist on reforms to’.

Amendment One

Liberal Youth

In 1 (line 27), delete: ‘Make a clear commitment to reforming
the PCC to make it independent of serving editors’, and
insert: ‘Insist on reforms to the PPC to make it more
independent of serving editors by having 2/3 lay members to
1/3 industry representatives as suggested by the Culture,
Media and Sport Select Committee. Ensure further reform by
including lay members, and members from Scotland, Wales and
Northern Ireland where applicable on the Editors Code of
Practise Committee’.

Amendment Two

Filton and Bradley Stoke

After 3 (after line 31), add:

4.   Insist on a full review of the Code of Conduct to bring
about higher standards of press responsibility and probity.

There will be a separate vote on the words ‘including
financial penalties’ in line 20.

Sunday 19th September Afternoon

14.30 Party Business

F17 Presentation: Welsh Liberal Democrats

The presentation will feature:

-   Christine Humphreys     President of the Welsh Liberal
-   Kirsty Williams AM      Leader of the Welsh Liberal
-   Wyn Williams
-   Cllr Aled Roberts       Leader of Wrexham Council
-   Veronica German AM

15.35 Policy Motion

F19 Human Rights and the ‘War on Terror’

Federal Conference Committee has agreed to accept the
following drafting changes into the text of the motion:

In 4 (line 11), after ‘hold an’, insert: ‘judge-led’.

After 4 (line14), insert:

5. Conference notes the failure of some of the previous
government’s inquiries to demonstrate their independence and

After 5 i) (line 38), insert:

j) The initial and continuing training of intelligence
operatives about the UK’s and their own obligations under the
UN conventions on torture and human rights.
k) The extent and level of pressure applied by the UK
government to the US government to meet the US’s obligations
under the UN conventions on torture and human rights, both in
conflict zones and detention centres such as Guantanamo Bay.

Delete 6 (lines 39–42), and insert:

6. Conference also believes that the purposes of the inquiry
would be undermined if submissions or its examinations of
witnesses are secret and conclusions are not made public
unless the reason is strictly to avoid compromising the
necessary working methods of the military or security
services. It therefore calls for all evidence and questioning
to be public and calls on the Prime Minister to commit to
publish all the inquiry’s conclusions, except where such
publicity or publication would genuinely compromise
operational effectiveness.

After 6 (line 42), add:

7. Conference believes it is important to ensure that both
the public and torture victims in respect of whom the
complicity of the government or the intelligence services is
alleged can have confidence in the inquiry’s thoroughness,
impartiality and rigour in securing full disclosure and
accountability. Conference therefore calls on the government
to ensure that the inquiry’s detailed terms of reference and
procedures provide, irrespective of past or present roles of
the inquiry’s leadership, demonstrable independence from the
Intelligence Services, such as in regard to decisions on
secrecy for witnesses or evidential material.

16.35 Policy Motion

F21 Accountability to the Poor (International Development
Policy Paper)

Federal Conference Committee has agreed to accept the
following drafting changes into the text of the motion:

After 3 h) (line 54), insert:

i) Increasing transparency, democratic control and the cost-
effectiveness of EU development aid, by incorporating the
European Development Fund into the EU budget.

In 4 a) (line 59), after ‘programmes’, insert: ‘and calls for
the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
to be implemented effectively’.

In 4 f) (line 65) after ‘people’, insert: ‘, with help being
given to those who were previously child soldiers by setting
up a fund to help re-integrate former child soldiers back in
to mainstream society, and older people and people with

Amendment One


In 3 h) (line 53), delete ‘stopping financial aid’, and
insert: ‘reviewing the way we provide support’.

Amendment Two
Greater Reading

In 5 g) (line 78) after ‘2010’, insert: ‘and additionally to
shut UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation
(UKTI DSO), without transferring its functions elsewhere, and
ending export credit support for military goods’.

There will also be a separate vote on: ‘instead of new global
issue-based funds’ in 2 e) (line 31).

Monday 20th September Morning

11:00 Policy Motion

F23 Free Schools and Academies

Amendment One

10 conference representatives

After 7 (line 31), add:

8. Increasing the amount of discrimination on religious
grounds in pupil admissions and the employment of teaching
staff, and denying children access to broad and balanced
Religious Education about the range of different world views
held in society.

Amendment Two

10 conference representatives

Delete lines 16–31, and insert:
In relation to free schools, conference notes the potential
risks to local communities that these pose, including:

A. Creating surplus school places and hence inefficiency at a
time of fiscal constraint.
B. Affecting special educational needs provision.
C. Increasing the complexity of admissions procedures.
D. Disadvantaging parents who do not possess social capital.
E. Top slicing the funding available for school capital

Conference therefore urges Liberal Democrat Parliamentarians
to work within government and Parliament to ensure that:

1. The requirement is maintained for all publicly-funded
schools to follow a national admissions code agreed by
Parliament and monitored and coordinated locally by local
2. Local authorities are granted responsibility for the
regulatory oversight role of all schools in their area.
3. Capital funding for community school buildings and
refurbishments is not prejudiced by the costs of establishing
free schools and is a priority for further investment as soon
as economic circumstances allow.
4. Any capital funding for new ‘free schools’ is concentrated
in areas where there is clear demand for new places, to reduce
the risks of creating surplus at a time of fiscal constraint.
5. The SEN Review launched by the Minister of State for
Children and Families explicitly considers how the interests
of all children with SEN can be protected within an
increasingly diverse range of school providers.

Conference further asserts that the most important step for
improving educational outcomes, particularly for those from
less privileged backgrounds, is through increased investment
targeted at those who need it most.
Conference urges the coalition government to set the pupil
premium at a level which ensures all children have the
opportunity to succeed.

Monday 20th September Afternoon

14.30 Policy Motion

F25 Green Taxation

Amendment One


After 3 (line 19), add:

4. Insist that the Government should set a target of securing
not less than 10% of its revenue from environmental taxes by
2015, thus positioning the UK amongst the better performing
members of the EU.

There will be separate votes on a) (line 7) and 2 (lines 16–

17.30 Party Business

F28 Standing Order Amendment: Day Visitors Speaking at

This Standing Order Amendment has been submitted by City of
Chester and Women Liberal Democrats.
Tuesday 21st September Morning

09.00 Policy Motion

F32 Localism

Amendment One

Bognor Regis & Littlehampton

After 1 (line 15), insert:

2. Proportional representation should be introduced for local
government elections in England.

10.15 Policy Motion

F34 Ensuring Fairness in a Time of Austerity

Amendment One

North East Region and Stockton

In 4 (line 44), after ‘homes’, insert: ‘redressing the
situation left by the last government in the need for more
social rented housing, while acknowledging the need to put in
place measures to protect people who are vulnerable, including
children and elderly people, from the threat of homelessness
and other effects of a reduced income because of proposed
housing and other benefit changes’.

Amendment Two

Women Liberal Democrats and Chilterns Region
After 7 (line 50), insert:

8. Safeguard universal child benefit in conjunction with
progressive taxation in order to provide a reliable source of
income protection throughout childhood.

Amendment Three

10 conference representatives

After 7 (line 50), insert:

8. Ensure that any cuts to welfare benefits are progressive
in nature: reducing benefits enjoyed by the most affluent
before cutting benefits for the poorest and most vulnerable.

There will be a separate vote on the second sentence of 3
(lines 38–41).

11.20 Policy Motion

F35 Equal Marriage in United Kingdom

Applicability: Federal, subject to the consent of the Scottish

Federal Conference Committee has agreed to accept the
following drafting changes into the text of the motion:

In 2 (line 27), after ‘celebrants’, insert: ‘who wish to do

In 4 (line 32) delete ‘simplistic’, and insert: ‘simple and

Amendment One
10 conference representatives

After ii) (line 5), insert:

iii)     Humanist celebrants are currently not permitted to
conduct marriages in England and Wales.

Delete 2 (lines 27–28), and insert:

2. To allow approved religious and humanist celebrants who
wish to do so to legally solemnise and celebrate same-sex and
mixed sex marriages and civil partnerships in any authorised

12.20 Party Business

F36 Speech by Simon Hughes MP, Deputy Leader of the Liberal

There will be a tribute to the late Sir Cyril Smith (1928–
2010) before this speech.

Tuesday 21st September Afternoon

14.30 Party Business

F37 Question and Answer Session on Public Services and

The deadine for conference representatives to submit concise
questions (maximum 25 words) on a form collected from and
submitted to the Speakers’ Table is 11.20 on Tuesday 21st
15.35 Emergency Motion

F39a    Pakistan Floods

10 conference representatives

Conference expresses its deepest sympathy to the families of
the 1600 people killed by the floods in Pakistan and extreme
concern over the continuing suffering of the estimated 20
million people affected, 7 million critically.

Conference notes with concern:

i) That hundreds of thousands of homes have been destroyed,
infrastructure has been severely damaged and entire
communities have been uprooted within a disaster area the size
of England.
ii) That the response of the international community so far
has been woefully inadequate and that the global aid
contribution has fallen far short of that required.
iii)     The existing political instability in much of the
affected region and the consequent threats this poses to aid
iv) That natural disasters such as this will occur with
increased frequency as a result of man-made climate change and
will have a devastating impact on people living in some of the
poorest parts of the world.

Conference welcomes the extraordinary generosity of British
public, who have already donated £54 million to the Pakistan
appeal, which, along with Government aid of £64 million, will
provide help for 1.5 million people.

Conference believes:
A. The international community has a duty to provide adequate
funding and assistance to alleviate the suffering of the
millions affected by the crisis and to ensure the long-term
reconstruction of the flooded regions.
B. The international community has a shared responsibility to
ensure that less economically developed countries have
strategies in place to adapt to the impact of climate change,
particularly as those countries will be disproportionately
affected by a changing climate.
C. Good governance is essential to allow countries to reduce
the scale and severity of the impact of natural disasters and
to ensure that aid is appropriately and effectively
distributed, providing immediate and targeted assistance to
those most in need.

Conference therefore calls for:

1. The Government to use its influence to put pressure on the
international community to increase aid contributions.

2. The UK to lend its full support to the Pakistani
Government and the UN to assist with:

a) The immediate provision of emergency medical equipment,
basic sanitation supplies and nutritional support for
vulnerable children, nursing mothers and the elderly.
b) The implementation of measures to prevent the spread of
water borne diseases and avoid further loss of life.
c) A properly financed reconstruction programme, restoring
local infrastructure and securing the livelihoods of those

3. The Government to renew its efforts to meet challenge of
climate change by:

a)   Pressing for a successful international agreement at the
UN Climate Change Conference 2010 in Cancún, Mexico.
b) Encouraging the EU to increase its carbon emission
reduction target to 30% by 2020.
c) Setting the right example by reducing UK carbon emissions
by 42% by 2020.
d) Securing new international sources of funding for the
purpose of climate change adaptation and mitigation in less
economically developed countries.

4. The international community, including the British
Government, to work with the Pakistani Government to extend
the country’s capacity to lessen the humanitarian impact of
crises such as this by:

a) Ensuring the entrenchment of good governance throughout
the country.
b) Strengthening the accountability and responsiveness of the
political structure.
c) Improving internal checks to ensure aid is allocated as
quickly as possible through established channels.

Applicability: Federal.

16.05 Topical Issue

F39b    Building a Low Carbon Economy

Introduced by Neil Stockley.

Wednesday 22nd September Morning

09.00 Emergency Motion

F44 Emergency Motion
There will be a ballot to select one of the following motions
to be debated in this time slot. Ballot papers will be
published in Sunday’s Conference Daily, and should be returned
to the ballot box in the auditorium between 09.00 and 13.00 on
Sunday 19th September.

Emergency Motion 1: Burma


Conference notes:

i) The announcement on 31 August 2010 by General Than Shwe
that he intends to continue as Burma’s head of government
irrespective of the election on 7 November.
ii) The ‘reservation’ of 25% of parliamentary seats for the
military junta irrespective of how the people of Burma may
iii)     The outlawing of Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League
for Democracy and the exclusion of this and some other
democratic parties from taking part in the election.
iv) Widespread reports of harassment of candidates and
activists opposed to military rule.
v) The publication of ‘Crimes in Burma’, a report by the
International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School (‘the
Harvard Report’) documenting evidence of decades of human
rights abuses by the military junta including forced labour,
recruitment of ten of thousands of child soldiers,
extrajudicial killings, widespread sexual violence and
torture, often aimed at certain ethnic groups.
vi) The Harvard Report found that abuses continue and the
military leaders responsible have systematically escaped
justice and accountability.
vii)     The international community now has an established
record in using judicial process to achieve justice in
comparable cases around the world.
viii)    The Harvard Report further found that although the
United Nations has ‘been on notice of severe… widespread and
systematic abuses that appear to rise to the level of state
policy’ the Security Council has not moved a judicial process
forward as it has done in respect of the former Yugoslavia,
Darfur, Sierra Leone and other examples.
ix) Expressions of interest by the Obama administration in
pursuing a more active stance on Burma.

Conference Believes

a) Free elections and human rights as set out in the United
Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights remain the
absolute entitlement of every human being.
b) Britain, Europe, and all countries that have signed the
Universal Declaration have a duty to take all possible steps
to uphold the values in the Universal Declaration around the
c) As called for by the Harvard Report, an international
judicial process should now begin in respect of Burma to
establish the truth and bring to justice those guilty of
serious human rights abuses, as has been done in respect of
other territories around the world.
d) The unsatisfactory nature of the forthcoming elections in
Burma and the determination of those in control of the state
during human rights abuses to remain in control makes action
all the more urgent.

Conference calls for:

1. The UK (by its own means and through the EU) to urgently
promote and actively support a United Nations Commission of
Inquiry to investigate alleged human-rights abuses and grave
crimes committed in Burma.
2. The Burmese elections to be run on a free and fair basis
open to all parties and without a reservation of power for
those who have used force rather than the ballot box to take
power in the first place.

Applicability: Federal.

Emergency Motion 2: EU Directive on Human Trafficking

11 conference representatives

Conference notes that on 31st August 2010 the Home Office
announced that the Coalition Government will not opt in to the
new draft EU Directive on Human Trafficking, which repeals
Framework Decision 2002/629/JHA.

Conference notes that the new directive includes a series of
measures protecting victims of trafficking, such as non-
punishment of victims, measures to provide compensation and
medical and psychological assistance.

Conference notes that on 16th June the Anti-trafficking
monitoring body, comprising of charities such as Amnesty
International, ECPAT UK and Anti-Slavery International
described the Government strategy as ‘not fit for purpose’ and
potentially discriminatory.

Conference believes that not opting in to the directive will
harm international efforts to combat human trafficking.

Conference therefore resolves to:

1. Reaffirm the Liberal Democrats’ long standing opposition
to all forms of human trafficking.
2. Call on Liberal Democrat ministers to argue strongly for
the Coalition Government to opt in to the new directive.
Applicability: Federal.

Emergency Motion 3: Fixed-term tenancies for Council Housing

Bermondsey & Old Southwark

Conference notes the comments made by the Prime Minister on
the 3rd August 2010, with regard to proposals for fixed-term
tenancies for council housing.

Conference recognises the chronic shortage of affordable homes
and regrets the lack of progress made by the previous Labour
Government in this area, with over 1.8 million households
currently on housing waiting lists.

Conference notes that less than 20% of council tenants earn an
above average wage and that fixed-term tenancies would lead to
a lack of incentive for council tenants to work hard and earn
more for their families.

Conference affirms the positive effects of secure tenancies in
improving social cohesion, supporting family networks and
providing stability.

Conference believes that forcing successful families to leave
will lead to a revolving door that concentrates poverty and
vulnerability, with all of society paying for this policy.

Conference proposes that the solution to the current shortage
of social housing is to increase the building of affordable

Conference calls on the coalition government to:

1. Rule out removing secure tenancies for current and future
council tenants.
2. Investigate alternative ways of managing occupancies when
circumstances change, such as different levels of rent.
3. Urgently investigate ways to fund an increase in the
building of social housing, either by local authorities or
housing associations.

Applicability: England.

Emergency Motion 4: NHS White Paper

10 conference representatives

Conference notes the recent government white paper Equity and
excellence: Liberating the NHS.

Conference further notes that existing Liberal Democrat

A. Proposes increased local accountability for    the NHS
through directly elected Local Health Boards.
B. Supports empowerment of patients and equity    for patients,
particularly those with mental health problems.
C. Acknowledges the risk of destabilisation of    NHS services
through the use of private sector providers and   sets criteria
to minimise this risk.

Conference believes that:

i) The NHS is best served by co-operation and collaboration
between hospitals.
ii) The patients with some of the most difficult healthcare
requirements, such as elderly patients with multiple medical
conditions, are likely to benefit the least from a competitive
market, and suffer most where there is lack of co-ordination
between providers of services.
iii)     GP-led commissioning consortia are unlikely to have
sufficient expertise in negotiating contracts to eliminate the
risk of exploitation by corporate suppliers, and will need to
procure specialised and often more expensive commissioning
support, creating significant potential for conflicts of
iv) A more fragmented health service often leads to poor
opportunities for clinical training.
v) The white paper proposals will tend to increase choice and
service provision in affluent and densely populated areas, and
by attracting more services to the centres of population will
reduce or remove services in poorer and more sparsely
populated areas.

In particular conference restates the principles that every
provider should:

a) Meet all NHS standards for Quality, Information and
b) Demonstrate that it provides value for money and does not
undermine the local health economy.
c) Ensure that no NHS patient shall receive a diminished
service as a result of the introduction of a new provider.

Conference therefore urges the Coalition Government to:

1. Legislate to ensure that no company or organisation that
offers services in support of the commissioning process should
either provide healthcare services directly, or have
commercial links to a company or organisation that provides
healthcare services.
2. Include in their plans explicit powers for local
authorities to intervene if local services are at risk.
3. Ensure that any contract with a provider that does not
train clinical staff should include a levy to support training
of clinical staff in NHS facilities.
Conference also calls on all Liberal Democrat-led local
authorities to use the proposed strategic role given to them
in the white paper to protect the sustainability of an
integrated health service, and to improve cooperation and
communication between providers.

Applicability: England.

Emergency Motion 5: Parliamentary Voting System and
Constituencies Bill

Isle of Wight

Conference believes that:

i) The moves towards a referendum on the AV voting system and
Parliamentary constituencies of more equal size are modest but
important steps towards a fairer voting system which has been
Liberal Democrat Party policy for many years.
ii) Truly fair votes will only be achieved when the United
Kingdom has a fully proportionate system in which all citizens
votes carry equal value.
iii)     Seeking to equalise Parliamentary constituency sizes
will in a minority of cases where there are overriding
community identity considerations be counter-productive and
will lack public support.
iv) The review must take account of local community
identities, social cohesion and special circumstances on a
wider basis than the already acknowledged special cases of
Orkney and Shetland and the Western Isles.

Conference calls upon the Government, in exceptional
circumstances, to allow constituencies to be formed or to
continue in their present form which vary from the average
size by more than the prescribed 5% where it can be shown
1. The exceptional proposal enjoys substantial local support.
2. The exceptional proposal takes account of unusual local
geographical features, for example an Island community.
3. The exceptional proposal does not create a Parliamentary
constituency with a greater population than the largest
constituency at the time of the review (but accepting that
modest future population increases may result in a slightly
larger population over time).

Applicability: Federal.

Emergency Motion 6: Trident

Winchester & Chandler’s Ford and 30 conference representatives

Conference notes that:

i) In July the Chancellor announced that the Ministry of
Defence will have to fund the £20–£30bn capital costs of a
‘like-for-like’ replacement for Trident.
ii) The Defence Secretary has warned that this means severe
restrictions in the way Britain operates militarily, regiments
could be axed or the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy
iii)     The exclusion of Trident from the Strategic Defence
and Security Review (SDSR) is now untenable; it should be
included and receive the scrutiny which strategic, political
and financial circumstances demand.

Conference calls on the Liberal Democrat ministers to:

1. Press for the extension of the SDSR to allow a full review
of the alternatives to ‘like-for-like’ replacement of Trident.
2. Ensure the SDSR considers cost-saving options such as
ending continuous at-sea patrols and extending the life of
Vanguard submarines.
3. Ensure the SDSR makes explicit the opportunity cost of
Trident replacement – in terms of cuts to troop numbers and
equipment programmes.

Applicability: Federal.

09.45 Party Business

F45 Diversity

Federal Conference Committee has agreed to accept the
following drafting changes into the text of the motion:

After V (line 25), insert:

VI A major impediment to diversity is a lack of potential
applicants coming forward for approval as candidates.

Amendment One

Hammersmith & Fulham

In 2 b) (line 45) after ‘politics.’, insert: ‘The review shall
be submitted to the President and Leader no later than 1st
December 2010 for consideration in the context of proposals
for a reformed second chamber.’.

After 2 b) (line 45), insert:

c) Among other issues, the review will consider the viability
of parliamentary job-shares and other forms of flexible
working which have successfully increased the participation,
retention and promotion of women in many private and public
sector workplaces.
Amendment Two

13 conference representatives

Delete 3 (lines 46–54).

In 4 a) (lines 57–59) delete: ‘set targets for BAME
representation in line with national and regional Office of
National Statistics data; and decide on outcomes within agreed

After 4 a) (line 59), insert:

Commit to the urgent enhancement at all levels of the party of
existing measures (including the required, dedicated staff
time, and senior staff responsibility) to ensure that:

a) BAME party members are identified, encouraged, trained and
supported in being approved, seeking and gaining selection in
all types of seats, and winning and defending seats on
representative bodies.
b) Approval panels and selection committees receive any
guidance and training they need to ensure fairness.

5. Targets to be set and publicised for State and (in
England) Regional Parties to dramatically increase the number
of BAME on the list of approved candidates, with a target of
100 extra BAME candidates on the list of approved candidates
to be achieved by Autumn 2012.

Delete 4 b) and 4 c) (lines 60–63).

There will be separate votes on the words ‘and council’ in 3
a) (line 48), and on 4 c) (lines 62–63).
Wednesday 22nd September Afternoon

14.50 Party Business

F50 Question and Answer Session with Liberal Democrat Cabinet

The panel will also include:

-   Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP       Chief Secretary to the

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