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					Be Ethical, it Pays
How many times have you heard someone bad mouth a business person? How
many times have you heard someone bad mouth another professional in their
industry? The truth of the matter is, even though the subject of ethics
may seem easy to understand, its actually not.
Where do you cross the line between hard working aggressiveness and being
unethical? Well, just look at the long-term consequences of what you are
doing today in your profession. If what you are doing today constitutes
"burning bridges," then you know its time to re-evaluate how you conduct
yourself. The person who feels they are getting the short end of the
stick from you today, may show up in your office 3 years from now looking
to do business, and they'll probably walk out once they see that you are
the one handling their account.
Put yourself in the shoes of the person sitting across from you, or the
company sitting across from you. In the professional world, different
companies do business with each other for a reason, all sides tend to
gain from it. Its normal to do business with another person or company,
with all sides coming out on top.
How would you feel if you got ripped off? Its something that's hard to
forget. Being lied to is another action that most people don't easily
forget. Try keeping the focus on making all sides happy, in all business
transactions. You don't want anyone walking away mad. Practicing bad
ethics isn't just the fastest way to a lawsuit, but it affects us
emotionally. The long term scars of dealing with someone who is unethical
is damage that is unrepairable.
Anyone who feels that they must be a "hustler" or a "smooth talker" in
order to succeed in the professional world is sadly mistaken. Personally,
I can't stand people who are like this. I can smell them a mile away, and
their attitudes usually turn me off. Attitudes like that turn alot of
people off. At the end of the day, be ethical, it pays.
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